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NFT: CPT Will Swenson to receive the MOH

Dunedin81 : 9/23/2013 8:07 pm
In the linked video you can actually see some of the actions that led to the MOH citation, his laying down under fire draped in a neon panel to call in the MEDEVAC bird.
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Bold Ruler : Mod : 9/23/2013 8:22 pm : link
Goose bumps watching this. Thank you for posting this.
In the same vein...  
Dunedin81 : 9/23/2013 9:49 pm : link
here's an obit for a MOH winner you've never heard of, a guy who was put in for the award on three separate occasions. RIP COL Robert Howard.
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AcidTest : 9/23/2013 9:52 pm : link
stuff. Thanks.
Thanks for posting this stuff...  
JCin332 : 9/23/2013 9:59 pm : link
people need to know about these people they are the greatest men this country has and we owe them so much..
Thanks Dune,  
ktinsc : 9/24/2013 10:46 pm : link
great post. Where do we find these guys?
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