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NFT: Grimm Fans. (Spoiler Alert).

Klaatu : 1/11/2014 12:26 am
Damn. Hank came this close to getting some "pussy."

Ha! I kill me.

Anyway...not a great episode as far as mystery and suspense goes...I mean, you knew the kid was going to go after his girlfriend. Doesn't everyone on TV who's in protective custody give their protection the slip? No biggie, though. At least we got to more of Nick's Super Grimm Powers. Shades of Jamie Sommers!

Monroe and Rosalee have fantastic chemistry. Can't wait to meet Rosalee's folks.

Juliette's Annoyance Quotient ticked up a bit this week, but she also kicked major league ass, and I thought I wouldn't like that but I actually did. Go figure.

Next week, a blessed event. Well, maybe "blessed" isn't exactly the right word.
Grimm is in danger of falling into the Northern Exposure trap  
Marty in Albany : 1/11/2014 10:18 am : link
Northern Exposure was very popular. It was all about a less than robust NYC doctor who is dropped unwillingly into a small town in Alaska and has to cope with being "the proverbial fish out of water." He was special because he was so different from the general population of the town.

After a while the show started to either introduce other characters or expand on the characters of the original cast and each of those characters turned out to be "special" too.

Well it is just wrong (as well as unrealistic) to make every God damned character in a show "special" when the whole premise of the show is that the main character is different from everyone else. IMHO, this was the reason Northern Exposure lost viewers and ended. Well anyway, that's why it lost me.

Compare that to M*A*S*H where only the immediate cast was special and the rest of the characters were played as straight army grunts and officers. That show lasted forever.

Back to Grimm: This episode suggests that the entire population of Portland and Seattle is made up of wesen. There really was no need to make the boyfriend and the therapist wesen and there was no need to make Juliet's girlfriend wesen either. Frankly, their presence just dilutes the impact of having wesen in the show.

Pretty soon we are going to need an army of Grimms just to control the herds of wesen wandering through the Pacific Northwest.
One more item. Nick and Juliette's relationship needs a lot of work  
Marty in Albany : 1/11/2014 10:40 am : link
They do not have what Monroe and Rosalee so obviously have. We don't see any romantic attraction or caring relationship between Nick and Juliette. Come on, they just moved in together. They should be hot for each other.

How could the two of them not have interesting and entertaining situations? Although she's a regular person living with a Grimm, it's as if she runs an inn and he is a boarder. Boring!

They had to bring in Juliette's friend from out of town to spice things up. It should be spicy enough with just the two of them.

I think you're reading too much into it.  
Klaatu : 1/11/2014 11:07 am : link
For me, the episode was about exploring the difficulties of Human-Wesen relationships, along with the conflicting emotions that some Wesen feel due to their "dual personalities." It could be seen as a commentary on homosexuality - there were subtle and not-so-subtle references in that regard - but it wouldn't be the first time a sci-fi/fantasy series was used as a platform to discuss societal issues. Gene Roddenberry made a career out of doing just that.

Also, while some episodes are written as Wesen-related police procedurals, there are certainly enough subplots to keep the show fresh. There's the whole Royal Families storyline, with its Resistance characters and Verrat henchmen. We've got Adalind's baby on the way, which will not only shake up the Royals (and other more nebulous players), but will restore her to hexxenbiest status. We could see the return of Nick's mother, along with a return to the three-coins arc that introduced her in the first place. There are many possibilities.

As the show has evolved, we've seen the Scooby Gang grow to include Hank, Rosalee, and Juliette, with each of them bringing something singular to the table. Nick is evolving each week all by himself, and I think that the expansion of his Grimm powers and his understanding of them, too, will be a recurring theme.

As for his relationship with Juliette, don't forget that they were living together for a while before their relationship got sidetracked by Adalind's spell. Now that they're back together, they seem comfortable with each other, which is a good thing. I wouldn't expect Nick to come home from work, rip Juliette's clothes off, and nail her on the kitchen table. It's Grimm, not Hot in Portland.
I was thoroughly entertained  
Spock : 1/11/2014 12:14 pm : link
Loved every minute. Juliette is no longer a liability. I too was rooting for hank here and was surprised hank wasn't good enough for her even though he was ok with her. Oh well...
Spock. I think that the therapist really likes Hank, but was afraid  
Marty in Albany : 1/11/2014 1:29 pm : link
that in a moment of anger she might bite his head off.
Spock : 1/11/2014 2:00 pm : link
Should I take you literally here? I'm not sure your intentions.

I figured she just wanted to be with her own kind. Your post seems to think she is concerned for hanks safety if she were to lose it. Is that what you meant?
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