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Reese on WFAN

Jack in MD : 10/30/2013 4:09 pm
Reese sounded very nervous- every few words followed by you know,you know, you know.

Reese blamed the bad start on the high number of turnovers. Mentioned that the first pass of the season was intercepted.

Mike asked Reese if he made any miscalculations. Reese said no.Said there were injuries but they believe the next guy should stand up.

Said injuries are part of thr game and cannot be used as an excuse. Then proceeded to say that they lost 3/5 of the offensive line-Diehl, Baas and Snee- to injury.

Said Pugh has played well and that Beatty has played fairly well and that he is still a young guy. Cordle has also done ok.

Mike asked if Pugh could play LT. Reese said that he could play any line position. For the time being, Pugh will stay at RT.

Reese said Victor Cruz has been the best player thus far.

Defense has played well allowing very few points over the last ten quarters.

Reese glossed over reasons for lack of a pass rush, mentioned JPP's injury.

Reese mentioned that Eli has hit some rough spots in the past and has come back. Said Eli is a Pro's Pro.

Age is not a concern with Coughlin. Very energetic.

Most of what else Reese said was boilerplate stuff. Really not an informative session by any means, but again, that's vintage Jerry.

Nothing new here.  
Ten Ton Hammer : 10/30/2013 4:11 pm : link
Nobody from the Giants ever says anything in interviews.
Reese definetly sounds skittish in recent interviews  
Blue Baller : 10/30/2013 4:15 pm : link
- Eli manning
Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/30/2013 4:18 pm : link
Diehl, Baas, and Snee came into the season hurt...he should have anticipated some of this.
mort christenson : 10/30/2013 4:18 pm : link
don't read into his "nerves". He is always like that. He is not a smooth speaker when it comes to public appearances.
No, he isn't.  
Randy in CT : 10/30/2013 4:20 pm : link
he normally repeats himself quite a bit.
UConn4523 : 10/30/2013 4:20 pm : link
i wouldn't use that word at all. He sounds like he always does and there is only so much he's going to give to the media.
I agree with Eric  
Optimus-NY : 10/30/2013 4:22 pm : link
Fact is that they have done a poor job at restocking the lines, and tried to skimp by hoping their mid-round picks in that department (Brewer and Mosley) would step up, but they haven't. I'll go one step further and say Beatty isn't that good, and that they over rated him in giving him the contract that he got. Pat Kirwan wasn't high on Beatty before or after the Giants signed him to his new deal.
Sec 103 : 10/30/2013 4:25 pm : link
Nailed it!!!
BigBlueCane : 10/30/2013 4:27 pm : link
Mike asked Reese if he made any miscalculations. Reese said no.

agreed with eric fr bbi  
area junc : 10/30/2013 4:28 pm : link
the guy is giving particularly lame answers this year

yesterday someone asked him about the linebackers and his answer was "we have holes all over the place".

Yes, Jerry. And you were asked specifically about the linebackers. So....? For the record i'm not expecting anything out of these interviews but his answers were insulting. imo.
If I'm  
Arcanum : 10/30/2013 4:28 pm : link
Not mistaken, didn't Coughlin use to rotate the oline ? I think in 08, when our running game was damn good, he was using rotations. I say that, because Reese expected the young lineman to be ready, but they don't get any damn playing time. If we could go back to rotating some of these guys, maybe they can gain a little more experience.
The man I'd like to hear from is John Mara...  
chrispisano66 : 10/30/2013 4:34 pm : link
When your team puts a SB countdown in the locker room those are huge expectations.

It was made clear that playoffs once out of 4 years is not enough, even with the title. In fact, the playoff runs that this franchise has been able to make are even more reason why they should be doing a better job of getting there.

I hate to say it but Reese and Coughlin have both sounded alittle bit stubborn and almost like it's less than panic time at 2-6. Mike even had to correct reese by saying yea, you basically need to win all your remaining games or start praying.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/30/2013 4:36 pm : link
I wouldn't say "lines"...they have spent quite a bit of resources in terms of draft picks and free agents on the defensive line. The production may not be there, but the effort to improve it was.
The OL was lacking prior to the injuries  
Giants2012 : 10/30/2013 4:38 pm : link
so that's an nonsense.
They Gambled and Lost This Year  
Bernie : 10/30/2013 4:41 pm : link
counted on an aging line to stay healthy and guys on 1 year "show me" deals to be productive. Fully expect this team to look MUCH different next year when they will actually have salary cap space with which to make moves.
Hopefully this is the last interview  
ghost718 : 10/30/2013 4:46 pm : link
Gotta move on to bigger and better things,like scouting that freak athlete who plays tight end at the University Of North Dakota.

Goes by the name of He Who Crashes Through Gatorade Table.
Arcanum : 10/30/2013 4:46 pm : link
Our cap situation. I don't think they had a choice, but to gamble with a couple positions. One of those positions, being the oline.
I didn't hear the interview, but I seriously  
Geeman : 10/30/2013 4:47 pm : link
doubt Reese sounded nervous...why would he be nervous?...smh
I do agree that Beatty was overrated by the Giants.
I also don't believe they have to win out to have a chance either. I honestly believe the Giants can and will still win this division. They didn't properly anticipate somethings coming into the season and the injuries just made things worse, but I also feel like things are just now starting to settle down.
Beason acquisition was huge.
Simplfied there scheme.
Got Will Hill back.
T2 is probably playing with more confidence then he was earlier.
Oline has finally settled down enough where the offense can function and cut down the TO's.
Backfield is finally settling down too with Peyton and Jacobs coming in. Now with Brown coming back they shoould get even better and more explosive plays out of the backfield.
If the pass rush can pick it up and JPP comes on I really believe this team has a legit shot.
RE: c'mon  
jcn56 : 10/30/2013 4:48 pm : link
In comment 11311138 Eric from BBI said:
Diehl, Baas, and Snee came into the season hurt...he should have anticipated some of this.

I wonder - how much of that is Reese and how much of it is the coaching staff and the medical staff?

In Diehl's case, at his age I could see faulting Reese. Snee is a pretty complicated case, what with his being TC's son in law. Did his medical evaluation list him as a risk? Did that relationship to TC complicate severing ties with him in any way?

Baas is on Reese, IMO. Couldn't cut him because of the cap situation, but should have had a more credible backup just in case.

And then there's Brewer and Mosley. Do these guys just outright stink? In limited duty Brewer didn't look that bad, why hasn't he been able to get on the field?
they gambled and are down..not out  
TommytheElephant : 10/30/2013 4:50 pm : link
Mathematically the hole is great, but next game is like a playoff is the next...and the next
Plenty of time to debate once the season is over via calendar or elimination.
Until then...lets beat the raiders and see what unfolds.
The Giants try not to air their dirty laundry in public...  
Reb8thVA : 10/30/2013 4:51 pm : link
and neither Coughlin nor Reese would ever say anything that might easily be interpreted as publicly embarassing a player or a vote of no confidence in the team. Howver, if you read his press conference transcript from yesterday closely enough I think one can see him acknowledging many of the criticisms that have been levied against him and the organization this year.
Greg from LI : 10/30/2013 4:53 pm : link
Jerry trying to claim surprise that Snee and Baas are injured yet again is laughable.
Reese never says anything to the press.  
old timer : 10/30/2013 4:58 pm : link
This guys in  
Reach These : 10/30/2013 5:01 pm : link
way over his head. Has been from the start. Don't understand the reverence he's given here.
let's take him outside and kick the shit out of him.  
mort christenson : 10/30/2013 5:04 pm : link
mort -  
BlueLou : 10/30/2013 5:06 pm : link
as if he doesn't look and speak as if he's beaten himself up enough about this year already? He's shell-shocked or something similar right now from the look of him.
Have you guys ever seen or heard Jerry Reese before?  
jcn56 : 10/30/2013 5:09 pm : link
I saw bits of his press conference, he sure as hell didn't look or sound any different to me. No different from what he looked like when the team was cranking out wins.
Perhaps an interior OL or LB in round 4...  
Torrag : 10/30/2013 5:19 pm : link
...instead of a luxury pick at QB(who we pray never has to take a snap for the next five years) makes sense to JR now /ugh.
RE: This guys in  
Ten Ton Hammer : 10/30/2013 5:23 pm : link
In comment 11311277 Reach These said:
way over his head. Has been from the start. Don't understand the reverence he's given here.

How would you know about the reverence he gets here? You registered this month.
He didn't sound any different than usual, but if he wants to claim  
Riggies : 10/30/2013 5:25 pm : link
the problems with this team were/are just about the turnovers, he's delusional and, frankly, it's not even good PR/public posturing.
jcn - I think I've listened to and watched nearly every JR  
BlueLou : 10/30/2013 5:49 pm : link
press conference the last 3-4 years posted up on video at

Frankly he looks very different to me, even though he never says anything of consequence, ever. For lack of a better phrase, the "twinkle in his eyes' is pretty darn dim this last presser, compared to any other I've watched.
Bake54 : 10/30/2013 5:58 pm : link
How would you feel if you put a Super Bowl Countdown clock in the locker room and the team started 0-6? Kind of makes you look like an idiot.
BlueLou : 10/30/2013 6:01 pm : link
I think he's terrific  
Phil from WNY : 10/30/2013 6:23 pm : link
He's having a terrible year yet he's facing the storm with dignity and optimism. He hasn't panicked yet he's faced tons of criticism for the Beason trade and how's that working? He brought in Peyton Hillis and that's working out.

It's the way people handle adversity that tells us how great they are. Reese was making smart moves when the team was 0-6. That tells me that he's a pro.

For me, the way he's handling this rough start tells me how great of a GM he is. He gambled on old starters and it went against him but he's making he best of a lousy situation.
Good post Phil.  
BlueLou : 10/30/2013 6:26 pm : link
He isn't passing the buck to TC, either.
Phil, just like your letters  
Bobby Humphrey's Earpad : 10/30/2013 6:42 pm : link
You've got a good read on things. Very much enjoyed your last effort.
RE: Optimus  
Optimus-NY : 10/30/2013 6:48 pm : link
In comment 11311198 Eric from BBI said:
I wouldn't say "lines"...they have spent quite a bit of resources in terms of draft picks and free agents on the defensive line. The production may not be there, but the effort to improve it was.

Typo regarding lines. My mistake. I only meant to type line (meaning the O-Line). An "s" certainly makes a difference. They've been good at taking care of the D-Line. In fact, they've paid too much attention to it, if possible. The O-Line and Linebackers are shitty.
No, he;'s not passing the buck  
Bill in UT : 10/30/2013 6:52 pm : link
He's also not taking the buck. He doesn't seem to think there is a buck, lol.
Thanks Bobby  
Phil from WNY : 10/30/2013 6:53 pm : link
I enjoy writing those things.
shepherdsam : 10/30/2013 6:56 pm : link

let's take him outside and kick the shit out of him.
mort christenson : 5:04 pm : link : reply
Admit It Jerry  
greg from Sect215 : 10/30/2013 6:57 pm : link
You rolled the friggin dice and hoped/prayed you could squeeze out one more season from a number of broken down veterans in the hopes of making it to the big game in your backyard. To make matters worse you put a damn SB countdown clock in the locker room --- just stupid and something I expect from the other tenants at MetLife. Unfortunately you calculated wrong and it totally blew up on you. I truly wonder what would have really played out if this years SB was anywhere else other than MetLife.
blue42 : 10/30/2013 7:32 pm : link
just jumps out at you on tape.
stretch234 : 10/30/2013 7:35 pm : link
How do you anticipate the injuries, even with the guys recovering from the offseason. There are only 53 roster spots - it is hard to make contingency plans when roster size is limited
You make contingencies  
Bill in UT : 10/30/2013 7:38 pm : link
by having backups on the 53 who can actually play if you need them without stinking the place up
Which I guess can be hard to do  
Bill in UT : 10/30/2013 7:40 pm : link
when you've got starters who can't play
Was Reese nervous?  
GeofromNJ : 10/30/2013 7:57 pm : link
Reese sounds like that all the time. It's the way he speaks. The way he sounded today (I listened to most of the interview) was how he sounded after both Super Bowl wins. Unless I missed it, I found it interesting that Francesa didn't ask Reese if he had change his mind regarding the value of linebackers, given that the defense did a 180 when Beason became the starting middle linebacker.
Reese sounds like he is in denial...  
Doomster : 10/30/2013 8:37 pm : link
Counting on Diehl, Snee, and Baas with their physical track records and level of play?
Ha ha ha>>>>>>>>>>  
Reach These : 10/30/2013 9:34 pm : link
"How would you know about the reverence he gets here? You registered this month."

That maybe so but I've been here from the beginning under many handles. Try to figure it out. Think outside the box if you can.
Big Reese fan here  
New22 : 10/31/2013 12:14 am : link
There are only so many players you can acquire per year with the salary cap and competition from other teams for players limiting what you can do. You have to settle in some instances and try to draft and develop high ceiling guys.

One of the giants strengths is utilizing the level of talent available in street FA's where you can find a Donnell, Pascoe and Ballard which allows you to take a chance on a project like Adrien Robinson. Most 4-7 rounders will be at or below the available FA level so I have no problem with that philosophy.

Could they have better TE's than that? Sure they could but you probably would have had to not draft JPP or Nicks to get one. You can't always just select the guys like Barden and Austin who didn't work out and say if we didn't draft this guy we could of had a good TE. And there are draft picks on every team that don't amount to anything. Not just the Giants.

Also, I think their last draft class will turn out to be pretty good.
I see many fans are out with torches and pitchforks  
Geeman : 10/31/2013 6:04 am : link
that have it out for Reese.
Well he's still my guy. Phil made an excellent point. Reese isn't perfect, nobody is. He's had some ups and downs, but mostly up as 2 SBs and zero losing records during his time reflects. He is standing strong in the face of adversity and hasn't thrown anyone under the bus. His answer's will always be PC, that's how they always are and always will be. The Giants know how to handle the media. They are obligated to meet the media, but ideally would not want to speak with them and they have mastered the art of answering questions without saying much to create a story. I have confidence in Reese and the organization to right this ship, they have earned it based on there track records.
When people say he gambled,  
Racer : 10/31/2013 8:23 am : link
I'm not sure what moves he was supposed to make, given the dead money he's already got from key contributors to the last championship and in Bradshaw's case the last two, and the marginal free agent market with so many vets taking 1 year deals. Somebody throw out some names and some 2014 cap numbers for guys that could have replaced Snee, Diehl, Boothe, Webster, Tuck, or in other words the guys everyone on BBI is bitching about in terms of return on 2014 cap commitment. I'm the first one to admit I haven't looked over the FA signings at those positions, either, but then again I'm not the one calling him incompetant.

He's caught with an aging championship roster in the most challenging cap environment ever, and both he and the coaching staff have to share some blame in not creating as many 'next man's" to bring "up".

I want to see how he steers the ship out of this mess before I pass final judgement on how good or bad JR is.
I just do not know why he bothers doing the interview...  
EricJ (formerly Tyleraimee) : 10/31/2013 8:24 am : link
if he isnt going to say anything.
It Is Really Not That Complicated  
Jeffrey : 10/31/2013 8:28 am : link
Reese had an aging team, some disappointing draft picks and limited cap space. He made some gambles, tried to bring in 1 year fixes and prayed for health. It did not work out.
Plenty of blame can be placed on Reese and the coaches and a whole lot of bad luck. This team is in a rebuilding mode--whether admitted publicly or not. A two game win streak against two bad teams means little.

Hopefully, the fact that Giants can and have played better lately does not delude management into thinking that this year was all just an accident. The OL needs lots of help. RBs are a mess with a recent No. 1 possibly through. The DL is in transition and the LBs are solid at one position--that being an oft-injured mid-season vet. The DBs are playing reasonably well but more help is needed as Webster and Ross are through and TT represents a major risk with 3 ACL surgeries already in his medical file. Lastly, the WR position could quickly become a need if our former No. 1 leaves.

Time for a transition. In the NFL it is possible to bouince back quickly, but that requires acknowledging the problem and fixing it, not hoping for a resurrection of players who are past their prime or never achieved their promise.
EricJ (formerly Tyleraimee) : 10/31/2013 9:16 am : link
the WR position is one of the easiest ones on the field to replace. I am less concerned with that than other GIANT holes that we have. If our O-line was near the top in the league, we could run the ball more effectively, own the time of possession and play action would work better too. Then, the need for TOP WRs is lessened. The Patriots are 6-2 right now (should be 7-1) and who were there receivers this year? Gronk was out. Amendola has basically been hurt the whole time. They had Edelmnan and a rookie. Plus Brady has also not played that well. They have a very good O-line and have been able to run the ball.
Reese is starting to get on my nerves  
hudson : 10/31/2013 8:14 pm : link
He has let the foundation Ernie built that he soldified go to his head and now believe his own bullshit.

He left us completely high and dry at running back, tight end, and linebacker.
It's like he wanted to make a statement and start a trend of not needing quality linebackers and being able to get an atta boy for finding low cost running backs (Brown and Wilson).

He messed up big time with the running backs.
He wasted a pick on Cox when we had three inexperienced backs.
Instead he should have Hillis or a similar vet in the offseason like he did with Droughns in 2007 to complement a completely inexperienced backfield.

He had to eat crow on this twice (Jacobs and Hillis) AND at linebacker with Beason.

If he wasn't so full of himself the Giants could have started 2-4 or better and had a chance at the division. Reese and his arrogance cost us.
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