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Raanan Analysis of Andre Williams on tape

Defenderdawg : 5/16/2014 10:57 am
Link - ( New Window )
I'm excited about this guy.  
Victor in CT : 5/16/2014 11:36 am : link
He's a guy who doesn't lose yards tiptoeing. Looks like he'll be great in short yardage too.
Blocking he'll likely be able to learn.  
NbgBlue : 5/16/2014 11:43 am : link
It's the pass catching that concerns me. At the draft, all of the comments were that he is very poor at catching the ball out of the backfield. He can't learn to be a good receiver if the talent just isn't there.
He's no Ron Dayne ...  
Stufftherun : 5/16/2014 11:43 am : link
He's no Jacobs either I guess since many felt he tiptoed  
Mason : 5/16/2014 11:47 am : link
Sapp called him a burglar around the LOS.
Don't like the reference to Jacobs re: toughness  
BlueManFu : 5/16/2014 11:52 am : link
Ask opposing back 7 opponents whether he consistently ran with toughness and looking to deliver a blow every run throughout his first 5-6 seasons.

If this years 4th round running back delivers a career like Jacobs' 4th round selection the franchise would be extremely fortunate.

Hey, Ranaan, that's the all time leading rushing TD record holder in the history of the Giants you are referring to in a dismissive way. Think for a minute before you actually publish something like that.
Jacobs was the man.  
Randy in CT : 5/16/2014 12:03 pm : link
If anyone tells you different then they didn't watch him play or understand what they were watching or are just shit-stirrers.
Nice write-up  
ZogZerg : 5/16/2014 12:25 pm : link
Williams is a physical freak. 5'11 and 230 lbs of solid muscle. He will be our best short yardage back in years. And, he's a home run threat as well. He reminds me of a bigger Joe Morris. I look forward to watching him this year.

He is no Ron Dayne, no where close. Please stop bringing up that losers name when we talk about Williams. Dayne was soft!
to Randy's point:  
Victor in CT : 5/16/2014 12:32 pm : link
enjoy the show guys.

The one flaw in the big guy's game was that he tended to run too straight up and not get his pads low. But when he did, LOOK OUT!
Brandon Jacobs Hit and Run - ( New Window )
Jacobs was great....  
Wonderphil11 : 5/16/2014 12:39 pm : link
but isn't Raanan just pointing out what BBI had been screaming about for years??? He was tough as nails but was often accused of thinking he was a small, shifty back in a big backs body.
Let's not get  
Doomster : 5/16/2014 1:55 pm : link
too excited until we see him run against the pro's.....seems to be a weak draft for running long did it take for one to get drafted?
I'm as big of a Jacobs fan as anyone, but what is wrong with  
kmed : 5/16/2014 1:59 pm : link
this comment?

There have been big running backs before who don't exactly run tough. Brandon Jacobs, for example, was a tough player, but not exactly a consistently tough runner. He wasn't the type to put his head down every carry and try to run over defenders.

He isn't saying Jacobs isn't tough or isn't a tough runner sometimes, we all know that's not true. He's just saying Jacobs often tried to run around guys instead of running through guys a bit too. Nothing wrong with that comment at all.
NJGiantFan84 : 5/16/2014 2:06 pm : link
dropped because teams mostly use 2 back systems now and that has completely devalued the RB position. You can actually argue that Williams would have went a round or round and a half earlier 5 years ago. Starting RB's average 5 years in the league. It's just not a premium position right now. So, bcks fell because of the position, not the players. But you could argue taking a back in the 2-4 round range is great value.

I love Brandon Jacobs as much as any Giant fan  
Headhunter : 5/16/2014 2:09 pm : link
I will never question his toughness, never. However, I'd be lying if he didn't infuriate me at times trying to shrink himself
Mark from Jersey : 5/16/2014 2:49 pm : link
looks very strong next year. Lots of talent.
Jacobs was a poor short yardage runner  
Rudy57 : 5/16/2014 2:53 pm : link
When he built a head of steam he was great and was able to truck smaller players like nobody else but he could not work the same in smaller spaces and didnt deliver the power going through the line that a power back needs. Once he got through the hole he was a big force but how many times did he fail on 3rd and 4th and short? I remember several spots where Jacobs was stopped and not tackled taking the blows standing straight up, not what you need in short yardage.

It's not questioning his toughness as he would deliver blows but he couldnt do it in the short yardage situations as much since he was often taller than the defenders. I wish the Giants would have used him on more swing passes, he was deadly in those spots.
my two cents  
Semipro Lineman : 5/16/2014 2:57 pm : link
Nine times out of ten when you run someone over, the ball carrier goes down as they get tangled up with the defender they crushed.

Always running defenders over means leaving yards on the field. Yet trying to gain extra yards leads to everyone second guessing the choice when it doesn't work.

I'm on my phone or I would look up where Brandon Jacob ranked in yards after contacts
the way  
sshin05 : 5/16/2014 3:21 pm : link
guys bounce off of him reminds me of AP.
The issue with Jacobs  
Neverend : 5/16/2014 3:26 pm : link
was that he ran far too upright in short yardage situations most of the time. he only lowers his pads when he anticipates contact or in the open field

he also has a bad tendency to slow down before looking to cut back. people wanna rip david Wilson for bad 'instincts' but Jacobs was so no better. and obviously jacobs long strides made it easy for him to get tripped up. there are easily like 5 or 6 40+ yd runs every year that the giants missed out on cause Jacobs lost his balance. I even remember a key one in the 08 divisional game
I read a scouting report  
SHO'NUFF : 5/16/2014 3:32 pm : link
that said Williams had a tendency to hesitate before hitting the hole...a la tiptoe-ing...
Jacobs wasn't what a lot of us wanted him to be.  
81_Great_Dane : 5/16/2014 7:42 pm : link
He was big and could deliver a blow, but he didn't keep his feet very well after delivering such a hit. Often he'd flatten a defender and then go down himself. He didn't have that Earl Campbell ability to shed tacklers or make them bounce off him. And as others here noted, he had a high center of gravity, and that hurt him in short yardage situations, where he was average at best, despite his size.

On the other hand, he wasn't blazing fast, either. He'd break off 30-yard runs a couple of times a game, but he'd get caught from behind. He wasn't a threat to break free and score from anywhere on the field the way Tiki Barber and Joe Morris were.

That's not to say he was bad. He was a helluva weapon -- he just had limitations.
He's right that Jacobs had a couple years where he ran on his toes  
Ten Ton Hammer : 5/16/2014 7:49 pm : link
Jacobs even admitted himself he got a bit out of shape as a player in the middle years before he left for SF.

Andre Williams, physically, is a prototype RB. a 5'11 RB running too tall is less of a problem than a 6'5 RB running too tall.
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