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NFT: Xbox One Madden 17 Online Franchise

COLTS and BOLTS : 8/6/2016 11:41 pm
It's that time of year again. Just pre-ordered the game tonight, and wanted to see what interest there is this year. We didn't get a ton of people last year to start off with. Hopefully we can get more this year.
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RE: RE: RE: I'll never quit  
halo3semperfi : 2/27/2017 5:07 pm : link
In comment 13372901 Go Terps said:
In comment 13372891 halo3semperfi said:


In comment 13372885 Go Terps said:


Looking forward to the games against the Broncos.

thought you would like that lol

No doubt. And I've certainly earned any shit talking I get from you. Gotta turn it around.

I like our games though its always a good game
RE: We need a bump so im going to create a predictions questionnaire  
COLTS and BOLTS : 2/27/2017 5:16 pm : link
In comment 13370622 mik999999 said:
Lets See Who comes Closest on Each
1. Who will be the 1 seed in the AFC and what will their record be?
2.Who will be the 1 seed in the NFC and what will their record be?
3. Who will Quit the league first. Colts or any other player(of the active people)?
4. Will Colts still be in the league by the first game of next season?
5. Over/Under 4.5 Simmed games for Vortex?
6. Will Demaryius Thomas play a playoff game this season?
7. Will Colts play any games where either team scores less than 24 Points?
8. Will Kcender pick up his 1st human V human win?
9.Who will win the NFC West?
10. Who will win the SB. The Giants or Any other Team?

At end of season I'll go back and see who got the most right.

1. Chargers 13-3 (calling a Packers-esque run of the table for the rest of the season)
2. Giants 14-2
3. Probably me
4. Maybe haha
5. Under
6. No, he'll miss the remainder of the season after one of the Chargers games due to acute vagisitis
7. Yes
8. No
9. Mr. B
10. Giants
Couple updates  
COLTS and BOLTS : 2/28/2017 1:35 pm : link
Crick has left the league because he wasn't feeling like he was at the competition level of most of the league, and that was affecting his enjoyment and willingness to play.

Second, the Chargers set the tone and answered a few of Mike's posted predictions with a 38-3 win over the Steelers. Bye week next, followed by a CPU Raiders game, and then we're coming for you Adder.
mik999999 : 2/28/2017 1:39 pm : link
The AFC is like the little brother. It's nice to see you guys are having fun over there, but when put against the NFC in the Superbowl there is only one way it will go. The NFC is rolling through the AFC this season. Mr. B has beaten almost every AFC contender already, Adder has faced the Giants wrath, there aren't many other games to be had. It's good to see the Chargers got a confidence boost beating Jon and his rebuilding team with no talent on offense without his best player.
Their best player  
COLTS and BOLTS : 2/28/2017 1:48 pm : link
now plays on my team. And he's feasted in his first 2 games to the tune of almost 400 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns. I'm hoping for my rematches with the NFC elite. This is not the same Chargers.
Colts Trying to Convince us he's a contender  
mik999999 : 2/28/2017 1:57 pm : link
Try again  
mik999999 : 2/28/2017 2:07 pm : link
The Texans Showing  
v0rT3x : 2/28/2017 3:34 pm : link
They are also a contender for the AFC title. In a close hard fought game the Texans came out on top over the Titans. An incredible play by a corner to take an option toss out of the air and run it back for a TD turned the tide of the game. It was a good start to a string of games against tough opponents for the next 6 games. Hopefully they can keep that momentum going to the next game.
to bad about  
jtfuoco : 2/28/2017 11:39 pm : link
crick he was a solid player that was active. Texans took the lead in the Division but Titans are not done yet the game flipped after a rash of key injuries in the second half of the game and back to back incredible plays by his CBs
League Advanced  
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/1/2017 10:10 pm : link
Next advance will be Saturday
WTH_Jackson : 3/2/2017 2:30 pm : link
Is anyone getting ghost recon wildlands?
v0rT3x : 3/2/2017 3:30 pm : link
I personally thought it wasn't good.
RE: Wildlands  
jtfuoco : 3/2/2017 3:51 pm : link
In comment 13376546 WTH_Jackson said:
Is anyone getting ghost recon wildlands?

I played the beta and I liked the customization of the character and the open world looked cool but I was bored with the combat really fast and unless I have 3 other friends really into I wont play it much so I will pass for now maybe if its on sale later I will pickup.

I am waiting for the new Mass effect
RE: RE: Wildlands  
WTH_Jackson : 3/2/2017 6:00 pm : link
In comment 13376698 jtfuoco said:
In comment 13376546 WTH_Jackson said:


Is anyone getting ghost recon wildlands?

I played the beta and I liked the customization of the character and the open world looked cool but I was bored with the combat really fast and unless I have 3 other friends really into I wont play it much so I will pass for now maybe if its on sale later I will pickup.

I am waiting for the new Mass effect

It is much better when friends are involved. I am waiting a bit to get it but just curious if anyone is. I am more into the Division right now, the new update they did brought in some new stuff that made it exciting again
bleedgiantsblue : 3/4/2017 8:06 am : link
Can you play today?
League Advanced  
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/5/2017 12:11 am : link
Next advance will be Wednesday
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/6/2017 9:14 am : link
Not sure how we're doing on games getting done.

Adder - you and I are going to be up next
jtfuoco : 3/6/2017 11:12 am : link
I know I am excited for it your catching my team at a good time since I am missing my entire starting LB core but I did get my Starting RB back who came back from a 5 week injury after only missing one game I guess the toughness stat does play a factor during injuries
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/6/2017 11:37 am : link
I'm excited for it too. Offense is on a tear now, so looking to see how it does in another user game.
Its also a  
jtfuoco : 3/6/2017 1:47 pm : link
Huge game for my franchise if I lose it I will go down 3 games to the Texans in my Division and you cant make that up in this league I would be on the edge of missing the playoffs that could get me fired since I promised my owner a Divisional round run at a minimum.
Something is wrong with again  
Bad_intel99 : 3/6/2017 2:36 pm : link
Alright tried to play vort3x and we got into one game then got booted and couldn't connect again. I've donever all the things to include clearing my mac address. Any suggestions
mik999999 : 3/6/2017 8:22 pm : link
You have to keep in mind the Texans will likely have at least six more Sim games so you could potentially catch up. He also has a handful of tough human games left.
crick n NC : 3/6/2017 10:08 pm : link
Make sure you or your opponent doesn't have a depth chart problem. I was having problems against adder, I auto adjusted my depth chart, which seemed to fix it
jtfuoco : 3/6/2017 11:44 pm : link
most likely a line up issue both sides just have to auto the depth chart and it should work
I know my line up was fine  
v0rT3x : 3/7/2017 1:36 pm : link
Our main issue is that we were even receiving the game invites we would send to each other.
mik999999 : 3/7/2017 1:44 pm : link
What changed between last season and this one for you? In the first two seasons we were able to get into games together. Since this one Started we had same problem you and Vortex are having. Did you change internet/get a new router/move anything like that?
Nothing has changed  
Bad_intel99 : 3/8/2017 3:05 am : link
I will do the roster reset and see if that helps. Vort3x if you want to try again tonight let me know
v0rT3x : 3/8/2017 2:13 pm : link
The earliest I would be able to get on possibly is around 9pst. Not sure if they would be to late for you.
Bad_intel99 : 3/8/2017 3:55 pm : link
That works for me. I sleep in on Thursdays but I will get up
Bad_intel99 : 3/9/2017 12:42 am : link
I didn't see you on. No worroes just have them sim it.
League Advanced last night  
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/9/2017 12:19 pm : link
Next advance is Saturday night

Adder - shoot for tomorrow night? I will be available from 615pm PST tomorrow night until whenever
Next few weeks  
Bad_intel99 : 3/10/2017 10:42 am : link
I will be mostly gone for the next 3 weeks. Paris starting tomorrow until next Saturday then Monday through Friday is ill be in the Netherlands then the following Tuesday through Friday I will be in Italy. I will leave my autopilot on and play when I can. Mr B unless we advance tonight we won't get our game in . Go ahead and crush the CPU.
jtfuoco : 3/12/2017 3:19 am : link
League Advanced  
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/12/2017 4:06 pm : link
Next advance will be Wednesday
Bleed giants blue  
v0rT3x : 3/13/2017 11:50 am : link
We are up this week. When are you available to play?
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/15/2017 12:54 am : link
Coming for the Denver Donkeys next
RE: Bump  
halo3semperfi : 3/15/2017 6:10 pm : link
In comment 13393550 COLTS and BOLTS said:
Coming for the Denver Donkeys next

League Advanced  
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/16/2017 2:19 am : link
And as for you Halo...

jtfuoco : 3/16/2017 10:14 am : link
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/17/2017 6:41 pm : link
Austin and mik  
Bad_intel99 : 3/18/2017 3:37 pm : link
Please.take off my auto pilot it won't let me do it. And mik I can play to Monday or tomorrow just let me know when
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/18/2017 5:31 pm : link
I will take you off auto now
Bad_intel99 : 3/19/2017 4:27 pm : link
You around
jtfuoco : 3/19/2017 7:44 pm : link
will you be around when we advance to play our game I want to make sure I give you a solid beating the one time we mee in this game
Thumb hurts, any advice?  
trueblueinpw : 3/19/2017 9:28 pm : link
Figured you guys would be the ones to ask. My left thumb hurts from playing Xbox Madden 2017. Any advice for preventing this? I've tried to lighten up on the stick but I guess I'm not having much success.
League Advanced  
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/20/2017 9:00 am : link
Sorry for the day delay in advancing, it was a busy weekend. Next advance will be Wednesday (but will wait until Thursday to keep the days the same if we need it).

I've never had any thumb issues from using the sticks in this game. They make extensions for the sticks so maybe those would put less stress on your thumbs? I have no clue.
jtfuoco : 3/22/2017 8:59 am : link
Alex you around we are up in madden if not I will tell CB to put you on auto pilot and play the CPU.
Bad_intel99 : 3/23/2017 12:02 pm : link
I'm still in germany until tomorrow; my Friday evening you Friday morning. I think Austin is going to advance tonight
I will advance tonight after I get back from softball and play my game  
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/23/2017 6:40 pm : link
So probably between 10 and 11pm PST
COLTS and BOLTS : 3/24/2017 2:34 am : link
I didn't see your xbox message until I got home. I put him on auto and I will just do the advance tomorrow.
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