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9/7: College Football Gameday

LawrenceTaylor56 : 9/7/2013 8:45 am
Notre Dame / Michigan should be a great game tonight.
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and I will say  
MookGiants : 9/7/2013 11:56 pm : link
I don't have any doubt who is actually the better team, Michigan is better than Notre Dame. The gap at QB is so wide that it's tough to make up. They were better during this game and deserved to win.

I just wish Notre Dame at least got a shot to see if they could tie (or win) it after the field goal attempt. I hate when refs make themselves part of the game, and that ref did. I didn't have any complaints about the officials all night, there were some questionable plays on both sides but nothing terrible.
MookGiants : 9/7/2013 11:57 pm : link
if you're going to talk about the game, you have to talk about that play.

Game changing plays should be highlighted during the highlights. They purposely did not do that. What's the point of highlights if you're going to leave out the biggest play in the entire game? If that's the case just throw up the score and move on
KWhite2250 : 9/7/2013 11:57 pm : link
None of the Michigan fans in here even mentioned the streak. Its college football and upsets happen all the time, i think us Mich fans know(app state

We get it, you hate Michigan and will take a chance to take a shot at them anyway possible.

As far as the refs, everyone one of us Mich fans agreed it was a terrible call. ND could've stepped up but they didnt afterwards. Yes it stinks for your team that it happened at a crucial time but its football and the calls are gonna bite someone in the ass.
and that wasn't just a "missed" call  
MookGiants : 9/7/2013 11:59 pm : link
it was a call that effectively ended any shot ND had to win the game when they would have gotten the ball back with a chance to at worst tie it.

It wasn't a play in the 2nd quarter where the officials missed a holding call.

It ended the game. It was the biggest play of the game without question.
MookGiants : 9/7/2013 11:59 pm : link
I was responding to what ESPN was talking about, I didn't just bring it up out of the blue.
MookGiants : 9/8/2013 12:01 am : link
you guys have a good night. Better team won. Can only just hope ND can get through this final season with Rees at 9-3 or so and get Golson back next year. Go Irish
Notre Dame looked like a poorly coached defensive team.  
Shockeyisthebest80 : 9/8/2013 12:20 am : link
There was very little containment, several completely blown coverages, and the final play from scrimmage (Gardner scramble) was mindblowing stupidity.

The PI call on Bennett was dogshit and might've changed the outcome of the game. It is what it is.

Tommy Rees was basically no different than the last time ND played in Ann Arbor... good play mixed with horrific turnovers. He doesn't make those turnovers and they might win both games.
I need a crowbar to pry  
Jon in NYC : 9/8/2013 12:24 am : link
LT56 from deez nutz
if Rees  
MookGiants : 9/8/2013 12:25 am : link
just cuts out one of the turnovers in 2011 they win.

Rees when the play goes perfectly and he doesn't have any pressure he can play.

But he can never "make plays" . He can't move and he's terrible throwing on the run.

That's why he can't beat good teams.
I disagree there.  
Shockeyisthebest80 : 9/8/2013 12:33 am : link
There have been plenty of players who have the physical limitations that Rees has that were great QBs. The problem IMO is mental... he is guaranteed to make at least one completely idiotic (and totally avoidable) pass during every big game.

Rees' Florida State bowl game INT is quite possibly the dumbest pass of all-time.
The guys you will name  
MookGiants : 9/8/2013 12:39 am : link
that had his physical limitations that were great QB's had great talent around them, and almost all of them were not as physically limited as Rees.

He can't throw a deep ball, he can't move, he can't throw on the run, he can't throw with any zip on his passes.

The only mental part of it is when he gets on the run he doesn't throw it away.

The guy can read a defense very well. Put his ability to read a defense with Golson's physical skills and you would have the best QB in the country.

Good Teams stack the box against him and never have any fear of him being able to move around.
wolverine77 : 9/8/2013 12:40 am : link
Huge win! Gooooooo Blue!
and while I absolutely hate watching him play  
MookGiants : 9/8/2013 12:42 am : link
I have respect for Rees. He could have transferred last year, he could have sulked, but he stuck it out and he seems like a decent guy despite the drinking incident last year. He just isn't a good enough QB and Golson was really making major strides and this offense with him in it for 3 more years could have really taken off. Hopefully he comes back next year after working with that QB coach this year and picks up right where he left off at the end of last year. Besides his height Golson has every physical skill you could want, he throws a bullet, he can throw deep, can run well. He'll never be a good NFL QB because of his size but I think he has the chance to be a great, not good, college QB
If your post has to begin with "Hail"  
B in ALB : 9/8/2013 12:46 am : link
every fucking time, you're most likely drunk, a complete fucking toolbag, or both. Relax.

And if you didn't graduate from UM, it's even more pathetic.

Mook is 1000% on point regarding the PI call. It was horrendous. The worst ever? A bit dramatic. But still an awesome on going commentary by a great BBI poster in Mook.

So many fugazi Clownshow bizarro world Michigan fans on BBI giving the real UM fans a bad name. One of the major oddities of the board.

Btw, I fucking hate ND. That said...that PI call was horse....shit.
Nick from Goa : 9/8/2013 1:03 am : link
in the "games only I, and possibly Mook, are watching" department  
lalalalala : 9/8/2013 1:34 am : link

USC down 10-7 to Washington State late in the fourth. lol.

and there's a WSU pick  
lalalalala : 9/8/2013 1:36 am : link

at the USC 30 or thereabouts. man, this is going to be a horrendous loss at home
USC gets dropped 13-7 by Washington St  
dpinzow : 9/8/2013 1:40 am : link
How Kiffin still has a job is beyond me. He's even worse for USC than Chepo was for El Tri (Mexican soccer), if that's possible
10-7 Washington St, my bad  
dpinzow : 9/8/2013 1:41 am : link
Still a ghastly loss for the Trojans
that was pathetic  
lalalalala : 9/8/2013 1:43 am : link

WSU did nothing and won. One thing to have a huge upset in a high-scoring game but all USC had to do was score two TDs and couldn't. effectively they were shut out because WSU's TD was an INT return
I hope  
MookGiants : 9/8/2013 1:44 am : link
USC wins every game besides ND so Kiffin doesnt get fired, love him
Fire Kiffin chants were loud at the Coliseum  
Kevin in CT : 9/8/2013 1:44 am : link
Mook, that's a pipe dream  
dpinzow : 9/8/2013 1:47 am : link
They will be lucky to win 7 games this year
Clowney's been burnt so far by the draft eligibility rules  
lalalalala : 9/8/2013 1:50 am : link

wonder if Lee will be too, because if that's not just a fluke bad week on O, USC is going to freaking suck
MookGiants : 9/8/2013 1:51 am : link
will still be the #1 pick
Embarrassing loss for USC  
Marty866b : 9/8/2013 1:51 am : link
Tough rooting for USC with Kiffin. USC will be fortunate to win more then 4 games this season. They have no quarterback and their coach is the worst in college football.
The NCAA got what it wanted.
And Lee will still be a top 10 pick  
dpinzow : 9/8/2013 1:53 am : link
his situation is analogous to Larry Fitzgerald's last year with the AZ Cardinals when he had Ryan Lindley at QB. NFL teams know that Lee will be a difference maker.

Not sure if Clowney goes #1 overall because some team might pick Bridgewater if they need a QB
Marty866b : 9/8/2013 1:54 am : link
Great player with a low football IQ.
Mook, we'll see  
lalalalala : 9/8/2013 1:58 am : link

he's getting a pretty bad rap just two weeks in. if he gets healthy and tears it up, sure, but I wouldn't be that shocked if he falls a bit. once they get bored with Manziel, it's going to be all Clowney, all the time
There is really  
MookGiants : 9/8/2013 2:03 am : link
nothing he can do to really hurt his stock, you see the physical skills, teams are blocking him with 3 guys and his conditioning is not great because of off-season injury and he got banged up in practice this week.

The one guy on ESPN made a good point this week too, his conditioning isn't great not only because of his off-season injury but also because they really can't let him do much in practice because in team practice he just wrecks anything they try to do offensively so they almost have to tell him to take it easy
The PI was  
J-Wil : 9/8/2013 5:01 am : link
a bs call. Michigan got called for a few phantom holds though.

B in Alb acting like a douchebag like usual in this thread
The funchess pi was easy  
wolverine77 : 9/8/2013 7:04 am : link
Prob should have been a hold rather than pi, but easy call.

The interception one was def weaker but what hurt the corner was that he fully extended his arms, making his shove look worse. In the end ND couldn't slow Gardner down. On the road turnovers kill and Michigan got more also. Go blue
Of course Jon In Wi  
LawrenceTaylor56 : 9/8/2013 8:47 am : link
Has to bring me up like a little bitch that he is. Miss me sweetheart?
B in ALB  
LawrenceTaylor56 : 9/8/2013 8:50 am : link
Another fucking idiot.
Jon in NYC : 9/8/2013 8:50 am : link
I didn't post on this thread for about 8 hours yesterday and I'm still the first thing you think of and post about post game. It's cute, but seriously hop off the gonads.
LawrenceTaylor56 : 9/8/2013 8:52 am : link
When did I post one thing about you? Obsessed much?
Jon in NYC : 9/8/2013 8:53 am : link
selective memory.

Where's Johnny Drama?!?
LawrenceTaylor56 : 9/7/2013 11:39 pm

Well that one was easy.
Or were  
Jon in NYC : 9/8/2013 8:53 am : link
you referring to Kevin Dillion?

You fucking putz.

(Hi Arc).
Ever watch Entourage  
LawrenceTaylor56 : 9/8/2013 8:53 am : link
You fucking moron? Or did your parents not allow HBO in your house when it was on?
Jon in NYC : 9/8/2013 8:54 am : link
Jon in NYC : 9/8/2013 8:54 am : link
now this is just getting embarrassing for you again. It's a theme.
LawrenceTaylor56 : 9/8/2013 8:55 am : link
Embarrassing for me. Calling out someone for thinking they were talking about you when referring to a popular character on a hit TV show.

Go outside.
i am obsessed with you jon  
dep026 : 9/8/2013 8:56 am : link
But pictures of you in my room is more of my liking.
I would have expected  
Jon in NYC : 9/8/2013 8:59 am : link
no less dep. Believe it or not, that's less creepy than posting about me at midnight on a Saturday.
Texas and Florida  
RobCarpenter : 9/8/2013 9:51 am : link
Won't be in the Top 20 next week. Wisconsin will be.

And how bad is Michigan State's offense?

Finally, I hope Da'Shawn Hand saw how badly Michigan needs him.
Their front four got no pressure on Rees last night.
Jon in NYC : 9/8/2013 10:06 am : link
offense is abysmal. It's great to watch.
Hey Jon...  
Amtoft : 9/12/2013 11:37 pm : link
big game this week. Wisconsin has looked great although not playing good teams. Legit team this week as ASU is really tough. They have a really good QB and this should be a good test where you guys are at. Good luck hope you stomp ASU!
Jon in NYC : 9/13/2013 6:45 am : link
I'm hoping for the best but I think it will be close either way.
Jon in NYC : 9/13/2013 6:46 am : link
obviously pulling for you guys as well against OSU. Incredibly tough games back to back with OSU and Oregon.

Not sure if you saw but there have been discussions about Cal playing UW at Lambeau.
Yeah I don't think we will have much of a chance...  
Amtoft : 9/13/2013 12:35 pm : link
We will have 5 of our better starters on Def out or playing little including 3 from our DL, our best player, and our MLB that calls all the plays. That isn't mentioning 3-4 other back ups that were playing on Def out or dinged up also like Barton who was leading the team in tackles. Where we are really weak is at Safety which already had very little depth and we lost our best Defensive player in FS Avery Sebastian for the year. Kid had 11 tackles in less than a half in the first game against Northwestern. Throwing in that we are the youngest team in college football and we have more issues. Only 2 SR starters (one on offense our 3rd WR former walk on and one on Def our lone healthy DL starter) and 6 total SRs in the two deeps. Our OL looks like this SO, SO, JR, FR, FR with a true FR QB. I will be out there praying we can out score them, but I don't hold out hope this year.

Cal playing Wisconsin would be awesome. I can just imagine the hype before hand with me and you going at it.
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