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NGT: LaRon Landry is looking quite large

Dannyc58 : 12:29 pm

Roids say what? - ( New Window )
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How did he...  
lose the arm tatoos in the first pic?
I just figured it out - He was taking the pic in the mirror!
2nd pic  
Randy in CT : 12:42 pm : link
is in front of a mirror...
2nd picture is a mirror image  
Fan in Philly : 12:42 pm : link
That explains the tattoo switch
Greg from LI : 12:42 pm : link
There's more..  
BurberryManning : 12:48 pm : link
He's huge but again, that doesn't necessarily translate to football. Also begs the question, what is he taking?
Enormous - ( New Window )
David Boston  
TheBigBlueOne : 12:53 pm : link
muscle bound and reduced range of motion  
Just what I like to see in an opposing safety
Landry is big as hell  
GMENGianni : 12:55 pm : link
always has been. He's been lifting hard, and it's showing, wow.
He's getting ready for life after football  
jcn56 : 12:56 pm : link
as he stars in the Incredible Hulk remake with Cedric the Entertainer.
Is that a jar of roids he's holding?  
TC : 1:02 pm : link
So we can start calling him LaRoid Landry, right?  
Kyle : 1:03 pm : link
Klaatu : 1:25 pm : link

Don't make me angry, Dawg.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
even if it IS a mirror  
it's still the same right arm that doesn't have a tattoo.
Blue Baller : 1:30 pm : link
tattoo is on left bicep

His right  
Jon in NYC : 1:30 pm : link
arm doesn't have a tattoo in either picture.
Randy in CT : 1:31 pm : link
that isn't correct.
Greg from LI : 1:32 pm : link
I made the same mistake. Imagine looking at yourself in a mirror and you'll see it.
Holy Christ  
ShOcKwAvE 80 : 1:57 pm : link
Steriods are a crazy thing. Even if it's photoshopped dude's not just taking protein shakes.
He has to be taking HGH  
BIG FRED : 2:13 pm : link
the stuff that HHH took
nope, he's taking mayonnaise, too  
Greg from LI : 2:14 pm : link
Look at the jar in the first picture...hahaha
Enoch nailed it..  
bradshaw44 : 2:51 pm : link
He started bulking up after getting trucked by Jacobs. I personally think that much muscle mass is going to cause more tares and other issues health wise. Dumb move on his part
rptl530 : 2:52 pm : link
is that really him?
noro9 : 3:09 pm : link
zog said.
He's getting too big for his frame...  
hello bob sanders
Nitro : 3:54 pm : link
reads BBI.
Link - ( New Window )
Looks like Tarzan but  
GSS Inc. : 4:02 pm : link
It's amazing how  
some guys can add muscle mass and strength, have little translation to durability.

David Boston ended his career on IR for the CFL Argos, IIRC.
Bulk can increase the  
chances of injury.
The first pic is probably distorting his arm size a bit  
JonC : 4:07 pm : link
as it's closer to the camera, but he's suspiciously large now.
Geez, if that isn't an invitation  
for a piss test, I don't know what is.
Boy that TSBEIN  
bradshaw44 : 4:37 pm : link
guy posting on Graziano's blog seems like he he pulled all his comments right off this very thread... And he's got MM's jersey as his picture. Hmmmmm....
He's always been big  
Rflairr : 5:01 pm : link
There are some pics out there from his LSU days. But never that big. He's on something.
I guess he could play LB.  
Torn Tendon : 5:06 pm : link
Kick the tires  
Have him play Grant's role as the nickle safety on a 1 year contract. It would give Slash another year for the roids/hgh to bulk him up. Keep the sexy move types quiet and won't tie up long term capital needed to resign Cruz and Nicks
And Leon's also getting larger  
I wouldn't mind looking at him  
Flanker7 : 5:54 pm : link
as a down in the box Deon Grant type replacement.
Some people can get pretty massive and cut  
mrvax : 8:20 pm : link
w/o PED's. Not like this though. Maybe even using HGH or something new they came up with to mask the drug test. He can't be stupid. Or can he?

Remember that being huge doesn't have to make you slower or less flexible. Some of the worlds biggest bodybuilders can contort into pretzels.
someone explain this shirt  
BigBluDawg : 8:27 pm : link
mrvax : 8:50 pm : link
I'd bet his sister made it for him.
That shirt looks fucking cool as hell.  
shepherdsam : 8:56 pm : link

-Jeremy Shockey.
Reb8thVA : 9:27 pm : link
shirt looks like something a stripper would wear.
Dunedin81 : 9:29 pm : link
I don't knock your wardrobe, why you gotta mock mine?
Haha, Duned...  
BrettNYG10 : 9:30 pm : link
It's an oxymoron.  
Boy Cord : 9:44 pm : link
Laron Landy. Leadership.

WTF is this guy on? Whey protein?
Going by the T-shirt,  
shepherdsam : 9:48 pm : link
I'm assuming "Leadership" is a camp for cheerleaders.
it's photoshopped. Look at the line where his shoulders meet his arms.
Holy shit, he's right.  
shepherdsam : 9:50 pm : link
Everyone knows T-shirts have no seams.
Knee of Theismann : 2/25/2012 11:08 pm : link
I'm talking about the shading from light to dark. It's a straight line across. No one's sweat stains are straight lines.
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