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Today's Media Schedule & Reminder on Cut Down Timing

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11:16 am
Friday, August 30

1:00-1:45 p.m. Player Interviews
1:45 p.m. Tom Coughlin Press Conference

August 31: By 6PM, teams must cut rosters to 53 players.

Some guys  
old man : 11:31 am : link
have already gotten their 'Grab your playbook'call, IMO.
From that last interview I think TC had 15-18 gone, and maybe 10 spots won/lost last night.
i think D Scott made it.  
mattlawson : 12:08 pm : link
based on his twitter update earlier
mattlawson : 12:09 pm : link
was tweeting how he led the team in sacks, not sure if thats meaningful or not. but he was patting himself on the back. could be a sign
He should have e-mail Coughlin instead  
ZogZerg : 12:21 pm : link
of tweeting..
Scott finally looked good  
Hondo : 12:54 pm : link
and was helped by Brown going down. He must have been notified that he made it.
The TC press conference should be interesting  
UberAlias : 1:30 pm : link
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1:32 pm : link
says Ralph keeps pestering him about Brown being in the game.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1:35 pm : link

Ralph Vacchiano ‏@RVacchianoNYDN 2m
DE Damontre Moore said his shoulder injury really is just a bruise. He's surprised it's kept him out this long. Unsure if he'll practice Mon
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1:40 pm : link

Art Stapleton ‏@art_stapleton 50s
Just saw Victor Cruz jogging lightly as he came in + out of locker room. Good sign? #nyg
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1:41 pm : link

Ralph Vacchiano ‏@RVacchianoNYDN 38s
Victor Cruz (foot) is unsure if he'll practice on Monday. But is he going to play on opening night? "In my mind, I am," he said.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1:44 pm : link

Ralph Vacchiano ‏@RVacchianoNYDN 1m
Cruz added that the final decision on his status is up to the doctors, trainers and coaches. My bet is he'll be "questionable".
Would love to see TC punch RV in the face,  
Randy in CT : 1:45 pm : link
I liked seeing players out there getting reps. They really needed it. You can save everyone's health for the opening game and then they come out rusty and sucking.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1:48 pm : link

Brown needed some reps. Wilson got his. Brown needed his.

It wasn't the second half of the game and Brown was still playing with some first team OLs.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1:51 pm : link

Art Stapleton ‏@art_stapleton 59s
David Wilson: "When you lose a man [to injury], you've got to take bigger strides" #NYG
Eric from BBI : Admin : 1:58 pm : link
Ralph Vacchiano ‏@RVacchianoNYDN 52s
Stevie Brown says no date has been set yet for his ACL surgery. #NYG
Eric from BBI : Admin : 2:14 pm : link

Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr 6m
Just spoke with Victor, said he hasn't been cleared for Monday practice yet but he's hopeful. Wants to get a good amount of work this week.

Art Stapleton ‏@art_stapleton 6m
Kyle Bosworth on the nerves of NFL cutdown day: "It was 4 o'clock. Now it's 6 o'clock. Two more hours of sweating" #NYG

Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr 8m
No date set for Stevie's ACL surgery. Like most procedures, movement needs to come back. Swelling has to go down. #nyg

Art Stapleton ‏@art_stapleton 4m
Would be absolutely shocked, by the way, if Kyle Bosworth did not make the #NYG 53. Earned it. One of best all-around performers this summer
Man, I feel for the guys on the bubble  
speedywheels : 2:20 pm : link
It was 4 o'clock. Now it's 6 o'clock. Two more hours of sweating

How nervewracking it must be to have your entire professional life - and lifelong dream - hanging in the balance...
Eric from BBI : Admin : 2:24 pm : link

Ralph Vacchiano ‏@RVacchianoNYDN 2m
TE Adrien Robinson has a sprained foot. Coughlin says its "not exactly" mid-foot. More on the side. No surgery, though. #NYG

Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr 2m
No surgery for Robinson, at least for now, Coughlin said. #nyg

Ralph Vacchiano ‏@RVacchianoNYDN 5m
Tom Coughlin said there's "not really" a time frame yet for Andre Brown's recovery. Tests are still ongoing. #NYG

Eric from BBI : Admin : 2:28 pm : link

GiantsWFAN ‏@giantswfan 19s
robinson foot sprain...brown having tests now says TC..adds brown could be short term IR

Eric from BBI : Admin : 2:32 pm : link
Paul Schwartz ‏@NYPost_Schwartz 2m
Coughlin has no update on Andre Brown, waiting for MRI results. #nyg
Eric from BBI : Admin : 2:32 pm : link
Paul Schwartz ‏@NYPost_Schwartz 1m
TE Adrien Robinson has sprained foot. Doesn't sound too bad but certainly will miss some time. #nyg
Eric from BBI : Admin : 2:35 pm : link
Paul Schwartz ‏@NYPost_Schwartz 2m
LB Dan Connor says he has tightness in his shoulder and is not worried at all about missing any time. #nyg
Hopefully Conner doesn't have the same 4 week "sore shoulder"  
ZogZerg : 2:40 pm : link
Moore has.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 2:46 pm : link

Tom Rock ‏@TomRock_Newsday 4m
TC will be keeping an eye on David Wilson's pitch count if he has to carry the load alone for a while.

David Wilson says have no fear of an increased workload because "I'm from the country.'' More about his toughness:
"I run in between the tackles,'' said Wilson, who will have an expanded role with the injury to Andre brown. "Dont get confused by my size, Im a physical guy, Im from the country. I grew up chopping wood and building houses with my dad so all that, Im well put together.'' #nyg
Mike Garafolo
Rough, early timeframe for Giants RB Andre Brown: 4-6 weeks, per source.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 3:21 pm : link
Ebenezer Samuel ‏@ebenezersamuel 8m
David Baas said he did some on field stuff. Seemed encouraged by progress but no promises regarding Dallas game.
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