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Offseason Program Sights and Sounds

jd311 : 4/16/2012 4:36 pm
link - ( New Window )
Unfortunately I can never see or hear videos from  
Emlen'sGremlins : 4/16/2012 4:40 pm : link matter what computer I am on. What the hell is wrong with their website?
thanks for the taste  
gtt350 : 4/16/2012 4:49 pm : link
Looks like  
BigBluePrestige : 4/16/2012 4:55 pm : link
a good turnout
At the 23 second point  
lono801 : 4/16/2012 5:07 pm : link
You see Baas...then you see a guy doing curls...

Is that Brewer?

That is one huge dude...
C'mon lono,  
BlueLou : 4/16/2012 6:25 pm : link
any dude that big and ripped has to be none other than -
Linval Joseph.
Another photo of LJ, and article too. - ( New Window )
Emlen'sGremlins :  
Rob_MTL : 4/16/2012 6:32 pm : link
It`s annoying, load the video before pressing play
Great video!  
Canton : 4/16/2012 6:39 pm : link
Tynes statement was telling..

"We got some new faces, we lost some players....some KEY players. They were some great locker room guys and we have to find out with the new guys, who we're going to replace them with."


"We'll have some new guys in. We still have alot of key players that helped us win this championship. We have to figure out how to make the changes and adjust things, to get better."
Got get some  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/16/2012 6:49 pm : link
weights on those bars! ;)
at 1:23  
Umenyiora72 : 4/16/2012 6:50 pm : link
Cruz is wearing some type of Corey Webster shirt.
Any thoughts about their prediction that Locklear  
BillT : 4/16/2012 7:21 pm : link
will be "penciled in" to start at RT? I would have thought he'd be "penciled in" to 3rd or 4th sting T.
KeoweeFan : 4/16/2012 8:08 pm : link
yeah, it is extraordinarily slow to load. If I hit pause to let it load, loading seems to stop. I don't have this problem with any other sites.
I've never had a problem watching any videos on  
Ace718 : 4/16/2012 8:23 pm : link
lono801 : 4/16/2012 8:41 pm : link
I dont think thats LJ...

I think it might be Rocky B...
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/16/2012 9:04 pm : link
who said that?
Locklear starting  
Dylan fan : 4/16/2012 9:11 pm : link
I'm sure ImManningUpLikeEli said it, so it must be true!
I am eating a  
BBurns : 4/16/2012 9:53 pm : link
Snickers bar waiting for it to load .
lono, if that's not LJ - he is one big black brick shit house of a man  
BlueLou : 4/16/2012 10:03 pm : link
who trims his beard exactly the same way LJ does.
I could be wrong...  
lono801 : 4/16/2012 10:11 pm : link
Its hard to tell...

Maybe I was hoping it was

I cant tell

Emlin - if you are serious ...  
mjt832 : 4/16/2012 10:18 pm : link
check the security settings on your browser? No problem with their website.
I can't believe that is our fearless leader.  
mjt832 : 4/16/2012 10:22 pm : link
(And, he is fearless) - he still looks like his is 17 years old to me .... amazing. Thank God he has the heart of a lion and the coolness of a seal team six member.
lono you nailed it with  
BlueLou : 4/17/2012 1:41 am : link
Maybe I was hoping it was

Wishful thinking my friend.
I too always  
halfback20 : 4/17/2012 12:54 pm : link
have a problem with the videos. I have to wait about 5 minutes to let them load before I can watch them. Otherwise it stops every 2 seconds. I do not have any problems on Youtube or porn...I mean other videos.
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