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What would YOU do with the 12th pick?

gmen9892 : 1/8/2014 4:52 pm
Reading some mock drafts, they pundits are all over the place on what the Giants need most. I know a lot depends on who we pick up in FA, but if you had your choice, which would you pick if you were Jerry Reese?

A) A Shut-down CB like Dennard from Mich St to pair up with Prince for the next 5+ years, giving us possibly the best 1-2 punch at CB in the league.

B) A monster LT (Lewan or Robinson) that will provide some stability at one of the most important spots on the line and protect Eli's backside for the rest of his career.

C) A true target at TE like Amaro who will give Eli the best pass-catching TE he's ever had (unlike Shockey in that Eli would not be scared if he didnt feed him the ball every pass).

D) A game-changing outside WR such as Evans/Watkins/Lee (Watkins will most likely be gone before our pick) to do what Nicks used to do and give a a true second threat outside of Cruz.

I didnt mention an OLB here because I believe Barr is a 3-4 OLB and I think Mosely is an MLB where we will have Beason occupying hopefully. Gun to my head, Im going with B. Beatty, has never impressed me and is nothing more than an above average pass blocker even when hes at his best.
I would probably wait until Free Agency was mostly over  
YAJ2112 : 1/8/2014 4:53 pm : link
before starting to think too much about it.
I'd take that deal in crawfish..  
Davisian : 1/8/2014 4:53 pm : link
Then drill that ole devil in the ass...
BillKo : 1/8/2014 4:53 pm : link
we need to get back to this, esp picking this high. You want a football player.

There's no interior lineman worth a pick that start to look there in rounds 2-4.
Like you said,  
kmed : 1/8/2014 4:56 pm : link
there's no way to answer this without knowing what we can or can't do in FA, but assuming we add nobody. I'd take the OT and not think twice. A 2nd corner is a luxury that we don't "need", but would like to have. A TE just doesn't have the value to make it worth the 12th pick. A WR would be great, but I think we have some good WR's and Eli has proven to elevate average WR's to good and good WR's to great.
If Mack is there and Watkins/Robinson/Mathewws are off teh board  
nygiants1114 : 1/8/2014 4:57 pm : link
I have to go Mack-really want him. Add a SAM and a pass rusher. Two needs filled with top talent on board-perfect.
Trade down  
Jeffrey : 1/8/2014 5:00 pm : link
Drop down a few spots 5-6 and try to pick up another late 2nd or 3rd. I know that the formula may not work that way, but with the expected run on QBs and the abundance of OL there may be someone willing to overpay for the jump up and the Giants still end up with a quality player.
None of the pundit stuff matters  
Blue Blood : 1/8/2014 5:04 pm : link
until after college all star games, combine and private workouts.
RE: Trade down  
AcidTest : 1/8/2014 5:05 pm : link
In comment 11443712 Jeffrey said:
Drop down a few spots 5-6 and try to pick up another late 2nd or 3rd. I know that the formula may not work that way, but with the expected run on QBs and the abundance of OL there may be someone willing to overpay for the jump up and the Giants still end up with a quality player.

This. Right now, if you force me to pick, I'd say either Dennard or Robinson.
Like option B  
Rick in Dallas : 1/8/2014 5:06 pm : link
I wouldn't mind seeing the OL addressed several times with the first four picks in the draft.
I think Nicks and his agent are going to have a rude awakening in FA from all NFL teams. We might be able to re-sign him at very reasonable $ amount.
Need a stud RB in the early rounds also.
RicFlair : 1/8/2014 5:07 pm : link
i'd be fine with any of those options.

A Shut-down CB like Dennard from Mich St  
Vegas Steve : 1/8/2014 5:09 pm : link
is truely the way to go. Corner are too expensive to sign as FA.

Robinson would be my selection if Dennard is gone
Watkins if both are gone.

Should all 3 be gone I'd trade down
Dennard, Watkins  
NewYorkGiants : 1/8/2014 5:10 pm : link
Ebron, Robinson

My top 4 choices at 12
We get any of them and I'm happy
I'll have to confer  
bob in tx : 1/8/2014 5:12 pm : link
with Spackler...
Motley Blue : 1/8/2014 5:13 pm : link

I already did.
Everyone agrees  
Giants : 1/8/2014 5:16 pm : link
the major problem with the Giants is their OL. If they get a solid OL in FA,then you go skill position. If they don't sign a OL in FA. Then they will have to pick the best OL on the board with the 12th pick
I would take either Greg Robinson  
Jay on the Island : 1/8/2014 5:17 pm : link
or Erving. Preferably Robinson because I think he can come right in and start at guard and in two years he can kick out to tackle when cutting Beatty is beneficial to the Giants cap.
It all depends  
mrvax : 1/8/2014 5:17 pm : link
on what you've done in free agency unless you're prepared to draft all 6 picks 100% BPA. So delete now and re-post this thread in the beginning of May.
Depends on whose on the board  
BigBlueBull : 1/8/2014 5:23 pm : link
Dennard, either of the big LT prospects, or Watkins, in that order, at 12 and I think we hit a HR.
Neverend : 1/8/2014 5:26 pm : link
RE: ebron  
mrvax : 1/8/2014 5:33 pm : link
In comments Neverend said:

Yep. A 245 pound TE at pcik #12 overall is perfect for the Giants.
To everyone saying  
gmen9892 : 1/8/2014 5:39 pm : link
Wait to see what we do in FA. This is more of a hypothetical question. Free Agency aside, what kind of player do you want? Straight up. Everything else aside.
like all the OP choices but the TE  
GmenDynasty : 1/8/2014 5:41 pm : link
There is probably only 2 guys I take over an LT-versatile lineman and thats only if we address the OL properly in FA.

Dennard and Watkins. explosive talents at premium positions.
mocks are going to be all over the place  
JonC : 1/8/2014 5:43 pm : link
they normally are until April draws near ...

Early on, still looks like we'll be looking at OL, CB, WR when we're on the clock.
I'd go with  
Bill in UT : 1/8/2014 5:46 pm : link
D.J. Fluker from Ala. Great run blocking T
There are gonna be a ton of OL available to us at 12.  
yatqb : 1/8/2014 5:47 pm : link
Unless guys like Watkins, Dennard or Barr fall to us it's hard to imagine us not taking one.

I'm guessing that Matthews, Robinson and Kouandjio will be off the board, but I'd be happy with Ogbuehi, Lewan (for RT) or even Martin after a trade down to the latter portion of the round.
RE: I'd go with  
GmenDynasty : 1/8/2014 5:49 pm : link
In comment 11443834 Bill in UT said:
D.J. Fluker from Ala. Great run blocking T

nah he'll be long gone before our pick...
If Ogbuehi announces  
DonnieD89 : 1/8/2014 5:49 pm : link
that he is coming out tomorrow, he makes it even easier to select an OT/G. If that is the case, my top 2 choices would be Robinson and Ogbuehi, 2 versitle OLinemen that would fix the Giants OLine problem with or without Beatty.
Oline, oline, oine  
section125 : 1/8/2014 5:54 pm : link
Best tackle, then Zack Martin rd 2.
But if Sammy Watkins is there at OT.
when is the last time we had a true stud type LT  
GmenDynasty : 1/8/2014 5:57 pm : link
Snee was good in his heyday, so was Kareem but a behemoth shutdown LT? Jumbo?
he'll be long gone before our pick..  
Bill in UT : 1/8/2014 5:57 pm : link
Ya think?
RE: RE: ebron  
Neverend : 1/8/2014 5:58 pm : link
In comment 11443803 mrvax said:
In comments Neverend said:



Yep. A 245 pound TE at pcik #12 overall is perfect for the Giants.

OK. Fine, Amaro. I mean cbssports lists him as 260 lbs, so logically he is mathetically more of a fit for the giants at 12th overall. Since, y'know, there's apparently a correlation with a players listed estimated weight in January on draft sites to their draft value, as opposed to their actual talent and film. Most definitely
George Young  
Frolls : 1/8/2014 6:02 pm : link
I draft big tough guys!!!!
I think we will be in a great position at 12  
montanagiant : 1/8/2014 6:06 pm : link
We should have the luxury of having a great pick for plugging one of our glaring holes. But also, with some of the underclassmen coming out now we also could find us in the position of being able to possibly trade down a few, net a great extra early round pick and still get a key player.
Too early to say, but  
Red Dog : 1/8/2014 6:08 pm : link
trading down to grab another premium pick is usually a good plan in these situations. They have so many holes to fill that they need more picks.
RE: he'll be long gone before our pick..  
GmenDynasty : 1/8/2014 6:09 pm : link
In comment 11443861 Bill in UT said:
Ya think?

Yup, I think he goes before Teddy Bridgewater!
Guys keep acting like  
Blue Blood : 1/8/2014 6:13 pm : link
this guy @ 12 is going to be a Boselli, Munoz or Odgen... Giants picked at 19 and got a very good tackle.. everyone is worried about tackle because Beatty had a sub par year.. the real issue is at guard and center and its the main reason Eli has no pocket to step up into and why we cannot run the ball consistently..
I'd want Khalil Mack or Sammy Watkins  
732NYG : 1/8/2014 6:15 pm : link
in the unlikely event they fell to us. If they're gone, best available OT.
I like the trading down concept also  
DonnieD89 : 1/8/2014 6:15 pm : link
but if there is a player the Giants really like at #12, which I think a great player is going to fatal to them, they will not budge.
Pray there is a major run on QB's....  
Torrag : 1/8/2014 6:32 pm : link
that pushes everyone else down far enough we land an impact player. To me those remaining at #12 could include Barr, Dennard, Mack and Watkins.

Failing that dream scenario my next tier would be Ogbuehi, Mosley, Evans and Ebron.

My wildcard in the mix is Kony Ealy...he's far from a sure thing but the Giants love their pass rushing DE's. This would be a scary boom or bust type pick in my eyes. Given the state of the roster and our talent dearth on the roster I'd call this too great a risk to take this time around.

Bottomline is we should acquire a top notch prospect in this draft.

Any position on the football field  
Mike in AZ : 1/8/2014 6:50 pm : link
except tight end.
Khalil Mack!  
geelabee : 1/8/2014 6:51 pm : link
Then try and get the best interior lineman at Round #2
i would  
Mr. Nickels : 1/8/2014 7:21 pm : link
Draft best lineman available
blue42 : 1/8/2014 7:21 pm : link
is a top six pick....Mack prob top ten.our OL interior is so bad it's hard to even think about another position in rd 1.
Coughlin did float the idea of moving Pugh to Lt so maybe a
guy who can play guard and RT would work.
Take BPA impact player  
TMS : 1/8/2014 7:54 pm : link
who is a consensus pick around the league. No gambles on projects based on measurables. OL, WR, DE, CB blue chippers are the best value/need picks for us.
The Giants recently won  
section125 : 1/8/2014 8:12 pm : link
two Super Bowls without a super linebacker or tight end. Biggest need right now and down the road is Offensive Line. Is there any question or doubt that OLine is the biggest need right now?

I just don't see Khalil Mack or either TE in the cards at #12. I can see Sammy Watkins or maybe Dennard as a possibility, but I just cannot see anything but protection for Eli being most important. There will be a couple or worthy OTs available at #12 unless the QBs happen to fall out of favor (somebody please take Johnny Football!)
I would prefer offensive or defensive line but  
Mike in AZ : 1/8/2014 8:23 pm : link
Sammy Watkins is a stud and I would be thrilled to have him.
1st pick at 12  
JoefromPa : 1/8/2014 9:26 pm : link
BPA always
I'm not opposed to Marquise Lee..  
barens : 1/8/2014 10:04 pm : link
..very much a Giant type of pick.
Best OL available  
endwerc : 1/8/2014 10:17 pm : link
or Sammy Watkins if he is there.
Giants sign Dennis Pitta and OG Asamoah.  
Jim in Forest Hills : 1/8/2014 10:26 pm : link
Giants draft Zack Martin. NFL Ready OLG/OLT versatility is what the Giants love. He's Pugh with longer arms! What's not to love?

Ok, that's who I think they pick. I'm hoping for Justin Gilbert. Just an incredible athlete at CB who will start day 1 and become a lockdown corner.
This guy can cover Dez Bryant.  
Jim in Forest Hills : 1/8/2014 10:30 pm : link
If they play the Saints put him on Jimmy Graham. Just a sick, sick athlete with upside galore.
Giantfootball025 : 1/8/2014 10:33 pm : link
much as I'd love "the shiney" we could really use a top flight OT who can possible play some OG for us. Beatty (if he returns to form), Pugh, the 2014 pick, and hopefully a solid FA signing can really solidify the OL and turn a weakness into a strength. I'd love Watkins though, but I just think the value of the potentially can't miss OT is to great to pass up. 2nd round I'd target the best remaining player out of CB,LB,WR.
RE: As  
GmenDynasty : 1/8/2014 10:48 pm : link
In comment 11444411 Giantfootball025 said:
much as I'd love "the shiney" we could really use a top flight OT who can possible play some OG for us. Beatty (if he returns to form), Pugh, the 2014 pick, and hopefully a solid FA signing can really solidify the OL and turn a weakness into a strength. I'd love Watkins though, but I just think the value of the potentially can't miss OT is to great to pass up. 2nd round I'd target the best remaining player out of CB,LB,WR.

The meanest nastiest LT available.  
ciggy : 1/8/2014 10:52 pm : link
I normally prefer BPA but this year is unique. They need a ton of new talent on O Line. I draft LT b/c you would overpay in FA and we don't know if Beatty will be ready and even if he is, he is soft. If Beatty is ready by start of next season, then move him to RT and let Pugh move inside to G. Then you can go to FA for a C or G.
Q : 1/8/2014 11:42 pm : link
The best DE or CB on the board.

If Dennard or Watkins were available, I'd take either.  
Ira : 1/9/2014 2:59 am : link
These are players who can impact the offense or defense. The tackles and other players that might be there don't excite me, so if I couldn't get either of those 2, I'd try to trade back to late in the round and take a corner like Verrett and pick up an extra 2nd round pick. I'd be very happy if we came out of the first two rounds with Verrett, Zack Martin and Travis Swanson.
I honestly don't know.  
Matt M. : 1/9/2014 5:40 am : link
There are so many positions where the right player would help immediately. We could draft an OT, OG, OC, CB, OLB, WR, RB, or maybe even a DE and it would be hard to complain.
Pick at 12  
stretch234 : 1/9/2014 5:49 am : link
I look at it this way. You can find FA guards cost effective. You would pay enormous money for a WR like Watkins or a CB like Dennard. If either of those are there I am getting them

Ebron while athletic is 10lbs lighter than Myers - they are not going to pick a 1 dimensional TE that early

If Watkins or Dennard are gone I am fielding calls to move down
I thin k it should be option B unless they sign 3 or 4 quality  
wgenesis123 : 1/9/2014 6:11 am : link
o-lineman in free agency. Problem is you never know whats going to happen with the draft on the picks in front of the Giants. Don't want to have to reach at 12 to get an O-lineman. But my desire would be to get one who brings value at 12.
What I would really want is to trade down and turn that pick 12 into  
wgenesis123 : 1/9/2014 6:15 am : link
two young O-lineman. Not going to happen though, this is a Reese draft and I can't imagine him doing that.
I also would include DE in this.  
kmed : 1/9/2014 6:59 am : link
If there's a stud end available, I'd be all over it. DE or OT would be ideal, it depending on FA, WR could be an option.
Waiting past the first round will only  
Giants2012 : 1/9/2014 7:39 am : link
Leave the Giants with all the better OL off the board.
I think the game is still won and lost at the LOS  
Andy in Halifax : 1/9/2014 8:06 am : link
We have our QB, the top 4 QB's will be gone anyway, so I look to the lines as the most impactful for our team moving forward.

Draft the position that has the best future value to the team - that sounds like it very well cold be Oline (hoping for Robinson to last).

If that fails, I'm thrilled if Dennard is still there at 12.
PEEJ : 1/9/2014 8:29 am : link
Best available big man
Taylor Lewan  
kotar1 : 1/9/2014 9:57 am : link
I would pick Lewan with #12. He is big, mean, and with Pugh at RT we would be set at the tackle position for next 10 years.
GmenDynasty : 1/9/2014 10:00 am : link
Best Available Dancing Elephant
My preference at #12 is  
RH : 1/9/2014 10:14 am : link
in this order:

A) Dennard, CB
B) Mack, OLB
C) Robinson, OT
D) Best available OL
After the combines  
dcable : 1/9/2014 10:45 am : link
If Dennard is available and he appears to be a shut down C/B. This would greatly improve the defense. Giants have to many ( 2 OL, TE, RB, WR, CB, DE and LB to fill in just one year even with a productive FA signings and good draft.

We have a good def and adding such a corner would allow the def to keep us in the games and the off wouldnt have to score 30+ pts to win. To go this way, they need to pick up 2 OL in FA signings
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