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Post Your Three-Round Predictions for the Giants

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/5/2014 10:47 am
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Here to hoping.  
chiefmps : 5/6/2014 7:41 am : link
1). Aaron Donald, DT. Pittsburgh. No brainer with this pick just concern that the Cowboys mite move down in this draft and take Donald.

2). Jordan Matthews, WR. Vanderbilt. Not my first choice at this spot would like to see Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin but with the concern of a shoulder injury have to wait until draft day and see what is health concern is.

3). C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE. Iowa. Just hope that he is there.
Three-Round Prediction...  
M.S. : 5/6/2014 8:02 am : link

Round 1
Zack Martin
Notre Dame

Round 2
Joel Bitonio

Round 3
Martavis Bryant
Can anyone post  
Doomster : 5/6/2014 8:17 am : link
the first 3 numbers of Mega Millions?
Its been a while but here goes  
mjvm52106 : 5/6/2014 9:07 am : link
Round 1- Zach Martin G/T Notre Dame
Round 2- Allen Robinson Wr Penn St
Round 3- CJ Fedoriwicz (sp) TE Iowa

However I could see the Gmen moving back a bit, grabbing Kony Ealy DE Rd 1, Morgan Moses OT (top of 2 after moving back up), Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss in round 3.
I predict that after the first pick half of BBI will go nuts and Eric  
Marty in Albany : 5/6/2014 9:09 am : link
will spend the rest of the day (or week) calming everybody down. I'm predicting:
1. OT
2. WR
3. TE
The Giants will fill in the names.
FanSpeak mock  
Bied7 : 5/6/2014 11:00 am : link
1. DT Aaron Donald
2. WR Jordan Matthews
Not what I wish but  
SalTony56 : 5/6/2014 11:01 am : link
Rd 1 Zach Martin OL
Rd 2 Cody Latimer WR
Rd 3 Deonne Bucannon S
M in CT : 5/6/2014 11:04 am : link
I predict the Giants will trade down with the Jets, who will take WR Beckham at #12.

Giants will then take S Ha Ha Clinton Dix at #18.

Giants will pick WR Martavis Bryant at #43

Giants will pick OG Gabe Jackson at #74

and with the Jets 3rd round pick, TE Austin Sefarian Jenkins at #80
rdt288 : 5/6/2014 11:04 am : link
Zac Martin
Fuller -va tech
njurypoker : 5/6/2014 11:38 am : link
My three rounds  
uconngiant : 5/6/2014 11:56 am : link
1. Martin
2. Donte Moncrief
3. Troy Niklas

A different approach...  
DlineDominance : 5/6/2014 12:03 pm : link
1. Calvin Pryor
2. Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Matthews
3. Gabe Jackson
This is where I am now  
Mason : 5/6/2014 1:54 pm : link
1. Donald (DT Pitt)/Martin(OT ND)
2. Shazier(OLB Ohio State)/Bitonio(OT Nevada)
3. Bryant (WR Clemson)/Bucannon(S WS)

I think no TE will be pick first 3 rounds which may shock many and I think the Giants will make a move to get Shazier. I had Bucannon on the Giants short list even before Hill's issue. But I think he is now a real option. I also think the Giants were going after Bryant.

Here we go!!  
HumbleGiant : 5/6/2014 3:45 pm : link
1 - Ebron
2 - Ealy
3 - Mewhort
giant del : 5/6/2014 5:36 pm : link
1. Lewan
2. Trade up a few spots: Borland
3. Easley
Sir-Yes-Sir : 5/6/2014 7:27 pm : link
1. TE Eric Ebron
2. WR Allen Robinson
3. OT Cam Fleming
Jon in NYC : 5/6/2014 8:19 pm : link
1. Odell Beckham Jr
2. Joel Bitonio
3. Dominique Easley
RE: Its been a while but here goes  
bob in tx : 5/6/2014 10:11 pm : link
In comment 11656171 mjvm52106 said:
Round 1- Zach Martin G/T Notre Dame
Round 2- Allen Robinson Wr Penn St
Round 3- CJ Fedoriwicz (sp) TE Iowa

However I could see the Gmen moving back a bit, grabbing Kony Ealy DE Rd 1, Morgan Moses OT (top of 2 after moving back up), Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss in round 3.
almost, Martin-Robinson-Brooks-then Fiedorowicz
Two options  
Giants2012 : 5/6/2014 10:52 pm : link
#1 DE Tony Ealy
#2 DE Kareem Martin
#3 WR Brandon Coleman



#1 OT/G Zach Martin
#2 WR Kelvin Benjamin (clean picks my tail)
#3 C Richburg
First 3 rounds 3 starters  
Carl in CT : 5/7/2014 6:51 am : link
Nicklas (TE will fall)
Trade down to #17 with Ravens for #79/#194/2015 4th Rounder  
raever : 5/7/2014 8:28 am : link
LB Ryan Shazier
OL JuWaun James
WR Martavis Bryant
TE CJ Fiedorowicz

One thing (slightly off topic)...  
2ndroundKO : 5/7/2014 9:04 am : link
I've noticed is that while the Giants typically don't bring in their first round pick for a workout beforehand, a lot of the guys they draft from rounds 2-7 are people they've brought in or met with.

So with that in mind I would keep an eye out for the following guys:

Deonne Bucannon
Demarcus Lawrence
Paul Richardson
Cody Latimer
Weston Richburg
Phillip Gaines

Mr Brightside : 5/7/2014 9:08 am : link
1- OT Zack Martin
2- WR Cody Latimer
3- DT Dominique Easley
Guess I'll take a shot...  
T-Bone : 5/7/2014 11:31 am : link
1) Martin

2) Niklas(ND TE)

3) Martavius Bryant (Clemson WR)
The NYG will select....  
Danbury Joe : 5/7/2014 12:08 pm : link
1. Beckham, WR, LSU

2. Bitonio, OG, Nevada

3. Niklas, TE, N.D.
Likely of the popular opinion, but I'd love to see a draft like this:  
NYG2302 : 5/7/2014 1:46 pm : link
Round 1: Zack Martin - OG/OT (Notre Dame)
Round 2: Cody Latimer - WR (Indiana)
Round 3: Terrance West - RB (Towson)
My three are:  
MadMax : 5/7/2014 2:37 pm : link
1. OL Zack Martin
2. LB Chris Borland
3. WR Martavis Bryant
Don't do players  
ben apuna's fanbase : 5/7/2014 3:44 pm : link
If the Giants would be kind enough to give me access to their board, then I would. 1st - CB value, 1st - WR need, trade up. 2nd, 3rd this year, 4th next. What do I win?
Robinson the Tackle  
Chip : 5/7/2014 4:11 pm : link
We have no more picks in the first 3 rounds. Used in trade. Since our 2nd and 3rd rounds picks historically speaking suck. I got rid of them.
1. Not sure.  
Randy in CT : 5/7/2014 4:31 pm : link
2. This pick may surprise you.
3. BBI won't like it.
So much depends  
Emil : 5/7/2014 4:46 pm : link
on whether a team jumps in front of the GMEN. But based on everything we have heard and learned in the past few months I think:

1. Zack Martin OT Notre Dame - provides options across the OL, a foundational type player from a versatility perspective, could be a fixture for a decade.

2. Marqise Lee WR USC - subpar junior season following a stellar sophmore season and a subsequent knee injury. Needs to work at getting off the jam, but good run after the catch, good routes, good hands. Could be special if he returns to his sophomore form. I think the new offense will emphasize run after the catch a great deal, so guys like Cruz, Jernigan, and Lee could shine. Randle will get his chance to own the X WR spot with Manningham right behind him. We'll see a lot of 4 wides this year.

3. David Yankey OG Stanford - Yeah, I think he drops that far.

I would be very happy with these 3.

If Martin is not there in the 1st and the Giants can't trade down, I think it's Odell Beckham. To me he and Lee are similar players, Beckham just seems to be a bit more physical and less injury concern. Barr would not surprise me, if the Giants think he is a RDE.

I do think they will draft a TE and I think it could be Crockett Gimore, Colorado State with one of the 5th round picks.
Here's my 3  
phil fromphilly : 5/8/2014 12:37 am : link
#1 - Eric Ebron
#2 - Cyrus Kouandjio
#3 - Marcus Martin

O-Line and TE addressed
Would be stoked  
CaLLaHaN : 5/8/2014 12:40 am : link
Taylor Lewan
Jace Amaro
Cyril Richardson
bigfrank612 : 5/8/2014 2:09 am : link
1. Zack Martin, OT, ND
2. Jace Amaro, TE,
3. Telvin Smith, LB, FSU
Route 9 in LEH : 5/8/2014 5:43 am : link
I think...

OL G OR C... CAN'T say I know anyone that deep in this draft...

We need offense and we gotta score some points!
Put Mine in Pre-Draft Thread Above  
Percy : 5/8/2014 9:23 am : link
Sorry! But to repeat:
Any of Matthews, Lewan, or Martin. Then a Lee or Robinson if there or Amaro if not. If not Amaro in round 2, Saferian-Jenkins or Niklas in round three, or, if we got Amarao in round 2, Richburg in round 3.

Back to the Corner
Dan in the Springs : 5/8/2014 10:09 am : link
First round: Giants select Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame. Jerry Reese says "We had him ranked as the best offensive lineman in the draft. We love his versatility - we think he can play all five positions on the line, but we see him as a tackle. This kid is smart, he's a leader, and will bring a toughness to the offensive line."

Second round: Giants select Marqise Lee, WR, USC. Reese: "Well we were ecstatic to get him where we did, because he was in the discussion at 12. We see him as an athlete who will compete from day one. He can run, he can catch, he can make plays inside and on the outside. We think he's got great natural football instincts and are happy to give Eli another weapon to throw to."

Third round: Giants select Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington. Reese: "This kid has first round talent. He's got speed and good size. We think he can get a little stronger with a year in the weight room. He makes plays. He was the Mackey award winner in college, so I think that says a lot about him. We think he was good value in the third round and are excited to have him."

There you go. No need to watch the show tonight folks.
RE: Here goes nothing..  
Tim in Eternal Blue : 5/8/2014 10:18 am : link
In comment 11654359 Vin R said:
1: Aaron Donald

2: Troy Niklas

3: Joel Bitonio

That would be an amazing haul.
BleedingBlue2 : 5/8/2014 11:09 am : link
Round 1 : Eric Ebron (TE)

Round 2 : Joel Bitonio (OL)

Round 3 : Martavias Bryant (WR)
Lets see  
Aaron in MA : 5/8/2014 11:18 am : link
1. Donald

2. Lattimer

3. Easley

I LOVE easley in the 3rd. Talent-wise, thats great value
RE: RE: Here goes nothing..  
Vin R : 5/8/2014 11:22 am : link
In comment 11660440 Tim in Eternal Blue said:
In comment 11654359 Vin R said:


1: Aaron Donald

2: Troy Niklas

3: Joel Bitonio

That would be an amazing haul.

lol I'd do backflips.. or at least try
Here is mine...  
Amtoft : 5/8/2014 12:28 pm : link
1. OT Jake Matthews or OT Greg Robinson which ever Stl. doesn't take at 5
2. No second traded for 5th pick
3. WR Jarvis Landry
4. TE A.C. Leonard
5. LB Kevin Pierre-Louis
5. WR TJ Jones
6. DT Jay Bromley
nyg s pick  
SBlue46 : 5/8/2014 12:54 pm : link
1/ johnny football
Trade to Dallas for
Their 2nd 3rd and next
Years 1st..
Tim in Eternal Blue : 5/8/2014 2:20 pm : link
1. Zach Martin.
2. Kelvin Benjamin WR. FSU
3. Troy Niklas, TE, Notre Dame

Might be the best 3 rounds ever :-)
GeoMan999 : 5/8/2014 2:40 pm : link
1.) Eric Ebron
2.) Joel Bitonio
2.) Jordan Mathews (trade-up)
Fix the Broken Offense  
Jimmy Googs : 5/8/2014 3:38 pm : link
1. Zach Martin - OL
2. Morgan Moses - OL
3. Jarvis Landry - WR
way out on a limb  
jsboston : 5/8/2014 6:31 pm : link
1. Johnny Football
2. Joel Bitonio
3. Dominique Easley
chris r : 5/8/2014 7:22 pm : link
Allen robinson
Anthony Barr  
Jim in Forest Hills : 5/8/2014 8:00 pm : link
Jimmie Ward
Anthony Richardson
BloodlustRevenge : 5/8/2014 8:03 pm : link
R1 OT Jake Matthews
R2 WR Jordan Matthews
R3 OL Weston Richburg, David Yankey, Gabe Jackson
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