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In regards to the O-line and the AZ game

cjac : 10/4/2011 8:53 am
A few points

Baas looked like he was injured early in the game, he was playing kind of tentative after the first 2 series. I think his neck was really hurting.

While there were a lot of missed blocks, and what looked like missed assignments all over the place, i will say that Arizona was absolutely selling out to stop the run.

They were walking up the safety late a lot, and ran a ton of run blitzes. Truth be told they took chances and guessed right a lot.

I attribute a lot of the missed assignments and bad blocking on the Cards aggressivness to stop the run.

Late in the game, (and Dockett being hurt helped) they sat back when they knew the Giants werent going to run, and Eli picked them apart.

So basically, yes the OLine did not play well early, but you have to give the Cards credit, it really looked like their D gameplan was to sell out to stop the run.
Nice Chris..  
Big Blue '56 : 10/4/2011 8:56 am : link
Another example (selling out for the run) of stats that do not tell the entire story
They put a lot of pressure  
cjac : 10/4/2011 8:59 am : link
on the young CBs to single cover.

and oddly, there were not a lot of audibles on the Giants end, or any for that matter.
Cards defense  
Buck Dharma : 10/4/2011 9:18 am : link
did the same thing against Carolina and Newton threw for over 400 yds.
I saw a few audibles  
cnuke : 10/4/2011 9:20 am : link
but they all ended up unsuccessful. I only remember like 2 or 3, my internet feed was somewhat spotty, so I might have missed some successful ones.
Granted, we only rushed for 60 or 70 yards but...  
PeterS : 10/4/2011 9:42 am : link
They gave Eli some excellent protection. I can think of 2 plays where he had over 5-6 seconds to to pass. We had Kevin Kolb running for his life most of the afternoon.
cjac : 10/4/2011 9:45 am : link
Yes, the pass blocking was ok, again, there were some mishaps, like the Boothe eff up, and the Bradshaw whiff on the safety blitz. but all in all they did a much better job in pass pro.
The Card's D "guessed right" ?  
PEEJ : 10/4/2011 10:54 am : link
or the Giants were well scouted? Or the Giants have tells? Or the Giants are predicable?
cjac : 10/4/2011 11:05 am : link
every game is a chess match.

lets not turn this into a typical BBI Giant trashing thread.

Other teams deserve credit too sometimes. Obviously the Giants made adjustments, they did score 21 in the fourth quarter.
The TE delay play  
cjac : 10/4/2011 11:06 am : link
was a perfect example of the Giants mixing it up to take advantage of the Cards aggressiveness
the Giants scored over 30 pts  
djm : 10/4/2011 11:36 am : link
who cares if they were predictable or not?

Giants can rush for 10 yards each week. As long as they are dropping 30 pts I really don't care.

Odds are things will even out and the running game will kick into a higher gear sooner than later.
Not intended to be  
PEEJ : 10/4/2011 11:43 am : link
"a BBI trashing thread". Just wondering why the Cards were so successful with their run blitzes. Was it something more than dumb luck?

I , frankly, think that the Cards also won a lot of one-on-one battles vs the OL
They did  
cjac : 10/4/2011 12:15 pm : link
they definitely did. I said there were a lot of missed assignments and missed blocks. Early on that is.

i'm just saying there were a ton of plays where they walked the safties up, and if the Giants had a play action on it could have resulted in a big play. (which would have been the Giants guessing right)

I actually think that Baas  
cjac : 10/4/2011 12:21 pm : link
coming out of the game helped them. He was hurt early on and a liability out there i think.

One play it seemed like Diehl missed a block, but after i looked at it again it seemed like it was Baas' man and Diehl was just trying to help.

Hard to tell not knowing who was suppose to block who, but it looked like a missed assignemt
RinR : 10/4/2011 12:50 pm : link
Great observations.

I'll add that this OL is not the Diehl-Seubert-O'Hara-Snee-Mckenzie line of just a few years ago when they still were able to run the ball eventhough trams we're selling out to stop it.

No one if this line will ever get there but they certainly need more time to gel. The injury to Baas doesnt help.
Great post  
Rich in L.A. : 10/4/2011 2:17 pm : link
RinR : 10/4/2011 2:36 pm : link
should be "teams".
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