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Sunday's News and Tweets from Camp

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/28/2013 8:36 am
11:40 a.m. 12:40 p.m. Players Interviews

1:30-3:45 p.m. Practice

After Practice Tom Coughlin
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kelsto811 : 7/28/2013 3:01 pm : link
Tom Rock ‏@TomRock_Newsday 54s

Kris Adams drops another, grabs his hand again. Hurting.
Hope Nicks is OK  
dep026 : 7/28/2013 3:02 pm : link
just a precaution thing hopefully.
this is really the first real burn Nicks has endured  
djm : 7/28/2013 3:03 pm : link
since last season. No surprise he's feeling something right now. Don't go jumping off any bridges just yet. He's probably just tight.
kelsto811 : 7/28/2013 3:03 pm : link
Tom Rock ‏@TomRock_Newsday 18s
Muasau picks off Nassib. "Welcome to the NFL," says the LB who's never been there himself.

Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr 20s
First pick of the day goes to Muasau, who stepped in front of a pass from Nassib and took it all the way. #nyg

Ohm Youngmisuk ‏@NotoriousOHM 22s
Jake Muasau just had a nice pick off Ryan Nassib across middle in 7s
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 3:05 pm : link
Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr 14s

Looks like Nicks has something on the knees, some sort of brace or wrap. Will check on that. #nyg

Hope it's not a brace.
Nicks didn't even make it through 2 days of non-contact  
ZogZerg : 7/28/2013 3:12 pm : link
practice. We can't count on him.
I would wait until  
Sneakers O'toole : 7/28/2013 3:13 pm : link
we hear something concrete before we go hitting the Nicks panic button
NilayShah : 7/28/2013 3:19 pm : link
Reminder you can now watch all the top plays from each practice a few seconds after they happen
View highlights - ( New Window )
kelsto811 : 7/28/2013 3:20 pm : link
Tom Rock ‏@TomRock_Newsday 1m

Damontre Moore pitting on a show at 2nd team DE. Cuts inside DeGeare, beats Robinson, draws holding vs Pugh. Impressive series.
Sneakers O'toole : 7/28/2013 3:21 pm : link
Thanks, that highlight feature is great.
arcarsenal : 7/28/2013 3:24 pm : link
Not even worth the effort.

My guess is that Nicks is probably going to be dealing with some soreness/tightness after not really going full tilt consistently for so long. I doubt this is any sort of big deal. But we'll see.
Sneaks, it's not panic.  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 3:25 pm : link
In my case, it's more amazement than anything else.
kelsto811 : 7/28/2013 3:28 pm : link
Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr 1m

Upon further review, no wrap on Nicks. Not with the training staff either, so he may still just be easing back into things. #nyg
Guys need to get warm after missing a lot of time  
AnotherGiantsFan : 7/28/2013 3:29 pm : link
I wouldn't be so amazed if I were you. It's gonna take him some time to get loose.
PEEJ : 7/28/2013 3:31 pm : link
both a bane and a boon
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 3:31 pm : link
Whether he got banged up today or not, I've been amazed way before today.
I've been a fan of Moore prior to the draft  
robbieballs2003 : 7/28/2013 3:32 pm : link
and he has not disappointed.
On autographs  
hudson : 7/28/2013 3:37 pm : link
AFter today, will they still sign after each practice?
Cruz doing his thing already.  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 3:37 pm : link
Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr 12m
Cruz scores on the first play of a team session. d'imperio checking in with the starters As well at FB. #nyg

The guy just brings it. Even in practice.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/28/2013 3:40 pm : link
Art Stapleton ‏@art_stapleton 33s

Tyler Sash got right leg tangled up during final drill. Off to locker room on cart #nyg
djm : 7/28/2013 3:42 pm : link
the football gods bestowed upon us a generous gift when Cruz was signed as a FA back in 2010. What a fucking steal this guy was. And now he's a steal all over again with the contract he signed. Some stars are a bit over hyped with their on the field and off the field persona but not Cruz. So glad he's here for 6 more years. Just a great ambassador and an even better player.
This is why you have like 8 safeties going into camp  
robbieballs2003 : 7/28/2013 3:42 pm : link
They have a way of sorting themselves out.

Hope Sash is alright though.
kelsto811 : 7/28/2013 3:48 pm : link
Ohm Youngmisuk ‏@NotoriousOHM 19s

Coughlin said he thinks Hakeem Nicks might have experienced some tightness in the groin area and was held out.
Who would have thought...  
arcarsenal : 7/28/2013 3:51 pm : link
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 3:52 pm : link
Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr 3m
Cramps for Sash, groin tightness for Nicks. #nyg
Just put Nicks in a bubble until September.  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 3:54 pm : link
All they need is for him to tear his groin in a pre-season game.
arcarsenal : 7/28/2013 3:57 pm : link
Getting timing down with Eli and getting reps in general are worthless. I'm sure he doesn't need to get into football shape, either.
I guess Nicks is having issues  
RobCarpenter : 7/28/2013 3:57 pm : link
With his package
I'd rather that  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 3:59 pm : link
than him get injured...again.
Seems some of you guys....  
rptl530 : 7/28/2013 4:00 pm : link
would like for a guy like Nicks to be hurt so you can bust out your passive aggressive bullshit.

rptl nailed it.  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 4:02 pm : link
Hell, lets hope the whole team gets hurt. That would be awesome!

I hope I'm wrong  
RobCarpenter : 7/28/2013 4:03 pm : link
But I think Nicks won't be a Giant after this season.
It doesn't work that way.  
arcarsenal : 7/28/2013 4:03 pm : link
You don't just have a guy do nothing throughout August and expect him to be able to play in games in September. Conditioning and reps are extremely important.

If you really want Nicks to end up on IR, following your plan would be a great way to do it.
Arc is absolutely right  
Jay on the Island : 7/28/2013 4:06 pm : link
Nicks needs practice reps to not only get into a rhythm with Eli but also to get his body into football shape. If he sits out all training camp then goes all out week one then he has a very high chance of pulling or tearing his hamstring, groin etc.
Rob, probably not.  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 4:07 pm : link
TC must be thrilled. Wish he could give his unfiltered thoughts on this. Too bad that would never happen today.
I guess we should have rested everybody week 17  
robbieballs2003 : 7/28/2013 4:07 pm : link
In 2007 for fear of injury.
I wasn't suggesting they literally stash him away.  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 4:08 pm : link
I was wishing it was possible.
I would imagine its pretty hard to go through the first couple  
wgenesis123 : 7/28/2013 4:26 pm : link
practices without everyone feeling some kind of aches and pains. Nicks may just be excersising some caution. Not a bad idea I think.
Just got back from practice  
UberAlias : 7/28/2013 4:32 pm : link
I will put a report together later on tonight.
Uber, Uber, Uber...  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/28/2013 4:41 pm : link
Uber, Uber!!!
What a shock....  
Ryan : 7/28/2013 4:43 pm : link
...a guy easing from multiple leg injuries has some tightness in another area of his lower body early on in camp on a very warm, humid day. Absolutely shocking. This never happens to anyone in a similar situation.
UberAlias : 7/28/2013 4:44 pm : link
I have to go meet my family and have a softball game tonight but will have something out later tonight.
robbieballs2003 : 7/28/2013 5:06 pm : link
I get your sarcasm which is understandable but you kind of negate it by saying it is hot and humid out. Muscle pulls are not common in hot weather. Cramps are. Muscle pulls are more common in cold weather or when the muscles aren't warmed up.
And not only that,  
Dave in Hoboken : 7/28/2013 5:10 pm : link
but it wouldn't have been that hard to believe he did get hurt again, because he has the tendency to get hurt. Plus, multiple beat writers said he had a brace or wrap on his knee and was being seen by the medical staff. It's only day 2 of camp, I'm not going to jinx it anymore.
and the tradition  
Dave in MD : 7/28/2013 5:17 pm : link
of people on BBI freaking out about basically nothing continues.
Ryan : 7/28/2013 5:29 pm : link
Aside from the fact that that is patently false (any conditions leading to dehydration increase risk of cramp and strain) the report simply said tightness which could be either.
Ryan : 7/28/2013 5:30 pm : link
robbie not arc.
Darn, I know it is day one  
Some Fan : 7/28/2013 6:38 pm : link
but the Moore news is freaking great.
Dave in Hoboken  
chopperhatch : 7/28/2013 7:57 pm : link
dude, you have to chill just a little.
On a final? note ...  
sphinx : 7/28/2013 10:42 pm : link
Henry Hynoski ‏@HenryHynoski 18m
Loved the enthusiasm by our fans today...thank you all for comming out and supporting us!

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