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NFT: In memory of Bob from Annapolis

steve in maryland : 10/20/2007 2:19 pm
I regret to inform the BBI family that Bob from Annapolis passed away yesterday. He had successful surgery on Wed, left the hospital, and had a heart attxk yesterday. Three will be a rememberance party, next Saturday in Severna Park Maryland. His wife, Linda has invited the BBi family and asks that asall arrangements be made through me if you are planning to come, My email address is FOODMAN22451@MSN.COM

May G-d easr their pain....and bless Bob Bennett
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An incredible guy  
Dog : 10/22/2007 2:49 am : link
First time online this weekend and so saddened to hear this news. Though we missed camp this year, Bob was one of the reasons we even would go. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Linda and his children and Bruce as well. We always admired the friendship shared between Bruce and Bob. I will miss our friendship and our times on the golf course. Rest easy my friend.
In stark contrast to the dire warning of some  
fkap : 10/22/2007 8:00 am : link
about the evils of the internet, this thread shows that the web can introduce us to folks like Bob who can touch our lives in a positive way. Like many others here, I met Bob at camp and through this forum, and like those others found him a quality fellow. He will be missed.

My condolences to his family and those who feel his loss.
what a bad way tostart the day, i am waiting to start rounds in the icu  
slefrak : 10/22/2007 8:54 am : link
and i see this, depressing. this pm i have a memorial service for my 57 yar old colleague who also died of an acute cardiac event.

bad day, good memories of bob. i actually remember sitting in the lobby of he best western with him, telling him we had better get him to hospital. he survived that, but i guess sooner or later the reaper wins.

i liked him, a good guy, a lunch pail guy, a sweet guy. what else can i say. the bbi community is dominshed
My condolences  
Frank in Silver Spring : 10/22/2007 9:08 am : link
I met Bob a couple of times at our annual FedEx tailgate party. I nicer man I won't meet. My oldest daughter said that Giant fans are just so much nice than everyone else and Bob certainly fits is a prime reason why. My prayers along with all of you above are also with his family.
Our Bob  
HopeJ : 10/22/2007 9:21 am : link
thank you all for posting your memories and thoughts of Bob. Eric, if you don't mind could you give me a heads up before this is deleted? i'd like to print this out for Linda.

Bob in Annapolis' S.O. - Linda's screen persona, asks that if you have any stories about Bob you want to share (some have already) to please go ahead and put them here. she'll share them with his loved ones on saturday. Montreal Man and i spent a few minutes with her on sunday evening. she was VERY pleased to see the pix from the tailgate. i'll be printing it up for her to keep. this is one amazing the midst of her grief she's telling me to come and get Bob's Giants stuff because it will mean more to Steve and i than her and asking me about my love life!

his family is hosting a 'ceremony of rememberance' on saturday afternoon. they'll be lifting toasts and telling stories about Bob...he will be cremated this week. if you're interested in attending, lemme know and i'll get you the details.

what a good man. funny, charming, kind, concerned, wicked prankster, doctor, fisherman, loving father, doting and proud grandfather and Giants fan.

he treated me like family from day one. inviting me to visit for the weekend; witnessing his relationship grow with Linda; including me on training camp trips and game days when i was still new to BBI; meeting me in DC for preseason trips to CCSP on the hopes of seeing the game; joining the nutcases in Laurel for a good time on sundays to watch the Giants AND heckle our NFC East rivals..."for old dudes, they can hang" was high praise from the fellas! calling before and after the surgery to reset my 2nd opinion ;O); when i, on impulse, hopped on a plane to FL for the superbowl...with no game tix. it was Bob, when i got a crisis of faith from the Atlanta airport that asked "do you want to come home? i'll come pick you up at the airport." but he was also the man that took a faceful of mashed potatoes from Bruce and threw back his streamed veggies without hesistation...we should have been thrown outta more places now that i think about it.

Our Bob, with a cigar, scotch on the rocks, a steak and the lived well live on in eternal life...i loved you and you'll be missed.
I met Bob briefly at camp in '06..  
Davisian : 10/22/2007 9:28 am : link
I wish I was more clear headed at the time, but I do remember smoking cigars (margi's) and a hell of a lot of laughs. The pic from above with Bob and Chopper was after a good night of eats and drinks and about 5 or 6 or us sitting outside the Best Western laughing our asses off.

He had so much more material on Fiddy Six than the rest of us, he was a gold mine. And a very good soul.

Very glad to have met you Bob.
I remember when we tailgated for the Skins-Giants game  
Jints in Carolina : 10/22/2007 10:20 am : link
during Fassel's last season...both teams were 4-8 and it was -10 wind chill...well there we all were all down and depressed about the Giants wasted season (and freezing our asses off). And I will never forget Bob, all bundled up trying to drink some beer in front of the fire we had built, telling anyone who would listen that if the Giants won their last 4 games and got some help, they could still make the playoffs.

That was Bob....he was always an optimist and that was what made him so special...

I loved ya Bob and I'll see you in Big Blue heaven one day.
I did not know Bob  
gdgmenrule : 10/22/2007 10:45 am : link
but as this website so eloquently proves, there is an immediate and special bond among Giants fans. No words can ever console the hurt that Bob's family is feeling, but my family and I will keep them in our thoughts and prayers as they navigate through this most difficult time.

Rest In Peace Bob.
I haven't been online much if at all this weekend...  
chopperhatch : 10/22/2007 10:50 am : link
so when I scrolled throught the first page and saw the terrible news, it took me two reads to be sure what I was reading was right.

This is very sad. Bob was a terrific guy and someone I related to like he was my age. He had a sense of humor where you could make any joke no matter how raunchy or juvenile, yet whenever he contributed with one, they were always classy and witty. The thing about this attribute that I think is so special is it created this dynamic is that while you (I) would feel weird about the filthy borderline offensive joke you just told, this venerable old man would laugh with you even if he was totally grossed out just to ensure you weren't embarassed. But at the same time he led by example and made you realize that you could be funny and classy at the same time.

I will definitely miss you Bob! And that is a great pic jlukes.
I just found out about Bob's passing at the game yesterday  
Ben in Adirondacks : 10/22/2007 10:53 am : link
So sad, such a loss for us all. He was a kind man and the world is always needing more kind men. I've seen Bob at camp every year for I believe 10 seasons (if memory serves). The world is diminished with his passing. It will be so strange without him at games or camp. My condolences to Bob's family, close friends and this community which Bob enriched. Peace.
I spoke with many BBIers before heading into the game yesterday,  
Beez : 10/22/2007 11:03 am : link
and while there was no "gloom and doom" pall cast over the festivities, every time someone mentioned Bob's name (it was often), there was this momentary silence and a stare, to a person, that said it all. Truly shocking. There were a few stories, similar to the ones already posted here, but mostly just warm thoughts about the man. And then the stares again, and the head-shaking. I think those at the game yesterday, who knew of Bob even a little bit, like me, thought of him during the great win.
May God bless Bob and his family  
GiantsLaw : 10/22/2007 11:06 am : link
My condolences
Jints in Carolina : 10/22/2007 11:08 am : link
I thought of Bob the whole game...he would have loved to have been there.
Thank you, Hope. One more story...  
schnitzie : 10/22/2007 11:10 am : link
When I was staying at Bob and Linda's place, I was homesick for my kitties at home, so I had gotten Cat Fancy magazine, the Kitten issue, with loads of pictures of cute tiny little kittens...and was leafing through it, getting my feline fix, at the breakfast table.

Bob, Linda and Larry joked about my "Kitty Porn." It was hilarious. Such good times and good laughs. Needless to say, Bob and Linda cooked up a breakfast fit for a king.

Then Bob drove us down to Steve in MD's draft party, where Steve served up a spread that could feed an army.

That whole long weekend, wherever I went, I GORGED myself and didn't pay a cent. It was an "Eat My Face Off" weekend, and I had soooo much fun. Bob and Linda's hospitality and generosity were at the heart of it all.

What a sweet, kind man. I just adored him. And knowing that he was in pain, pretty much all the time, made it even more remarkable that he put on a happy face and was so kind.

What a doll. I will miss him.
AcidTest : 10/22/2007 12:07 pm : link
Very sorry. I never met him, but he seemed like a great man. Rest in peace. Prayers to him and his family.
Very sorry to hear this.  
Rick in Annapolis : 10/22/2007 12:12 pm : link
I was sure I would cross paths with Bob at a bar someday. My prayers go out for him and his family.
My condolences  
tnvols : 10/22/2007 12:12 pm : link
to his family. You will be in my prayers.
Thanks to everyone here  
Adam in Raleigh : 10/22/2007 2:23 pm : link
for all your thoughts, well wishes, and stories. Bob was my dad, and I know he would be touched to see all of your posts. I had the pleasure of meeting several of you, and even got to enjoy a tailgate at the Panther/Giant playoff game a couple of seasons ago. That's me in the enemy attire.

I can tell you that he spoke of all of you the same way you are speaking of him now. I believe one of the biggest reasons he was such a big Giants fan was because of all of you. He went to the games as much for the tailgates as he did to sit in the stands. And he went to Training Camps to see you guys just as much as he did to see the team.

You meant so much to him, and I thank you for that. Regarding "services" - as Steve mentioned at the beginning of this thread we are having a gathering in Severna Park, MD on Saturday. I believe it will be held at his sister's house. Someone will post more information once we have it.

I do know that in lieu of flowers you can make a donation to the American Heart Association in his name. You can donate online (I've added a link) or you can send donations to Linda if you have her address, or go through Steve. His e-mail is above.

Once again, thank you very much for all your thoughts and prayers.

- Adam Bennett
American Heart Association Online Memorial Donations - ( New Window )
Sorry for your loss Adam...  
Britt in VA : 10/22/2007 2:27 pm : link
your dad was a cool guy, and I liked him a lot.
Just checking the board now  
Rich in L.A. : 10/22/2007 2:30 pm : link
and am so saddened to hear this news. What an absolute sweetheart of a man. He'll be sorely, sorely missed.

RIP, Bob. And my thoughts and prayers to his entire family.
Adam, thank you for posting  
JonC : 10/22/2007 2:33 pm : link
We're all deeply saddened, and sorry for your loss. Your father was very often the first person who would greet me upon arriving at a tailgate, a kind, gentle soul. God Bless.
Adam, I'm sorry for your loss  
BigBlue26 : 10/22/2007 2:37 pm : link
but as you can see, your father touched many, many people and that is a fantastic legacy to leave behind. I talked to you him about you, and the rest of your family, many times. He was very, very proud of you all. I wish you all well and hope that all the kinds words people have for Bob help you find some peace.
Hi Adam  
Big Blue '56 : 10/22/2007 2:43 pm : link
Having been there when you were born, I find it hard to believe that as an adult you're coming on here to talk about your Dad's passing...Surreal to say the least...I hope Allison is holding up okay, your mom as well...

Jon T : 10/22/2007 2:45 pm : link
Very sorry to hear about the loss of your Father, I never had the honor of meeting him but just in reading this thread I can see what a great guy he was. Many here were privileged to call him a friend but only you and your sister were lucky enough to call him Dad. Best wishes to you and your family in this time of grief.

RIP Bob...  
Chris in Philly : 10/22/2007 2:47 pm : link
And my best wishes and condolences to his entire family and the very many friends he made. Sad day for our community...
Rest in Peace  
Gibril is the man : 10/22/2007 2:49 pm : link
to a wonderful poster. God Bless his family.
RIP Bob  
T in NJ : 10/22/2007 2:49 pm : link
My condolences to your family and friends.

You've now got the best seat to all the Giant's games.
Jints in Carolina : 10/22/2007 2:57 pm : link
I had such a great time with you and your dad at the Panthers-Giants playoff game a few years back. I am so heartbroken...stay strong my brother...if there is anything you need, please email me. If you ever just want to get out for a drink and blow some steam off I am here for ya.
Adam -- here is your picture hosted from another site so it shows up here  
jlukes : 10/22/2007 3:01 pm : link
thanks jlukes  
Jints in Carolina : 10/22/2007 3:15 pm : link
what a great day, except of course for the outcome of the game.
I'll add my condolences  
DanB : 10/22/2007 3:34 pm : link
I've only known Bob from his posts on BBI. He was always classy and gentlemanly. My condolences to his family and his BBI "family."
This thread is overwhelming.  
Allison B : 10/22/2007 4:02 pm : link
Thank you all for your prayers and kind words about my father. I canít believe how many lives he touched through BBI. My Dad loved all of you and talked endlessly about training camp, this site, all the games and other events. Unfortunately, Iím not a sports fan (although being a New Yorker, Iím happy to hear when a team from NY does well) Ė and I couldnít exactly relate to his passion. Heíd talk to me about football and I always had a puzzled look on my face. I do however understand that much of his love of the Giants was because of the friendships he made everyday at the games and online, which enriched his life tremendously. This is such a shocking loss for our family, yet Iím comforted to know how loved he was.

Iím attaching two recent photos. One of my dad and me, and the other my daughter, Megan, and her grandpa. We loved him very much and will miss him every day.

Continued prayers for everyone Allison  
jlukes : 10/22/2007 4:03 pm : link
than you for posting
those are fantastic pictures  
Jints in Carolina : 10/22/2007 4:20 pm : link
Wow. So sad. I just saw this a few moments....  
Crispino : 10/22/2007 4:26 pm : link
ago. Of course I knew Bob from his posts here and he really seemed like one of BBI's good guys. My prayers go out to Bob and all who loved him.
Thank you for the posts and picture Allison and Adam.  
Berrylish2 : 10/22/2007 6:24 pm : link
Your dad was a fine man. I'm glad I had the pleasure of knowing Bob. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
BigBlue26 : 10/22/2007 7:56 pm : link
You look a lot like your dad... and I mean that as a compliment. Your daughter is beautiful too, thank you for sharing those pictures with us.
Very sad  
BigBlueBuff : 10/22/2007 7:58 pm : link
My condolences and prayers.
thank you to everyone for their kind words  
BART1554 : 10/22/2007 9:56 pm : link
I am one of Bob's brothers. As Adam and Allison said, the postings on this site are unbelieveable..... have made me finally break down for a few minutes(which I needed to do)....we are all deeply greatful.
Bob has talked about his site for years and many of you were like family...
Oh, by the way "Go Redskins!!"

chopperhatch : 10/22/2007 10:07 pm : link
that's probably the only time you'll be able to get away with that. I had hung out with your brother many a time and he was usually one of the first 2/3 people to come up and greet me. Just a wonderful man who loved football and being with friends. God bless.
And I meant that opening line  
chopperhatch : 10/22/2007 10:07 pm : link
to the post in jest of course! ; )
Bart , Allison , Adam  
GiantKurt : 10/22/2007 10:10 pm : link
God Bless...I am certain you all carry the same unique qualities as your father/brother. All the best.
Allison, Adam & Bart  
Dannyc58 : 10/23/2007 12:07 am : link
Thank you for sharing more about Bob with us. I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm glad that people appear to be celebrating his wonderful life.
Farewell to Bob...  
BART1554 : 10/23/2007 12:19 pm : link

As many of you know, Bob did not want a ďfuneral serviceĒ; ...he always said ďhave a party instead", or we should "drink a toast to him with good scotch"... so wherever you are, please make that toast this weekend, or at the next Giant game.

Family and close friends are gathering on Saturday for a farewell to Bob at Margeís house (Bobís sister) in Millersville, MD 2-5 pm....just a few blocks from Bob & Lindaís house.

As much as we would love to meet all of you, we canít handle the entire BBI membership, (although from the sound of all of you, it would be one hell of a party).....but if you are close enough and interested in coming by, here are a couple of email addresses and phone numbers for more details and directions.
Marge Puccinelli 410-218-9483 (c)
Bart Bennett 703-994-7360 (c) 703-471-0607(h)

Expressions of sympathy can also be made to the American Heart Association

Thank you all again...

I'm late getting to this....  
FatMan in Charlotte : 10/23/2007 12:22 pm : link
but I just want to give my heartfelt thoughts out to Bob's family.

As a measure of respect, I will attempt to handle things like Bob would for the near future and refrain from any personal insults. Bob may have been one of the most tactful and kind posters on the board and his passing should initiate a change for the good.
Chuck in AZ : 10/23/2007 1:03 pm : link
I'm also late to this.  
ironhorse : 10/23/2007 1:12 pm : link
I am so sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I only knew him for a few years. But I know he was a good <br>
and decent man, who was caring, friendly, and always made you feel like he had known you forever.<br>
I'll miss his wit and wisdom, golf stories, and a fellow cigar smoker. Above all I'll miss him <br>
and all his contributions to life. God be with you, Bob.<p>

I wish to offer my condolences to his wife and family on this terrible loss. Also to his good friend,<br>
partner, and fellow BBIer Bruce. May the good Lord bring you comfort in this time of sorrow. <br>

I apologize for being late to this. I was unavailable for the past 10 days<br>
or so. Thanks Larry for letting me know.
My condolences to Bob's family and friends.  
Stu : 10/23/2007 1:25 pm : link
Judging by the very thoughtful and heartfelt comments made about him here, and from reading his posts over the years, indeed the Giants did lose a great fan and even greater person.
Hope called me on Sat, but I've not had access until now.....  
rockythompson : 10/23/2007 7:57 pm : link
Dearest Bob, you will be missed more than you know. To even think of Training Camp without you, just doesn't seem right. My heart is sad and breaking for myself, Linda, your children and the grandchildren you spoke of often and with pride, and our dearest Bruce. Friendship is something I cherish like none other and you and Bruce, as well as all the friends you've made here are something that will live on forever. To share a fond memory. HopeJ, Steve in MD, Bob and I were heading home after a game. We had just stopped for gas and were getting back into the car. Bob was driving and had left his soda on the roof. A man came up to tell him and noticed the BBI t-shirt, it turned out it was David Oliver, who introduced himself. Ironically we met up quite accidentally at the same place after another game. So I know this is not good bye, but instead, we'll see you again. Rest in peace, although way too soon, Cynthia
woopps, didn't realize I was logged in under Rocky T  
SecondCVA : 10/23/2007 8:00 pm : link
wipe away the tears, sniffle sniffle, Bob know I'll miss you as much as Rocky ;o)
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