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Orr: Cordle also won't get a RFA tender; same as Hynoski

Defenderdawg : 3/3/2014 11:38 am
Conor Orrū@ConorTOrrˇ2 mins
Jim Cordle will not get a restricted free agent tender either, per a source. Similar situation to Hynoski.
Big Blue Blogger : 3/3/2014 11:45 am : link
He was a marginal backup when healthy. I think he's earned the chance to prove that he's worth veteran minimum. That's about it.

Pro football is a cruel business. Cordle will be 27 when the season begins. If he were going to be a good NFL center, we would have seen it before the injury.
So of the RFA's  
pjcas18 : 3/3/2014 11:50 am : link

sound like no tender.

Da'Rell Scott I'll assume no.

Paysinger is the only other RFA and I think he may get an original round tender (as a UDFA).

Dallas Reynolds is an ERFA

all according to over the cap.
there goes the season  
Victor in CT : 3/3/2014 11:50 am : link
weak player, not worth tendering. Neither is Herzlich
RE: there goes the season  
Randy in CT : 3/3/2014 11:56 am : link
In comment 11536168 Victor in CT said:
weak player, not worth tendering. Neither is Herzlich
Or we can post:
Decent moves and non-moves by the team.
Maybe we tender Herzlich to "scare" Beason into signing?  
Jimmy Googs : 3/3/2014 11:58 am : link

(just kidding...i couldn't keep a straight face on that one).
Very good  
JonC : 3/3/2014 12:02 pm : link
Preserve the precious.
No brainers...  
rptl530 : 3/3/2014 12:10 pm : link
Paysinger will get either the original round tender or  
Optimus-NY : 3/3/2014 12:13 pm : link
the 2nd round tender.
original makes sense, 2nd does not  
JonC : 3/3/2014 12:18 pm : link
Cordle is one of those guys  
Taggart : 3/3/2014 1:10 pm : link
Where you wish you could be a fly on the wall in the coaches room to get an inkling of what in the hell they saw in him to decide to keep him around for 4 frickin yrs. Just a complete head scratcher.
The talent level of our 2nd/3rd teamers  
Jimmy Googs : 3/3/2014 1:17 pm : link
over the past 5+ years has been scary bad.

We see a lot of this during the preseason games when our guys look very overmatched against other teams' reserves during the second halves of these games.

Cruz the exception of course...

There had been a lot of comments over the past few months  
mikeygiants : 3/3/2014 1:19 pm : link
about how Cordle wasn't that bad and would be a good back-up. I wasn't sure what games people had been watching. Good riddance!
SamTheTram : 3/3/2014 1:21 pm : link
Players that saw a significant amount of playing time won't even get a sniff by other teams. It is very telling
blue42 : 3/3/2014 1:29 pm : link
will get a job as a backup.
A backup dishwasher at  
Taggart : 3/3/2014 1:41 pm : link
the Columbus Olive Garden. If he does get picked up by another team, oh please God, let it him stay within our division.
Couldn't agree more on Jimmy  
RetroJint : 3/3/2014 2:22 pm : link
One of my Buckeyes but this is the NFL. His 2 penalties on the wedge @ the Skins in'12 instrumental , along with Beatty's holding call in the same game and Barden's OPI in Philadelphia, in costing the Giants the division. But how many of the respondents called for the O-Line coach to be fired during '13? He's a smart guy who is team-first & doesn't give anybody any trouble. There was nobody else so they put him in. But he can't play.
It is rumored that when asked 'Why a certain player was not tendered?'  
Marty in Albany : 3/3/2014 4:50 pm : link
Coughlin answered,"He's already tender enough."
Doomster : 3/4/2014 2:14 pm : link
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