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Old Timers- Giants DLineman gone but not forgotten

Headhunter : 8/21/2014 5:19 am
Troy Archer, Jack Gregory, John Mendenhall, Fred Dryer
Bob Lurtsema  
aquidneck : 8/21/2014 7:26 am : link
Roland Lakes, Jerry Shay, Jim Kanicki, Gary Jeter.
Keith Hamilton  
Ira : 8/21/2014 7:39 am : link
Fred Robbins  
Ira : 8/21/2014 7:40 am : link
Barry Cofield
John Mendenhall  
Duke : 8/21/2014 7:41 am : link
Jim Katcavage, Dick Modjewleski Rosey Grier  
Headhunter : 8/21/2014 7:50 am : link
Andy Robustelli
Erik Howard  
weeg in the bronx : 8/21/2014 8:06 am : link
Eric Dorsey
William Joseph.  
BrettNYG10 : 8/21/2014 8:07 am : link
Fred Dryer...  
BCD : 8/21/2014 8:24 am : link
great DE...
Chad Bratzke  
DG_89 : 8/21/2014 8:27 am : link
If we just had the cap room to keep him and Strahan together
Fred Dryer and his van...  
HelmetCatch : 8/21/2014 8:34 am : link
sober297 : 8/21/2014 8:36 am : link
Cedric Jones, Leonard Marshall, Erik Howard
The '63 line  
oke49 : 8/21/2014 8:42 am : link
Ro, Lo, Mo and Kat

Robustelli, LoVetere, Modzelewski, Katacavage
Keith Hamilton  
MaineGiantFan : 8/21/2014 8:55 am : link
Vote #2 Mean dude...
Number 64  
Headhunter : 8/21/2014 9:07 am : link
Jim Burt
the versatile John Washington  
Greg from LI : 8/21/2014 9:09 am : link
A very good backup and capable spot starter who filled in admirably for Leonard Marshall when #70 held out in 1990 and could only play part-time until he got back into football shape.
Rich Glover  
jeff57 : 8/21/2014 9:09 am : link
George Martin  
Giantgator : 8/21/2014 9:23 am : link
14 years a Giant, 96 sacks, 6 TDs as a DL (only exceeded by Jason Taylor),his interception return vs. Broncos was the greatest play Parcells had ever seen, and walked 3,000 miles to raise $ for 9-11 victims. Not bad for an 11th round pick.
and Erik Howard's injuries were almost tragic  
Greg from LI : 8/21/2014 9:24 am : link
At his best that guy was a mean, nasty wrecking ball in the middle, arguably the best nose tackle in football.
The Expendables...four of which turned out to be good  
Defenderdawg : 8/21/2014 9:40 am : link
Roger Lalonde Detroit waivers
Mike Bundra Cleveland trade
Roosevelt Davis Baltimore waivers
Jim Garcia Cleveland trade
Jim Prestel Minnesota trade
Bob Lurtsema Baltimore trade **
Bruce Anderson LA Rams trade
Sam Silas ST. Louis trade
Roger Anderson Atlanta, CFL waivers
John Johnson Chicago waivers
Frank Parker Pittsburgh trade
Frank Molden Philadelphia waivers
Joe Szczecko Atlanta trade
Jim Norton Washington trade
John Baker CFL
Jerry Shay Atlanta trade **
Jim Kanicki Cleveland trade **
Roland Lakes San Francisco trade
Dan Goich New Orleans waivers
Jack Gregory Cleveland trade **
Carter Campbell San Francisco waivers
Roy Hilton Baltimore trade
Gary Pettigrew Philadelphia waivers
And don't forget Arnie Weinmeister.  
DP : 8/21/2014 10:15 am : link
A HOFer and as good as anyone we've ever seen in a Giants uniform.
My favorites were Mendenhall and Carter Campbell  
PatersonPlank : 8/21/2014 10:17 am : link
Mendenhall because our team sucked and he was the closest thing we had to a star (he was everyone's favorite). Campbell I have no idea why, I just liked him. As a kid I had a Carter Campbell camel (stuffed of course).
Almost forgot  
DP : 8/21/2014 10:17 am : link
Al deRogatis. Anyone remember him in the broadcast booth after he retired?
Christian Peter  
estmd30 : 8/21/2014 10:22 am : link
Eric Dorsey
RE: Almost forgot  
jeff57 : 8/21/2014 10:27 am : link
In comment 11817614 DP said:
Al deRogatis. Anyone remember him in the broadcast booth after he retired?

One of the best, if not the best, analysts ever.
Campbell was intriguing  
Defenderdawg : 8/21/2014 10:36 am : link
Filled in for Henry Reed at DE, the WFL signed him and Vince Clements among others...unfortunately they were never able to return and regain the early promise they displayed with the Giants
Curtis McGriff  
OlyWAJintsFan : 8/21/2014 10:45 am : link
If my addled memory is correct, Howard Cosell had a diatribe one MNF game that McGriff couldn't start for Alabama (his alma mater) but could start for the Giants. Good times in the lean years.
(81) Robustelli (77) Modzelewski (75) Katkavage (76) Grier  
Gene : 8/21/2014 10:52 am : link
RE: Almost forgot  
snumber6 : 8/21/2014 10:52 am : link
In comment 11817614 DP said:
Al deRogatis. Anyone remember him in the broadcast booth after he retired?

Remember DeRo ??? He was unforgettable ...
He had great recognition of all going on on the field and sidelines ... and be able to predict the plays with uncanny skill ... I recall his radio days with Marty Glickman much clearer than his later TV years with Curt Gowdy ...
but he definitely was one who when he said something ... it paid to shut up and listen ...
RE: (81) Robustelli (77) Modzelewski (75) Katkavage (76) Grier  
snumber6 : 8/21/2014 10:54 am : link
In comment 11817691 Gene said:

Could you imagine any of them ever wanting to play a game in a dome on artificial turf ??
Les in TO : 8/21/2014 10:54 am : link
John LoVatere, Andy Stynchula,  
clatterbuck : 8/21/2014 11:22 am : link
Larry Jacobson, Rich Glover, Jim Moran, Lou Slaby, Wes Grant, "Big Al" Davis (switched from O line).
Two great ones from Nebraska  
Marty866b : 8/21/2014 11:23 am : link
Larry Jacobson and Rich Glover. OK, they both stunk.
RE: (81) Robustelli (77) Modzelewski (75) Katkavage (76) Grier  
jeff57 : 8/21/2014 11:28 am : link
In comment 11817691 Gene said:

November 18, 1962. Giants won 19-14.
Two that got away  
PeterS : 8/21/2014 11:32 am : link
Cornelius Griffen (Griffith?) and Barry Cofield. Both signed to play with the 'Skins.
Sorry, Conflated Big Al Simpson  
clatterbuck : 8/21/2014 11:36 am : link
with Don Davis. Both busts. I think Davis was the one they tried to convert to D line. Others, Glen Condren, Rich Dvorak, Dave Gallagher.
Jerome Sally  
Russ in Queens, NYC : 8/21/2014 12:12 pm : link
Filled in not too badly for Jim Burt at one point in the mid-Eighties...
I remember deRo in the booth.  
Red Dog : 8/21/2014 12:29 pm : link
I also remember Jack Stroud and Rosey Brown running in to reinforce the defense for goal line stands. That was when the goal posts (two posts at each end of the field) were ON the goal line so they acted as additional defenders. GIANTS goal line stands were frequently successful in those days of REAL football, not the effing volleyball that they play now.

I also remember that some opponents expressing the opinion that DE Curtis McGriff was exceptionally tough against running plays.

And I remember that DE Eric Dorsey, who is sometimes maligned on here because he wasn't a great pass rusher, was also a rock against the run.
Larry Jacobson  
Bubba : 8/21/2014 1:48 pm : link
was actually coming on as a player until he tore up his foot on broken glass.
Gary Jeter  
Headhunter : 8/21/2014 2:13 pm : link
that bullshit holding call in the Super Bowl is another painful memory
Bill Neill,  
clatterbuck : 8/21/2014 2:57 pm : link
was Parcells' first nose tackle; Stacy Dillard, decent player, great musician; Mike Fox, part of SB XXV team.
Don Davis  
Defenderdawg : 8/21/2014 3:28 pm : link
Was a second round pick out of L.A. State in 1966, he and Francis Peay the first round draft choice were supposed to be bookend offensive tackles to end a re-occurring RT problem and to find a replacement for the retiring Roosevelt Brown at LT.

Davis for that era was a huge lineman, and he came to training camp overweight causing much concern. When he left camp to play in the All-Star game the Giants sent Brown with him to make sure he didn't put on anymore weight.

The Giant players actually held a drawing to guess when he would meet his assigned weight...Jeff Smith a rookie LB won the prize.

When he returned he started at LT and Peay at RT in the Giants exhibition game against the Falcons playing the whole game. They started the regular season opener against Pittsburgh, however after the game the Giants moved rookie free agent Willie Young from the defensive line to LT and Davis moved to DT. Later in the season Davis moved back to OT.

In training camp in 1967 Davis injured a knee, ironically Smith the contest winner who showed promise as a MLB the year before, was moved to DT to help fill a shortage of bodies and also injured his knee. The injuries effectively ended both careers as they were waived in 1968 training camp.

Joe Don Looney  
Steve in South Jersey : 8/21/2014 4:23 pm : link
brain cramp  
Steve in South Jersey : 8/21/2014 4:24 pm : link
sorry, he was RB. He was here so little time that I forgot
Kenny Homes  
Semipro Lineman : 8/21/2014 4:24 pm : link
and Keith Washington.
Joe Don Looney  
Defenderdawg : 8/21/2014 4:53 pm : link
Could play any position, it was too enticing to the Giants to see him there at the end of the first round, especially the way their ground game was not the match of Hornung and Taylor, or Rick Casares...if it had worked out you would have had:

QB Y.A. Tittle, Gary Wood, Harry Schlictle
RB Joe Don Looney, Steve Thurlow, Dick James, Clarence Childs
FB Matt Snell, Alex Webster, Ernie Wheelright
FL Frank Gifford, Joe Morrison
SE Del Shofner, Aaron Thomas, Homer Jones
TE Joe Walton, Thomas, Bob Crespino
RT Tony DiMidio, Jack Stroud
RG Bookie Bolin, Lou Kirouac
OC Greg Larson, Mickey Walker
LG Darrell Dess, Ken Byers
LT Roosevelt Brown, Lane Howell

Things turned out far differently
What was the first name of the guy in the 3rd round  
Headhunter : 8/21/2014 4:55 pm : link
from Miami that was a bust? Was it Greg Marks?
It was Greg Mark  
Defenderdawg : 8/21/2014 5:01 pm : link
All American at Miami, the Giants waived him in training camp, played a few games with the Eagles and Dolphins that season and was done.
DeRo and Marty  
Andy340 : 8/21/2014 5:05 pm : link
DeRo was terrific. I heard that one reason his play calls were so prescient was that he was given access to the Giants' game planning before the games. And you can't think about Al without thinking about the great Marty Glickman. I commend the HBO documentary about Marty, which I walked away from believing that, no BS, he was one of the greatest American sportsmen of the 20th Century, and even one of the greatest Americans of the century, no modifier. Wait until you hear what Jim Brown says about Marty as a football player.
Larry Jacobson & Rich Glover  
Headhunter : 8/21/2014 5:09 pm : link
Butkus Award & Outland Trophy winners Nebraska Hall of Famer's

Early to mid round draft choices  
Defenderdawg : 8/21/2014 5:12 pm : link
DE Ben Davidson, Bill Briggs, Wes Grant, Greg Mark, Cedric Jones
DT Don Davis, Rick Dvorak, Jim Krahl, Jon Carter, William Joseph
DT Tony DiMidio, Louis Thompson, Vernon Vanoy, Rich Glover, Myron Lapka
DE Doug Chatman, Dave Tipton, Brad Henke, Cedric Scott
Not one mention of Jonas Seawright?  
Adam XLII : 8/21/2014 11:50 pm : link
BBI, you've slipped
RE: Bill Neill,  
LauderdaleMatty : 8/22/2014 7:52 am : link
In comment 11818120 clatterbuck said:
was Parcells' first nose tackle; Stacy Dillard, decent player, great musician; Mike Fox, part of SB XXV team.

Wasn't Jim Burt was before Neill. Both very good tough as nails players
Ray Perkins couldn't find a NT when he arrived and the NYG  
Defenderdawg : 8/22/2014 1:08 pm : link
became a 3-4 team.

He tried John Mendenhall, Calvin Miller, Mike McCoy, George Small, Myron Lapka, Phil Tabor, and Curtis McGriff.

Then in year three the Giants drafted Bill Neill and signed Jim Burt as a UDFA and the problem was solved. Neill looked to have a promising career, but injured a knee in 1982. In 1983 Neill started only one game, Jerome Sally started 10, and Jim Burt 6 (he was also injured).
His rookie year Jim Burt used  
Bubba : 8/22/2014 1:17 pm : link
to hide under his bed during training camp. Theory being they can't cut if they can't find me.
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