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Recap of JPP vs Williams

KWALL : 9/14/2011 1:09 pm
I'm still excited about where this team is going!!!!

A lot of you are overreacting about the defense on Sunday. This season is just getting started and JPP gives us a lot of hope that the defense can make great strides this year.

He was miscast as an outside speed rusher. That was his label. Raw speed rusher. He’s much more than a speed rusher or pass rusher.

Just look at this last game. Play after play he dominated Trent Williams on Sunday. The most surprising part of his game continues to be his fierce play vs the run. It wasn’t just a play here and there. He consistently dominated Williams in the run game. He played in the WAS backfield all day.

Somebody needs to update the stat sheet because JPP had 2 TFL in the run game and the 2 sacks. He also disrupted several more plays vs the run which resulted in more TFL by guys like Boley and very short gains by WAS.

What I thought about after the game was the impact Osi will have when he returns. While JPP works over the LT, Osi will come in for some situational pass rushing and will give them fits with outside speed.

Tuck? He’s in line for a huge year because teams are going to start running more to his side.

I think they'll get this thing working at a high level. Unlike most I think we're in good shape with the starting DBs. Once we are healthy on the DL, these guys are going to start picking off passes as QBs are trying to avoid the pounding from the NYG pass rush. Giants are going to win games this year with defense and turnovers.

Yesterday I watched NFL Short Cuts of the WAS game.

Check out this run down of some of the JPP's highlights from Sunday. Boy, he was impressive the entire game. If you have NFL Short Cuts check out these plays with JPP crushing Williams. I time stamped these plays.

1st QTR

Series 1: 14:23 2nd and 6. Drives Williams back several yards and into RB. Tackled by Jones for no gain.

Series 2: 10:50 3rd down. QB pressure on outside move. Hand in face of Grossman as he over throws WR.

Series 3: 9:48 1st Down. Run. Chipped by TE. Drives Williams back 3 yards.

9:10: 2nd down. Cooley pulls to trap JPP. He crushed Cooley. Not only knocked him back but turned him around and sent him back stumbling 2 yards into the hole. RB runs around Cooley and JPP. Tackled by Boley and Rolle for loss.

6:40. Williams got the best of him. For some reason he dipped inside and gave Williams the angle to seal him. Run around his side by Hightower for 10+ yards.
6:00. Next play drives Williams back 3 yards directly into Hightower. Forces play inside. Tackle for no gain by Joseph.

0:07 1st and 10 He was outstanding here! Drives Williams back 4 yards and into FB. Hightower has to cutback to get around the back of Williams. He cuts up field and stopped by JPP for a loss. (TFL #1 for JPP)

2nd QTR:

13:05 Controls TE Davis at LOS. Hightower cuts back. JPP denies inside. Cuts outside. JPP sheds and hits Hightower 2 yards off the LOS. He falls forward for 4 yard gain.

9:11 Run to his side. Again Williams is on skates and back 2 yards from LOS. Hightower has to cut back and tackled for 1 yard loss by Kiwi and Boley.

3rd QTR:

9:39 Run to his outside. Drives Williams back 2-3 yards and strings it out. 1 yard gain. Tackle by Grant.
8:55 Beats Williams with outside move. Inside dip and swim past him to outside. RB steps up to help and he beats him too. Forces Grossman out of pocket.

5:11 Beats Williams Inside. TFL #2 by JPP. Makes it 2nd and 11.

2:39 Drives Williams 4 yards off the ball and right into Hightower. RB tries to cut inside. JPP tries reaches to make tackle. Williams holds him. Hightower steps back and around Williams. JPP doesn’t make the tackle but he made the play. He is upset about the hold. Punches Williams to get off the hold. Next play? Runs him over for the sack!

2:01 First sack of 2011 for JPP

4th QTR:

13:20 QB pressure. Near pick by Website

13:12 Sack and Forced Fumble. Dipped outside and just tossed him to the side. He gets them off balance and can toss them to any side.

10:12 Again JPP drives Williams 4 yards back on a run to his side. And he was doubled with the TE. Buck says “there is nowhere to go”. Grant and Rolle make the tackle for a loss.

If JPP keeps playing like this it's going to result in a lot of wins this year. He should get a lot of defensive player of the year votes because they're aren't a lot of guys dominating NFL OTs like JPP. Teams are going to have to change gameplans to account for him vs the run and pass. And this is going to make things much easier for the entire defense.

Once Osi and Tuck come back this defense is going to be in excellent shape. Give them a little more time. The season just started. By mid season they're going to have this defense rolling over teams.
That 6:40 play looked like he was thinking where the run was going to  
Jim in Forest Hills : 9/14/2011 1:13 pm : link
go. He just sat and sort of waited allowing Williams to get leverage.

As a huge Derrick Morgan draft worshipper, I am glad they took JPP. He is seriously a game changer. Hell he changed the momentum of the WAS game by himself, but the offense couldn't capitalize this time.

He destroys the run when he knows it's a run. Looks like a homerun so far as a draft pick.
Good thought out post  
AnishPatel : 9/14/2011 1:14 pm : link
and very good use of data! I give it 2 normal thumbs up as opposed to 2 Megan Fox thumbs up.

I do think our D can turn it around once people come back. But win games with defense might be a wait and see because if the offense is a shit show, and we can't block anyone then I can see us losing. That's not factoring our "special" teams play.

I can remember the times JPP engaged Williams and when JPP was about to make a move the RG would come and knock him away.

I would like to see how teams play us once we are at full strength on the DL. Do they slide the line over towards Tuck or play us BOB. Do they risk it?
KWALL : 9/14/2011 1:15 pm : link
O the 6:40 play he dipped inside hard. I thought maybe they had a stunt on. This was really the only play all game where Williams got the best of him. BTW, he ran down the back and almost got him after about 12 yards.

I also liked what he did after the little scuffle with Williams. Williams held him in the 3rd QTR or he would have had that TFL. Next play he ran him over for the sack.
KWALL : 9/14/2011 1:18 pm : link
When they move Osi to RDE. Tuck or JPP can slide inside. both guys can get pressure here.

And I'd like to see them move JPP to LDE a lot more so he can work over the less athetic RT.
Thanks for the breakdown  
Kyle : 9/14/2011 1:19 pm : link
Your enthusiasm on JPP from day one is infectious, I can't lie.
There was a play  
ghost718 : 9/14/2011 1:21 pm : link
at the end of the first half where he rag dolled Trent Williams.Grossman had already gotten rid of the ball.I'm surprised I didn't see it mentioned on here because people love that stuff
I couldn't agree with you more.  
logan80 : 9/14/2011 1:21 pm : link
He was a refreshing part in Sunday's loss. Shit, even Shawn Andrews was tweeting about how he thinks JPP is gonna be something special.
JPP is really working on his game  
jwowcm : 9/14/2011 1:24 pm : link
not only does he rush but also really works on stopping run.

He just getting started... watching him, you can see he is still getting his movement down... once he smooths out his steps and eliminates the extra ones... he is already fun to watch, but the best is still ahaead of him
Also, keep in mind  
chrispisano66 : 9/14/2011 1:24 pm : link
this his 4th year of playing the sport. He is a freak of nature at his size and speed with his athleticism. He dominated one of the better young tackles in the game without Tuck or Osi even in the lineup. Sky is the limit.
Osi is better  
dep026 : 9/14/2011 1:27 pm : link

- BigBrandon27
KWALL : 9/14/2011 1:27 pm : link
There were more. I tried to concentrate on run plays. Even before the 2nd half sacks, he was playing great ball.
I have no worries on defense  
Joey in VA : 9/14/2011 1:27 pm : link
Because I know we're undermanned at the moment and as guys get healthy we should hit a good stride.

JPP was stout all game, he gave absolutely no ground in the running game. He's as responsible for that 2.8 ypc as anyone.
I wouldn't  
AnishPatel : 9/14/2011 1:30 pm : link
mind seeing Tuck slide inside like he used to and let JPP stick to the outside, and let him use his athletic ability on the RT.
AcidTest : 9/14/2011 1:31 pm : link
post. Well researched and thought out.
Yeah I know  
ghost718 : 9/14/2011 1:31 pm : link
I just meant most of the site for the past few days,hadn't seen it mentioned.Not this thread
Like Pete Prisco's article before the draft  
GolfingNYG : 9/14/2011 1:32 pm : link
he's out of nowhere.
Prince is key  
KWALL : 9/14/2011 1:38 pm : link
If Prince can step in and play as the 3rd CB it will keep Rolle at S. This keeps more speed on the field at DB.

We're going to see a lot of 3rd and longs. Prince as the nickel and Rolle remains at S will really help.
I can't wait to see  
Jay in Toronto : 9/14/2011 1:41 pm : link
what Tuck does if they start double-teaming JPP some more.
Headhunter : 9/14/2011 1:44 pm : link
how unBBI like to support a point with a well documented presentation.Good job! you have the Eli sux crowd gnashing their teeth
Osi is a mystery. It's up to Tuck  
chops : 9/14/2011 1:49 pm : link
and JPP to do the job.
Great post, KWALL  
Rich in L.A. : 9/14/2011 3:16 pm : link
This is the type of guy where you say "sky is the limit" ..  
arcarsenal : 9/14/2011 3:19 pm : link
...and really mean it. The ability he is already displaying at this point in his career is incredible. I can't wait to see Justin Tuck on the other end of the line with this guy. With the emergence of LinJo and a solid Chris Canty and the ability to rotate Kiwi/Osi in and out and around the line once Osi is back, this DL is going to be one of the best we've ever had if these guys can all stay on the field.

The DL is really the major hope I'm holding out for this year and for the defense in general. I think if they play as well as they have the potential to, this could turn into a pretty damn solid defense.
JPP has to hold the edge and contain better at times  
JonC : 9/14/2011 3:19 pm : link
a few times he was easily pushed inside and sealed off giving the run play a collapsed edge to blow through. But on the whole he's already playing well and improving rapidly, he and Prince are two potential stud pieces for many years to come.
Great post KWALL  
David in LA : 9/14/2011 3:37 pm : link
I am in no way ready to hit the panic button like a lot of the chicken littles on this board. Once we get Tuck and Osi going, we will forget about week 1.
Chicken Littles!  
Curtis in MD : 9/14/2011 3:38 pm : link
You serious  
metoo : 9/14/2011 3:44 pm : link
name an OL in the league who is pushed back at the snap count.
This JPP rampage is likely to continue  
cosmicj : 9/14/2011 3:46 pm : link
Rodger Saffold , the Rams OLT, had a pretty weak day vs Trent Cole last week.
JPP needs an outside move  
Giants_FTW : 9/14/2011 3:54 pm : link
Both of his sacks came when he went inside or bullrushed, his outside move aka the "speed rush" move needs a lot of refining.
He was getting there  
KWALL : 9/14/2011 4:11 pm : link
on the outside too.

We'll see more from him on the outside. I'm still waiting for the killer spin move that I know he has in him.
I want to  
PEEJ : 9/14/2011 4:28 pm : link
see the hand spring move *grin*
Nice work Kevin.  
BlueLou : 9/14/2011 4:29 pm : link
I noted that you didn't write much about his technique - in particular use of his hands for "moves" like swim moves, etc. I also didn't see him use a spin at all Sunday.

IMO he's still playing with only half an arsenal relative to the vets, and he will be truly spectacular once he gets those, as well as tactics for setting up his pass rush moves on 3rd downs...

His stamina too appears very good for such a young player.

Can you make a similar write-up critique of Beatty vs Orakpo? If you have the time for it, obviously.
Great post;  
Burt in Alameda : 9/14/2011 7:01 pm : link
this is why I enjoy BBI.
KWALL : 9/14/2011 9:57 pm : link
I was focusing mostly on the running plays. Not only did he get a consistent push but he controls the man too. He's got strong mits. It was on display all game like the play at 13:05 of the 2nd Qtr.

Do you have NFL Short Cuts? Best show on TV right now. Watch a full game in under 30 minutes. I'll let you know if I get back to this game. I'll check out our new LT.
Heck Kevin,  
BlueLou : 9/14/2011 11:09 pm : link
I don't even have a TV in my apt in LA. But I had the same sense of his play that game as you detailed from watching it live. His power is uncanny. That "power and explosion" analysis Sports Science showed about him pre-draft was spot on.

You were on board with JPP as early as anyone here, and most vehemently to boot. Kudos on the call.
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