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Should probably start worrying about Philly...

TexasGmenFan : 11/10/2013 4:16 pm
We put ourselves in this hole and while its important for Dallas to keep losing, I'm more concerned with Philly at this stage.

We already split with them, but their schedule has WAS, ARI, MIN still to go...we still have 3 h2h games with WSH/DAL so we can to some extent take care of them (with some help on DAL).

But now Philly is entirely out of our hands and +2 W on us. Foles looks like to have re-energized their offense...oh well.

Still have to pull for the Saints tonight...1 game at a time.

I'm concerned about any team ahead of us..  
Big Blue '56 : 11/10/2013 4:19 pm : link
It's funny, when we win, it's yeah, but who did we beat..Philly steps in shit with Rodgers out(no way they win at GB if AR is there, imo) and they are to be reckoned with..

just beat your opponents  
spike : 11/10/2013 4:21 pm : link
The Eagles might or might not get lucky
Jmosis : 11/10/2013 4:25 pm : link
Looking at +2 W is completely irrelevant. We can't make it anyway if we don't catch people in the win column. The important column is the Loss column, where they are just one better than us, with games against Detroit, Chicago and the Cowboys on the schedule, not to mention way-better-than-their-record Cardinals and division game against the Redskins.

That said I do think it's likely that if we are somehow in play in week 17, it will also depend on a specific outcome from the PHI@DAL game, just don't know which one yet.
spike : 11/10/2013 4:27 pm : link
I think Week 17 determines who wins NFC EAst.

Doesnt it always seem like that?
I didn't think  
jogo1 : 11/10/2013 4:28 pm : link
Washington looked that bad against the Vikings. Hopefully they'll even up the score vs. the Eagles next week.

BigBlueShock : 11/10/2013 4:31 pm : link
While everybody has a hard on for Philly because they looked great offensively against the shit Raiders, they gave up 560 yards to that same shit Raider team. Why are they getting a pass for that? 560 yards to the Raiders, and now they are to be reckoned with?
2 weeks from now  
TheNeumann64 : 11/10/2013 4:33 pm : link
After we've played Dallas, and the Byes are over, and everyone has played 11 games, will be when things start to come in to focus. It's too tough now when some teams have played 10 games, some 9, etc. If the Giants are 5-6 2 weeks from now, they'll be no more than a game out of first.

I still think it's a longshot to get there, but if they get to that 5-6 mark, which would put them 2-2 in the division (splits with both Philly and Dallas), you could start considering it.

I'm mostly just glad that it looks like we'll get to at least December with meaningful games. It really looked like we'd be getting 8 or 9 totally "play out the string" type games. Now, even worst case scenario, we'd probably only be looking at 4 or 5.
Eagles scare me  
Steve in South Jersey : 11/10/2013 4:34 pm : link
Foles is their best QB. He had 3 TD his week to follow up last week. McCoy had 155 yards rushing today.
Giants just keep finding ways to win  
micky : 11/10/2013 4:38 pm : link
and it'll all pan out imho. Next Challenge and concern..GB. Not before one thing that can set things with a Saints win tonight. That's the only game/team i'm concerned about at this moment.
win the next two  
oipolloi : 11/10/2013 4:38 pm : link
and the season is not a complete loss, regardless of what happens

I'm not sold on Philly at all  
BlackLight : 11/10/2013 4:38 pm : link
I still think Dallas is the best team in the division on paper. But all four teams are capable of spinning out.

Philly is doing well right now, but they're not clearly better than anyone. They could just as easily hit the skids and flame out over the next 7 weeks.
BigBlueShock : 11/10/2013 4:41 pm : link
The thing is, the Eagles are getting a pass while the Giants are getting every win dissected and ridiculed. Next week, if the Giants beat the Rodgersless Packers, it will mean nothing, according to many, because the Packers are no good without Rodgers, Matthews banged up, no healthy WR 's etc ...yet, the Eagles are scary because they beat that same beat up Packers team.
Giants beat  
Headhunter : 11/10/2013 4:42 pm : link
Freeman and Barkley, we beat dreck. The Eagles beat Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien and now they are scary?
Either way next weekend will be fun  
BlueHurricane : 11/10/2013 4:44 pm : link
Which 3 weeks ago I would have figured to be the longest of longshots.

We got Birds vs Braveharts at 1 and us vs the Pack at 4:25. I'll take it
You can only beat the team in front of you.  
81_Great_Dane : 11/10/2013 4:56 pm : link
And the wins count just as much against crummy teams and great teams. (At least they do until you get to the 5th and 6th division tiebreakers.) So yeah, beating the Packers without Rodgers won't impress anybody, but so what?

Actually, the next four games are quite winnable. If they get to 7-6 going into the Seattle game that'll be an amazing turnaround, though only a Dallas win will impress people. (Washington's lousy, Chargers are average at best, Packers are without Rodgers.)

Always worry  
JoefromPa : 11/10/2013 4:59 pm : link
about them
It should  
TheNeumann64 : 11/10/2013 5:06 pm : link
also be pointed out that if we get the coveted Redskins win over Philly next week, then Washington will be the same 4-6 we hope to be.
As far as I can tell, we control our own destiny  
GMenLTS : 11/10/2013 5:06 pm : link
Just keep winning games.
Philly and Washington  
mofti : 11/10/2013 5:07 pm : link
Are the teams to worry about... I think they both have a better chance to win the division than Dallas.

Washington really came off in the second half last season, and they have played better week after week.

Philly's offense is alive, but their defense is still a huge suspect... they allowed over 500 yards last week against the Raiders...

Oh and lets not forget, Dallas just nearly beat the vikings...

All we could do at this point is just continue to win (ugly or bad) and see how this season turns out. Even if we don't make the playoffs, i think it's important for this team to win as many games as we can and carry it on to next season.
Division Games always a worry  
BBurns : 11/10/2013 5:07 pm : link
more so this year because of the poor start its win the division or Bust .
I would rather take my chances against Vick than Foles
at this point . He looks like the real deal .
I don't see how  
TheNeumann64 : 11/10/2013 5:08 pm : link
we could possibly control our own destiny, at least as of this minute. Dallas only has 4 losses. Even if they lose to us, that's still only 5.
we still  
Jmosis : 11/10/2013 5:10 pm : link
have two games against skins. if we don't get ahead of them, we won't get ahead of anyone.
control our own destiny  
GMenLTS : 11/10/2013 5:13 pm : link
only in that if you manage to somehow win 9-10 games we probably take the division

Bottom line we have no margin for error but we still have a solid chance as long as we win.
Just keep winning.,  
Sean in PA : 11/10/2013 5:15 pm : link
and things will take care of itself.
richinpa : 11/10/2013 5:17 pm : link
If you had to sit thru todays game, we should be worried about the Giants...not the Iggles.

We beat 3 teams with very little at the most important position..QB

Meanwhile our QB is playing like a 2nd year starter leading the league in INTs and playing sheepish

Unless the entire offense plays 200% better we have nothing to fear but ourselves.
That Said : 11/10/2013 5:19 pm : link
It cannot be controlled.
We need  
Arcanum : 11/10/2013 5:25 pm : link
To keep worrying about ourselves. Just keep winning
I worry about  
bignygfan : 11/10/2013 5:31 pm : link
Green Bay.
RE: I worry about  
micky : 11/10/2013 5:47 pm : link
In comment 11330064 bignygfan said:
Green Bay.

Link - ( New Window )
The Eagles have beaten  
Essex : 11/10/2013 6:53 pm : link
RG III on one leg, Mike Glennon, Pryor, Eli and our miserable offense, and whatever the name that qb was for the Packers. If our wins are not impressive, and I do not think they are, Philadelphia does not worry me if we take care of our business.

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