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Countdown clock to Super Bowl

Blue Baller : 7/28/2013 11:19 am
So in yesterday's press conference Reese said he had a countdown clock installed into the players locker room to give the players a sense of urgency.

Coughlin seemed to give only a half ass buy in to the idea in his presser and it seemed to me he wasn't particularly thrilled with the idea. Of course that is pure speculation by me and TC often comes off like a curmudgeon regardless of the topic.

Not that this is a huge deal by any stretch, but personally I think its a bit of an overstep from the GM. I think motivational tactics should come from the coaching staff.
It's not a big deal  
Sneakers O'toole : 7/28/2013 11:20 am : link
but I do agree, there should be one voice that the player's look to, and that role should be the head coaches.
The GM is in charge of the coaching staff  
Kyle : 7/28/2013 11:20 am : link
It's not just a message to the players.
Sneakers O'toole : 7/28/2013 11:22 am : link
but that is a relationship that should be seperate from the interaction with the players. I said similar things when Mara was talking to the media about Coughlin.

I feel that the front office is a behind closed doors kind of deal
Some people never understand that Kyle  
Mason : 7/28/2013 11:23 am : link
They assume, it is the reverse with some coaches.
I see no issue.  
Beez : 7/28/2013 11:23 am : link
This Super Bowl, should the Giants get to it, would be a home game and an advantage (we'd hope).

I like it, in that it may serve as a reminder that even the early games factor, when a team is down to the last two weeks, fighting for a playoff berth. It seems obvious, but some of the players - and perhaps more of the younger ones - may not see the first quarter of the season with as much urgency as the latter portions.
I thought the same  
robbieballs2003 : 7/28/2013 11:25 am : link
There is a difference between goals and a mission. Their mission is to get to the Super Bowl but their goals should be stuff they can control to accomplish their mission. Goals should be like show up to work early, make sure I have plenty of time studying film, I want to run X amount of routes every day, get my ass into the gym, etc. Goals should not be to win the Super Bowl because you overlook the small details that allow you to even get to the Super Bowl. Focus on the little things and control that. If you do that you give yourself the best chance to complete your mission.

The clock idea sounded weird to me for a couple of reasons. One, you always hear the cliche one game at a time. When you see that clock up there you can now overlook the current game. Two, it is well known that it is Reese's decision and that does sound like he is over stepping his boundaries.

With that said, it will accomplish what Reese wants and that is a sense of urgency. Every day you walk in you will see the days are counting down until a Super Bowl is played in your stadium. They have the opportunity to play there but that is up to them to get there.
GM has no boundaries  
Mason : 7/28/2013 11:29 am : link
The GM/executive of operations is the ultimate person responsible for the football operations. If that person believes missing playoffs is unacceptable, than that's his call. I'm sure the GM wasn't alone in his thinking and if his boss (the owner) seconded the issue about the playoffs than that's all really needed to be stated. There's no one higher up.
I don't like it at all  
ZogZerg : 7/28/2013 11:31 am : link
I guess Reese wanted to light a little fire. But, I don't like his decision here.
The GM definitely should have boundaries  
robbieballs2003 : 7/28/2013 11:32 am : link
You hire a coach to coach. You hire a GM to manage the roster. Where does it end? Should the GM start calling the plays? Should he start running practices? Look at how successful the Cowboys and Redskins are when their owners/GM intervene on their coaches. It is a recipe for disaster. You start to take away the respect/power of the HC. I'm not saying Reese has done this to TC. I'm just pointing out that there are and should be boundaries.
Sneakers O'toole : 7/28/2013 11:36 am : link
they won't get it. It's a conversation I've had here many times. The ironic thing is, the principle that we are describing is one that the Giants generally agree with and use.
He's not intervening or overstepping his boundaries  
Kyle : 7/28/2013 11:38 am : link
He's actually fulfilling his role as the man in charge of the roster and coaching staff, thus the "putting everyone on notice".
Reese is stepping over the line  
Steve in South Jersey : 7/28/2013 11:41 am : link
Team messages are Coughlin's domain.
I'm surprised to see such strong feelings over a countdown clock  
jcn56 : 7/28/2013 11:42 am : link
I mean, it's a fucking clock. At best, it lets them know how long it is until the SB. At worst, they ignore it completely. It has no bearing how they operate day to day.
I don't think any of us are losing any sleep over this  
Sneakers O'toole : 7/28/2013 11:43 am : link
we're just discussing the topic.
GM has no boundaries in the sense they don't have to have them  
Mason : 7/28/2013 11:43 am : link
The GM is responsible for the football operations. In some sense he does have some influence in plays and schemes. As it is part of the coach hiring process and overall evaluation. If a coaching staff is getting away from that direction they speak to the coach about it. Isn't that part of the GM's responsibility as well.

Reese, isn't a GM type that is calling plays on the field or after every game. So I think Coughlin is even grateful for that as he has mentioned. And he has respected Coughlin's input during the draft process.

He gave a mission plan/goal for the season. One that I assume was given to him by his boss which he is relaying to the entire organization.
Yeah, far sillier Giants-related stuff has been talked about  
Kyle : 7/28/2013 11:44 am : link
with far more anger and passion heh.
robbieballs2003 : 7/28/2013 11:45 am : link
It has no bearing how they operate day to day.

If that is the case then why have it up in the first place? And I am sure Reese has the exact opposite opinion otherwise he wouldn't have put it up.
Did Reese say he did it  
bob in tx : 7/28/2013 11:49 am : link
without talking to TC beforehand? I would find that hard to believe. If he did, I wouldn't like it but I'm not TC.
it should also be said  
Sneakers O'toole : 7/28/2013 11:50 am : link
coaching staff decisions are Mara's domain. Reese has input, Mara makes those calls. Those decisions are above Reese's paygrade.

The relationship between GM and coach here is more collaborative than it is a linear chain of command. They both answer to Mara.
Sneakers you basically made my point  
Mason : 7/28/2013 11:53 am : link
I don't Reese thought of this goal on his own. I'm pretty sure it's coming from above him and he is doing what he was told to do as I stated. Relaying this directive to the entire organization.
If it works then it is a great  
Gman11 : 7/28/2013 11:53 am : link
motivational tool. If not, then it was a stupid thing to do.
Sorry about that sentence fragment  
Mason : 7/28/2013 11:54 am : link
robbieballs2003 : 7/28/2013 11:54 am : link
I'm not 100% confident but it sounded like it was Reese's decision alone.
Named Later : 7/28/2013 11:56 am : link
I like the idea.

I'm just wondering......can we get a Countdown Clock on the BBI Home Page ?? There must be Clock Apps all over the net.

How difficult would it be to put something together ???
Reese getting involved is a clear message  
UberAlias : 7/28/2013 11:59 am : link
He doesn't usually do this. Did you hear his message? He said missing the playoffs 3 out of 4 years is unacceptible. Reese is doing what he is supposed to do when the results aren't there -take care of it. His stepping in should put everyone in the building on alert that they mean business and aren't playing around.

Yes, the message usually comes from the head coach. But when it comes from the GM, the message is even stronger. In well run organizations such as this, that only happens when they mean business. Over the past few weeks we heard it from the players, and now from the staff and FO. I think Reese has just given notice.
robbie, I highly doubt that  
Mason : 7/28/2013 12:00 pm : link
Going all the way back to when the Giants and Jets were putting their push team to get the SB, Mara talked about how great it would be to have the Giants play in the SB in their own stadium. I don't think Reese, is going rogue on this idea.
The clock is nice, but I liked the comments Reese made  
RDJR : 7/28/2013 12:20 pm : link
more than the clock. Alot has been made of TC's legacy this offseason, but the fact remains we have been terrible in the second half of the season three out of the last four. Enough is enough and now everyone, including the hall of fame coach, is on notice.
And to RDJR's point  
Mason : 7/28/2013 12:30 pm : link
Last year, the HC and coaching staff clearly expressed they don't understand swoonball. Their bosses want a certain result this year. Why wouldn't the bosses look to address the issue in the off season and help the entire organization to overcome it.
I don't think anyone totally understands swoonball  
Sneakers O'toole : 7/28/2013 12:32 pm : link
it's a weird pattern. It's probably different every season. I had a Cowboy fan in a bar asking me why the Giants only seem to win Super Bowls or miss the playoffs. I wasn't sure how to answer that.
Kyle : 7/28/2013 12:38 pm : link
We swoon every single year without fail, and that includes the two SB years and the 12-4 playoff year. It's a combo of schedule being more difficult and our pass defense, primarily, falling off a cliff and into a fiery pit of despair.

In 2 of the 3 playoff years, we turned it around and extended our season by several games (4). By playing so well in those extra 4 games -- not to mention what those wins mean (championships) -- it masks that pattern continued in those SB winning years. In a 3rd playoff year, we flamed out in the first game, serving to highlight it.

In the non-playoff years, the season ended without the team having earned a playoff berth and thus a chance to turn it around.

Now, schedule aside -- and no one in the organization will blame the schedule because its an external factor due to chance, despite it being a strong part of this -- why the pass defense falls a cliff? I don't know. Injuries? Our scheme is solved by the opposition by the time the second half rolls around?
Reese's comments are great  
JohnF : 7/28/2013 12:41 pm : link
but they don't mean anything if we don't do better than 31st in total team defense. Our offense is very good, but not good enough to overcome that.

The key will be the first four games. If Fewell can't improve this defense, then a coaching change on defense has to happen. The key here is that the players have to believe that the system works...if they lose confidence, they're done, and we'll miss the playoffs again.

I know it's not fair, but that's how it is in the NFL. Yes, Perry had a hot streak in 2011, but if a player had 6 outstanding games in a 3 year career, but was at the bottom ranking for the rest of the time, he wouldn't survive camp cuts. Perry may be a very good coach, but if he can't reach this group of players, then X's and O's don't mean much.
I love the countdown clock  
djm : 7/28/2013 1:02 pm : link
And really love the message Reese and Mara are sending. Coughlin has never been the one to voice his expectations but we know he's wants it. The entire aura and feel of this team just feels right to be. Everyone with the team seems to be acting like the iron is hot right now. And they should be because this team has an opportunity to do something special. There's a lot of talent in that locker room. John forces like voltron.
every game counts  
mattlawson : 7/28/2013 1:28 pm : link
since 2008 I cant think of a single season where the vast majority of the games they came to play with 100% focus each and every time. they always seem to have some mail in games. last year downs the stretch, 2 in a row. unbelievable.

in 2011, yes they got focus with the flip of a switch in that jets game. the rest is history.

why in the world the team cant gut a few of these tough games out during the regular season, i'll never know. other teams considered great tend to be in every game.
Coughlin is always preaching  
chris r : 7/28/2013 1:57 pm : link
on play at a time, one day at a time, one game at a time, seasonal quarters, etc.

That's generally a sound philosophy I think, but we've collapsed in the mid season grind pretty regularly lately. Its pretty easy to get excited at the beginning of the season and for a playoff push, but it the middle of the season its easy to see how that myopic routine could lose motivating force. Maybe Reese thinks they need to compliment it with some big picture motivation to avoid the mid season doldrums?
Only fans can afford to daydream about what can happen  
Marty in Albany : 7/28/2013 3:31 pm : link
in the future.

Competitors need to focus on their next play, their next practice, or their next game.
BrettNYG10 : 7/28/2013 3:34 pm : link
Coughlin's just pissed the clock isn't set 5 minutes early.
Sneakers O'toole : 7/28/2013 3:35 pm : link
just won the thread
Yep, flawless victory  
Kyle : 7/28/2013 4:43 pm : link
this sin't the first time  
Bleedin Blue : 7/28/2013 4:55 pm : link
Reese has sent a message! He challenged Eli in Public calling him Skittish. I see nothing wrong with it, he is directly in charge of personnel, and that includes coaches too.
When the clock goes off  
Giantology : 7/28/2013 8:14 pm : link
make sure someone is around to enter the sequence and press "execute"

You guys  
chopperhatch : 7/28/2013 8:42 pm : link
don't think that he cleared this with Coughlin first? I think he may have.
I'll just stick to the company line here  
ImaGiant86 : 7/28/2013 8:50 pm : link
In Reese we trust!
Owners meet with GM...  
Q : 7/28/2013 10:11 pm : link
GM delegate owners' vision.

This isn't a Taco Bell franchise.
tshirts this year should say  
nyynyg : 7/28/2013 10:14 pm : link
Clock is Ticking
First off,  
NJGiantFan84 : 7/29/2013 2:30 pm : link
Reese can "clear" things w/ TC by telling him what he is going to do. he is TC's boss, not the other way around. I'm sure he told him about it, but I can't see TC being excited about this idea.

Antonio pierce said it was stupid (obviously I'm para-phrasing). The only thing on their mind should be winning the division. I agree with him. The SB shouldn't even be a thought right now, let alone something that is standing out in the locker room. I flat out don't like the idea. The ultimate idea every year is to win the SB. To put added pressure on the team because it's in NJ is just wrong, IMO.
Perfect message and the perfect time to send it  
blakjedi : 7/29/2013 2:44 pm : link
Setting this up during camp lets those who won Superbowls as well as those who want to win one know that the work starts NOW.

When the season gets tough, when its seems like you are swooning.. theres is a sign that reminds you that "winters coming" aka the Superbowl.

The Giants have the choice to either host and play in a Superbowl in their house or just rent out their lockers to others who are more deserving.

I find nothing wrong with it.

It is an awful idea  
Randy in CT : 7/29/2013 3:06 pm : link
when the theme each year has been the next game is the most important, and looking ahead is a bad idea.

As a rah rah guy, i think this idea is stupid with a capital C.
This is  
G2 : 7/29/2013 3:36 pm : link
the kind of shtick Jerry Jones would do. It's a stupid thing to do. Maybe Jerry should concern himself with getting better talent for the coaching staff, instead of gimmicks.
Giantology : 7/29/2013 5:50 pm : link
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