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There Will Never be Another Chance Like This For The Giants

Ralph.C : 7/9/2013 10:23 pm
There has to be an unprecedented level of nervous anticipation swirling throughout the Giants organization right now. This season offers an opportunity to the team unlike any other has in the past -- and likely more than any other will in the future.

These Eli/Coughlin-Era Giants are already legends. They have given their blue-bleeding fans two absolutely thrilling championship seasons; but, on top of that, they have given the general, football-viewing population two memorable Superbowls. If Eli Manning merely plays well and the Giants remain a good, contending football team for the rest of his career, then he and Coughlin are an absolute lock for Canton . . . if they're not already.

But why be content with that?

These Giants have a Big Blue chance to become both New York and all-time football gods on an unparalled level.

Imagine this:

This recent, two-time championship team winning it all for the THIRD time at what may be the only NJ/NY Superbowl ever. Even if the NFL does allow another one here, it will not be with the nucleus of a two-time championship team going for a third . . . this is a one-shot deal.

That's what makes the promise of this season unique and special.

Should they win it, Eli Manning would not only be revered as the greatest quarterback in Giant history (I love you Phil.) He would also ascend to the top of football's Mount Olympus -- right there next to Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Zeus, Poseidon and Dave Brown.

The proverbially cherry atop this deliriously rich Superbowl Sundae dream is that I will be there. I'll be working in a suite. (So long as God -- or whatever higher power an atheist might or might not believe in -- allows me to still be roaming the earth at that time.)

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Leach is still a possibility?  
Ralph.C : 7/9/2013 11:49 pm : link
Signing that guy would be sweet.
I wouldn't go as far as "loaded"  
mstyles22 : 7/9/2013 11:55 pm : link
Too many question marks on the o-line, and back 7 on defense.

But I do like our chances in the NFC East and this year presents as good an opportunity as any for another ring.

My one prediction this year is regression from the Russel Wilson, RGIII and Kapernicks of the world. They're great players but as Mike Tomlin said, coaches have had a whole summer to figure them out.
Ralph.C : 7/10/2013 12:08 am : link
I tend to agree with you. Running quarterbacks were easily shut down for decades in the NFL. Even if they were effective, they got hit too much and didn't last. Steve Young was terrifically mobile, but he could pass too. The ones like him who can choose their spots are dangerous weapons.

This whole perception of there being "a new breed" of running quarterbacks who are going to change the game and replace the pure passer, is a bit premature.

We'll see.
I think Prince is a huge key for us this year...  
irish27266 : 7/10/2013 12:09 am : link
If he is able to step up and play like a quality leader in the secondary and allow Webster to have a little less responsibility that would be huge.
did you really have to pick on ol' Dave Brown?  
jnoble : 7/10/2013 12:19 am : link
the poor kid never really had a chance with the coaching, game plans and talent around him lol

I feel good about this season. I still wouldve used that 4th on a LB though instead of a QB
This is definitely  
mstyles22 : 7/10/2013 12:21 am : link
an intriguing preseason just for the question marks in so many spots.

- Wilson as #1 RB
- Randle as the #3 WR
- New starters through the middle of the defense (Jenkins, Connor, Brown)
- Free Agent TE (Myers)
- Versatile Rookie OL (Pugh)
- Tons of young talent (Hosley, Hill, Hankins, Moore) pushing vets on defense
Ralph.C : 7/10/2013 1:19 am : link
I wasn't picking on Dave. I was giving him honorable mention!
I know I'm in the minority  
oipolloi : 7/10/2013 2:13 am : link
But I would like to see Eli play a few seasons without Coughlin. See what he can do with a coach oriented to the passing game. I think he goes for 5000 yards every year.

And don't get me wrong, Coughlin is a fine head coach. This is not a knock on him. But I think Eli would flourish even more under a guy like Sean Peyton or someone of that ilk.
should they win a 3rd Superbowl  
santacruzom : 7/10/2013 3:20 am : link
Eli critics will have to diminish Eli by saying he's the worst 3-for-3 Super Bowl quarterback in NFL history.
I don't know if I'd imply  
santacruzom : 7/10/2013 3:23 am : link
that Russell Wilson and RGIII are running QB's who are liabilities when passing the ball. They're quite a bit closer to Steve Young in the throwing department then they are to, say, Tebow.
I like our chances  
George from PA : 7/10/2013 6:37 am : link
It won't be easy...the NFC have plenty of possible contenders....Our Defense needs to step and Eli's line gives him time...with all their out. Could be very special
The one thing that makes this season unique is the Super Bowl venue.  
Big Blue Blogger : 7/10/2013 6:55 am : link
Otherwise, it's just another year in the ongoing evolution of the team. Every year brings significant change: After the 2006 season, Tiki and Accorsi retired, Reese took over and Petitgout was cut. The next year, it was Strahan, plus the Shockey trade. 2008 ended the Burress adventure, and there were other notable departures after that season, like Toomer, Robbins and Ward. 2009 brought Pierce's forced retirement, plus the first cracks along the offensive line, which would enter full rebuild mode after the 2010 season with the exit of O'Hara and Seubert and, a year later, McKenzie.

Change has continued, relentlessly: Smith, Jacobs, Bradshaw, Umenyiora, Phillips, Boley, Boss, Canty, Manningham, Hixon, Blackburn, Ballard - all key contributors to championships; all gone, along with many others. Diehl's time may have come. Snee and Tuck probably aren't far behind.

As for the two biggest field-level mainstays - Manning and Coughlin - who knows? If Eli stays healthy and bounces back to his 2011 level with a restored receiving corps, he could be good for another extension and 5-7 more years of championship-caliber play. On the other hand, maybe the probabilities of a violent game finally catch up with him in the next two years (by which time he becomes much cheaper to to cut than keep) and Ryan Nassib shows enough in relief to persuade Jerry Reese that 2015 is the right time to do what the Packers and Eagles did when their Super Bowl QBs showed unmistakable signs of decline. And at that point, maybe Coughlin hangs it up rather than go through a rebuild. Or maybe the challenge of grooming another talented young QB - especially one from his beloved alma mater - reinvigorates him.

In short, we know nothing. True "end-of-an-era" teams, like the 1979 Steelers or 2010 Colts, are rare - and are most readily identified in hindsight.
Agree with the Blogger  
gidiefor : Mod : 7/10/2013 8:21 am : link
and disagree with the smugness over figuring out running QBs

I have two words for all of you that think the Giants have figured out RG3 --- Randall Cunningham -- who tortured us for years

Yes they are more injury prone - but when healthy - they are hard to defend
Many of the Coughlin season's begin with a stacked deck...  
x meadowlander : 7/10/2013 8:47 am : link
...Not this one.

HUGE QUESTION MARKS at OL and for the ENTIRE defense.

Right now Snee and Diehl are penciled in as the starting right side. Go and tell me how confident you are in that. It could all work out. I really hope it does, but we are a far, far cry from the awesome 08í unit.

And after the last 2 seasons, we are looking at a serious mess on defense. I am hopeful that the new parts will make this unit much more stout in the middle, but at least going in to the season, every 3rd down will make me uneasy.

Not saying that the potential isnít there for a great season, but there is much more to be concerned about than in any postseason since 2009-2010.
Sorry, but Eli is already the best QB in NYG history.  
Section331 : 7/10/2013 8:53 am : link
But you are correct, this season is a great opportunity, to be able to win a SB on your own turf. It would be even more special due to the fact that it will almost certainly be the only SB played in this area. Let's face it, the Saints, Dolphins, et al, get this chance every 5 years or so.

Kinard is correct. Much will be dictated on how well the defense plays. Without it, we'll struggle to make the playoffs.
Percy : 7/10/2013 8:53 am : link
Thing is, what makes this guy tick? The most money or playing for a winner that has a realistic chance at another ring? His agent will lean toward the money, of course, and Leach isn't getting any younger. But he's coming from a winner and maybe he'd really prefer to play for another one -- if the difference in the money isn't vast. Any character read on Leach that would give us a hint about which way he leans?
Eli is the greatest Giant QB, but...  
Crispino : 7/10/2013 9:32 am : link
don't sell Simms short. He was a hell of a QB who NEVER had the weapons around him in the passing game Eli has. Outside of Bavaro, all of his receivers were pedestrian at best. If Simms had the type of quality at the receiver positions that Eli has had, he would have put up some monster numbers. Again , Eli is tops, but Phil was damn good.
This is a very interesting team  
UberAlias : 7/10/2013 9:33 am : link
It has the potential to be dominant. 13-3 type where most games aren't close.

At the same time, there are a lot of questions and could go bad if some things don't go our way such as injuries to the O line and JPP, defensive back 7, and Hakeem staying healthy.

I think there are several young players poised to break out. If our current stars rebound from last year as I expect them to (JPP, Hakeem, yes, even Eli) and we add a coule more, we could be in for a fun season.
Dream big, but  
CT Charlie : 7/10/2013 9:56 am : link
don't forget that fans of the 49ers, Seahawks, Falcons, Texans, Packers, Broncos, Ravens and Patriots also have reasons to dream big. Heck, we could lose twice to the Redskins, Cowboys or Eagles.
I think we are experiencing a time as fans...  
Dan in the Springs : 7/10/2013 10:04 am : link
where hoping for another title shot is legitimate. I think our skill position players on offense are as good as they've ever been, and with Eli directing the offense, we can expect GREAT things.

However, and this is a big however, there is nothing to indicate that we have the big guys we need in the trenches. Time will tell, as we have a BUNCH of question marks.

Remember, the game is often won and lost in the trenches.

If we get good line play, we should expect to be able to go toe-to-toe with anyone in the league.
This is a nice window.  
Randy in CT : 7/10/2013 10:07 am : link
Let's hope after it closes we can live to see more.
Poster went all out  
jLefty : 7/10/2013 10:09 am : link
put himself out there. Gotta tell ya, don't think it'll happen.But you gotta like his spirit.
Joe in Cambridge : 7/10/2013 10:14 am : link
If Coughlin retires, I'm not worried about the offense. Eli will be fine. I'd be more concerned with getting a great defensive mind in the building. That would do wonders for this team.
Ask Jerry Jones  
Doomster : 7/10/2013 10:21 am : link
what the odds are of your team making it to the SB and actually playing it on your home turf....
With only $3.3 mil to play with  
mac attack : 7/10/2013 10:44 am : link
and both Pugh and Nassib not signed, I don't see Leach in the cards. Especially with another suitor (Miami) out there for him.
Manning, Cruz, Nicks, Randle, Myers and Wilson?  
Don in DC : 7/10/2013 11:00 am : link
Yeah, I think it's fair to say that our offense is loaded with the best overall talent at the skill positions we have ever had.

The questions are whether the O-Line can hold together and protect Eli and make running lanes for Wilson, and whether the D can stop anybody?

If the answer to those two questions are both "yes", then we have as good a shot at a championship as anyone in the league this year.
The offense should score  
RH : 7/10/2013 12:40 pm : link
alot, but remember that Perry Fewell is still calling the defensive plays. That should bring us all back to reality.
I'm worried about the offensive line  
Bluenatic : 7/10/2013 12:41 pm : link
Lots of offensive weapons at Eli's disposal this year, but can these guys block? That remains to be seen.
The Giants will need to play  
Glover : 7/10/2013 3:35 pm : link
Keepaway with the football and keep opposing QBs on the bench, cus I say the Giants are weak at the absolute worst area to be weak at: pass rush. Stacking players for competition is great, and I would think the Giants were an absolute SB contender if JPP didnt have the back issue, Tuck was even a shadow of his old self (which I dont think he is) and I was in the fairytale land that many Giants fans are in that believe Kiwi will even be an average lass rusher this season.
The offense looks like a potential juggernaut if any of the potential configurations of the offensive line comes together, and with the right playcalling the Giants could find a way to be a tough running balanced offense that becomes known for long sustained TD scoring drives. They are going to need that bc I see a weak pass rush that can make average QBs look sharp.
Worried for the first time since I cant remember tbat the Giants wont make the playoffs.
Yeah this team will never win a championship as long as Perry Fewell  
fredgbrown : 7/10/2013 3:49 pm : link
is calling the plays...oh wait..
Ralph.C : 7/10/2013 7:06 pm : link
You really think the Giants will have a weak pass rush?
Ever Since,  
oldog : 7/10/2013 9:21 pm : link
Eli bought the Leprecaun Hat back in 11, and the magic was captured again, (7 come 11), anything is possible.
I feel sorry for you Glover  
Doomster : 7/10/2013 9:31 pm : link
you have moi on your side....I am not convinced this defense will be any better than last year, because of a lack of a pass rush, again.....

This offense has to click on all cylinders to overcome the shortcomings of this defense...
stretch234 : 7/10/2013 9:48 pm : link
The key next year is scoring over 21 points. Last 2 years they are 17-3 when scoring 21 or more and 1-11 when scoring less than 21.

Their offense can take huge pressure off the defense and has for most of 2 years
Tuck, JPP and Kiwi had a combined 13.5 sacks  
Reese's Pieces : 7/10/2013 9:51 pm : link
last season. Do I hear 27?

Kiwi has been moved around so much, between injuries, that no one even knows if this former first rounder can rush the passer.

JPP now we have to worry about his back.

This is Tuck's contract year. If he doesn't turn it on this season then he never will.

I don't expect another super bowl out of this group  
D HOS : 7/11/2013 1:17 pm : link
Eli, maybe late in his career. But it's just too darn hard to win a superbowl. Now I surely would love another superbowl win and this year or soon. But I seriously doubt it.

If this group did win another, I would want everyone with two or three rings to retire immediately. Enjoy life. No more injuries. Coach, spend all your time with the grandkids. Snee, give him more grandkids. Assuming no financial issues, you win that much, you remove any further risk to yourself and you enjoy the rest of your life.

When as a franchise there were two superbowl wins in a few year, I want them to keep going. If there are three, I'm ok with losing a bunch of key players and starting over if those are the circumstances.
As a fan - all you can really hope for is to have a legitimate shot at  
gersh : 7/11/2013 1:51 pm : link
a Championship.

If being a Giant's fan has taught you anything - it should be that expecting great things will generally end in heartbreak. Though from that heartbreak somtimes a Championship is born (and in the same season)
As far as the media goes...  
FatMan in Charlotte : 7/11/2013 1:57 pm : link
the Jets are Lindsay Lohan and the Giants are Helen Mirren.
Giants are solid..  
dguy901 : 7/11/2013 2:03 pm : link
OL is stacked with talent. Diehl may not be all that but, interesting pick-ups Jasper, Herman and Pugh, along with the rest should be much improved. DL has been addressed by signing Jenkins and Patterson with Hankins and Moore should be much improved. That means our LB's and Secondary will be more effective. If Nicks can stay healthy, I see nothing to indicate we will not win the NFC East, in deference to those who think RG111 has it locked for the skins.JMHO.
I don't see that many question marks on the OL at all  
djm : 7/11/2013 2:41 pm : link
I see question marks at RB, to an extent and i'm confident that Brown and Wilson will emerge as a nasty RB combo when all is said n done.

The OL hasn't been a question mark since 2004 and it isn't a question mark heading into 2013. The OL may not be the dominant unit from year's past but the running game struggles fell on the running back more than the OL in my eyes. The pass pro has never been as some people seem to think. Eli is as good as any at avoiding the rush but that doesn't mean the OL is keystone cops out there. If you are sacked near the bottom of the NFL every year, the OL is doing something right.

As bad as they were last year the OL wasn't that bad at all. And now we have reinforcements.

This team is as talented as any under Coughlin. Injuries will play a factor but if everything ends up as planned this team will win 10-11 games in their sleep. I firmly believe that. A lot went wrong the last 2 seasons to slip this team to 9 wins, respectively. It's only a matter of time before things go right for an entire season. We're due.
and always remember  
djm : 7/11/2013 2:45 pm : link
that a team that has a lot of guys playing for pay is one dangerous team. And this team has a lot of guys that are playing for their first or last big pay day. I love where this team sits. They've won big games time and time again. The vet talent is there and now some needed young talent is littered across the roster to push guys. I really like where this team is headed right now.

Every team has holes and question marks. Even the big bad niners have question marks. Did they even stop anyone in last year's postseason? Nope. Seattle? Nice talented young team but they can slip and they too had trouble defending in the postseason. Every team has holes. Not every team has the star power that sits on this NYG roster.
just get me to mid december  
djm : 7/11/2013 2:52 pm : link
healthy and with a shot. That's all any of us should ask for. IF that happens we have 2 postseasons runs in recent memory that should give us all a reason to get excited. There is something to be said for been there done that. This team knows what it takes to win huge games in hostile environments. It's a tough chore---marathon, war of attrition...all that. But if they can get close these Giants seem to know what it takes to blast through. Just get kinda close and we will take our chances.
If Nicks had been healthy last year, the Giants  
GeofromNJ : 7/11/2013 8:54 pm : link
woul have made the playoffs, the lousy defense notwithstanding. And once you're in the mix, you have a shot at the trophy. I don't think the D has to improve all that much this year, if at all. Consider also that had Manningham not left for more money, the Giants make the playoffs last year. This year, they may have Manningham's replacement in either Randle or Murphy. And a healthy Brown makes me like their chances in 2013 all the more.
If I remember the details of Manningham's contract with the Niners,  
Reese's Pieces : 7/11/2013 11:54 pm : link
he didn't sign for more money. I'm not sure why he left for the garbage contract he signed. Maybe the Giants didn't want him back and wouldn't up their offer the small amount it would have taken to keep him. Maybe Manningham was embarrassed to go crawling back to the Giants. I'll bet that he wishes he had resigned, just like Steve Smith.
throughout the 2011 season  
djm : 7/12/2013 1:20 pm : link
there were many sings that Mario was definitely leaving and/or a bit frustrated with his role in NY playing behind Nicks and Cruz. For whatever reason I guess Mario thought he'd get a better chance to line up as a #1 WR out in San Fran even though the Niners already had a #1 to be in Crabtree and the QB was nothing special. As it turns out the QB now is pretty damn good and Crabtree is hurt, but Mario is still behind guys like VD and Boldin and he's hurt.

When Mario scores the TD in the NFC title game his body language coupled with Cruz screaming "I told u I told u" leads me to believe he was pretty frustrated in NY.
there were many signs--not sings...  
djm : 7/12/2013 1:20 pm : link
i believe the 'i told u' thing from cruz  
Neverend : 7/12/2013 1:48 pm : link
was from something they were discussing before the game. the WR corps were doing a pre game prayer ritual thing, and nick&cruz said mario was going to win the game for them. cruz spoke about it in the post game or sometime in the week
I love that fuckin play  
djm : 7/12/2013 2:18 pm : link
...such a big balls play from the Giants offense. 3rd n 15 down 4? Against the best Defensive team going? In the rain? 4th quarter NFC Title game? Fuck off.

business as usual  
area junc : 7/12/2013 3:25 pm : link
djm, i agree that we're due, but here we are, not even in camp yet and already Hynoski injures his knee in a thud OTA practice, and JPP has to have "out of nowhere" back surgery and is questionable for the start of the season. And J-will, baas, snee and diehl are still not recovered from last season yet.

looks like business as usual
Randy in CT : 7/12/2013 3:45 pm : link
Oh, I thought you said whining as usual?
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