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If You See the Giants Sign Undrafted Rookies, Post Here

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/26/2009 8:18 pm
Please. And please provide a link to the source.
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Of those Canes  
Will Allen/Peterson : 4/27/2009 8:48 pm : link
None of them would make the team. Armour would have the best chance because he's athletic and would be able to help on special teams. I hope a few of them can stick somewhere but I don't think that it's likely.
Not on this thread Scooter  
BigBlueBrethren : 4/27/2009 9:18 pm : link
So who of this group has a chance ?  
Pete in VA : 4/27/2009 9:55 pm : link
Wiley or Rashad at safety?
I would say the Michigan State FS  
Bino5 : 4/27/2009 10:22 pm : link
and maybe the DE from PSU.
Be on your best behavior, gentlemen  
sphinx : 4/27/2009 11:05 pm : link
Tom Rock has this thread linked with his first "here".

Right back atya, Tom ... - ( New Window )
can we please sign or invite  
nyynyg : 4/27/2009 11:07 pm : link
a kicker to camp, we must get a new kicker, one that can kick inside the five and can not give fans heart attacks every time they go onto the field. also preferably one who chooses not to kick the ball out of bounds at critical times as well.
Best Chance  
AdamBrag : 4/27/2009 11:28 pm : link
Wiley from Michigan St. probably has the best shot by a lot if he proves he can return punts.

Vince Anderson will likely get a nod as a practice squader.

Ingram has an outside shot at making it because he can contribute with his special teams skills. He'd have to make it over Wiley and Cargile though.

In order for Evans to make it he'll have to beat out Tollefson which I doubt happens.
If Evans works hard he can make the practice squad  
Bino5 : 4/27/2009 11:56 pm : link
he has talent, but made some bad decisions in college.
Patriots site....  
Ed A. : 4/28/2009 1:00 am : link
no longer lists Wiley. Was he signed or not? Can anyone confirm?
lono801 : 4/28/2009 1:07 am : link
According to KFFL...Wiley ( S ) went with Detroit...

Thanks lono...  
Ed A. : 4/28/2009 1:22 am : link
Too bad, he appeared to be the best of the signings at a position of need. I guess Detroit upped the ante.
Kffl has Wiley  
sharkly : 4/28/2009 4:43 am : link
going to Lions.
Not many centers left  
sharkly : 4/28/2009 4:46 am : link
My fav Dallas reynolds signed with Eagles. looks like Rug is coming back.
CB Bruce Johnson  
XxVDSxX : 4/28/2009 7:11 am : link
has signed according to Garafolo (Twitter)
Sorry for us that Wiley went elsewhere...  
BigBlueBrethren : 4/28/2009 8:24 am : link
Very happy for Sha'reff...he's got a real good chance to stick.
Maurice Evans  
mnes33 : 4/28/2009 8:44 am : link
I'm a big fan of his potential if he gets his head right and adds some speed/strength... PSU's strength program is lacking in explosiveness, so let's hope there is potential there.

I believe he was projected as an all-american heading into last season before getting into trouble. Was a big-time playmaker in previous years.
Is this who we have signed so far out of the Undrafted Rookies  
G-Men43 : 4/28/2009 9:24 am : link
- Vince Anderson, CB, Weber International
- Maurice Evans, DE, Penn State
- Alex Field, DE, Virginia
- Darius Hill, TE, Ball State
- Kenny Ingram, S, Florida State
- Kenny Minor, DE, Troy
- Sha'reff Rashad, S, Central Florida
- Otis Wiley, S, Michigan State

Man, with all of the draft picks, and these UR's this years camp is going to have some great battles going on.
Mike in NY : 4/28/2009 9:42 am : link
Wiley actually signed with Detroit and the Troy DE I believe only got a try-out contract
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/28/2009 9:47 am : link
Where did Garafolo say Bruce Johnson? I don't see it.
yankees78 : 4/28/2009 9:53 am : link
Garafolo twittered/tweeted/whatever the heck they call it about Bruce Johnson - ( New Window )
wasn't there a BBI poster named NJ_GIANTS?  
BigBlueBrethren : 4/28/2009 9:57 am : link
There is!  
BigBlueBrethren : 4/28/2009 9:58 am : link
And he posted in a thread pertaining to Garafalo...what do I win?!?!
Link - ( New Window )
yankees78 : 4/28/2009 10:03 am : link
If you look on the right side, grayish box: "Giants on Twitter" can follow Garafolo's tweets(I guess that's what they are called?) - ( New Window )
Did anyone take or sign  
Kulish29 : 4/28/2009 12:02 pm : link
the UNLV RB that KWALL had posted on a week or two prior to the draft?
Mike in NY : 4/28/2009 12:48 pm : link
drafted by Pittsburgh
That makes sense. He fits their style of offense.  
Kulish29 : 4/28/2009 12:54 pm : link
Thanks Mike.
Can the original post be a comprehensive list?  
wewonsbxlii : 4/28/2009 1:14 pm : link
Of all taken, kind of like a recap?

Wiley didn't sign with us  
Anakim : 4/28/2009 1:36 pm : link
He signed with the Lions
2 Guys with Try Out contracts  
Mike in NY : 4/28/2009 3:06 pm : link
This is no guarantee they are signed afterwards, but according to Draft Daddy the following were given try out contracts:

Maurice Covington/WR/Virginia
Ryan Shuman/C/Virginia Tech
Will Allen/Peterson : 4/28/2009 3:07 pm : link
He was drafted by Pittsburgh just as I predicted in my RB writeup thread (5th round)
Mike Fladell Rutgers C  
RicoNorth : 4/28/2009 3:26 pm : link
Per Tom Rock, looks like Fladell could be the backup C.
Link on Fladell  
RicoNorth : 4/28/2009 3:28 pm : link
Also see the comment on Rock's blog that we lost Marcus Thigpen due to the Giants FA signing call going to his cell phone voice mail.
Fladell link - ( New Window )
Sorry here's a working link  
RicoNorth : 4/28/2009 3:29 pm : link
Good Fladell link - ( New Window )
Thigh66 : 4/28/2009 3:45 pm : link
Fladell is F-in huge.
Big Mike  
BIG FRED : 4/28/2009 3:50 pm : link
is a beast .Iam he has a shot to make the team .
Covington has all the measurables you'd want in a receiver...  
Russel in VA : 4/28/2009 4:12 pm : link
big, physical, fast enough, just very little production (788 total yards). He's had horrible QB play throughout his career, but the problem is he's simply not a finished product. A solid candidate for the practice squad.
couple of questions  
nyynyg : 4/28/2009 4:57 pm : link
1. Why did Maurice Covington come out if he had a year left? Wasn't he only a junior? BTW, I've seen a bunch of UVA games and this kid could be good not that I could see how he would fit here.

2. Same question for Evans, DE from Penn State. I can't believe the guy went from all american after his sophomore year and then went undrafted.
Mike Fladell...  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/28/2009 7:16 pm : link
is not a rookie free agent signing...he's been on the roster for months.
Yeah, saw that about Fladell  
RicoNorth : 4/28/2009 7:59 pm : link
later on, I misread Rock's blog, but at least we generated some pub for a local backup center (grin).
That's a  
Sir-Yes-Sir : 4/28/2009 8:21 pm : link
long way off fodder until further notice
Fladell obviously here  
RicoNorth : 4/28/2009 8:25 pm : link
as a longshot, he's got training camp to prove himself or not.
We extended an invite to local product J.D. Skolnitsky  
jarrodbunch : 4/29/2009 8:52 pm : link
a DE out of James Madison.

He's actually trying out for the Skins this weekend, so if they don't want him, he may come to our camp.

JMU's Haywood, Landers, Spiders' Vaughan invited to NFL minicamps - ( New Window )
Cross off center Shuman  
sharkly : 4/30/2009 5:36 am : link
A Fork Union Military Academy connection paid off Monday for Virginia linebacker Jon Copper and Virginia Tech center Ryan Shuman, both headed to the Green Bay Packers.
Link - ( New Window )
DanMetroMan : 4/30/2009 8:14 am : link
showed interest in OT Dane Randolph but may have backed off.
DanMetroMan : 4/30/2009 8:15 am : link
In the weeks before the draft, several teams seemed to show interest in signing Randolph. The offensive line coach from the Jets acted especially impressed. The Dolphins were intrigued. As were the Redskins, Ravens and Giants. One team had him at the top of a list marked "priority free agents." And yet as the draft concludes and Stevens frantically calls team after team, the answer is coldly the same. No.
Link - ( New Window )
Trimane Goddard, SS  
Rene of East Rutherford : 4/30/2009 10:09 am : link
Hakeem Nicks' teammate at UNC. A bit small at 5'9 190lbs, though I've seen him listed as 5'11, too.

But he can play. Named 2nd team All-American last season. Tied the nation lead with 7 INTs, and had 5 forced fumbles.
Goddard getting tryout with New York Giants - ( New Window )
mort christenson : 4/30/2009 10:45 am : link
he was a tryout here. Most likely he's a tryout there and unless they offer him a contract, we'll probably still have him here for the minicamp.
Per Garafolo on Twitter -  
jarrodbunch : 5/5/2009 12:09 pm : link
James Madison DE JD Skolnitsky, who was scheduled to attend NYG minicamp, has signed with the Redskins, his agent says. --MG - ( New Window )
Is Garafalo...  
BigBlueBrethren : 5/5/2009 12:40 pm : link
going to admit that he is NJ_GIANTS on this board too?
A couple of Mike G twatters on signings per NFLPA site  
jarrodbunch : 5/6/2009 3:56 pm : link
The rest being: CBs Vince Anderson and Bruce Johnson and DEs Maurice Evans and Alex Field. Theyll prob be official in next couple days. --MG
about 3 hours ago from web

DT Dwayne Hendricks, S Kenny Ingram, S Sha'reff Rashad all listed w NYG on NFLPA site. They're confirmed as UDFAs. Waiting on the rest. --MG
about 3 hours ago from web - ( New Window )
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