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COLTS and BOLTS : 8/6/2016 11:41 pm
It's that time of year again. Just pre-ordered the game tonight, and wanted to see what interest there is this year. We didn't get a ton of people last year to start off with. Hopefully we can get more this year.
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COLTS and BOLTS : 5/3/2017 3:53 pm : link
I thought the game was actually closer than the score indicated. I didn't really feel comfortable until that late pick 6 with a few minutes to go. Your red zone defense is always solid, and I was worried I had lost momentum when you took the lead at the start of the 2nd half.
Polar ash  
Bad_intel99 : 5/4/2017 4:55 pm : link
When can you go
I don't think  
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/4/2017 8:09 pm : link
Ash uses this website. He's really good with xbox messages though.

JT - how do tomorrow or Saturday look for you? Tomorrow would be a bit of a stretch to get the game in but there's a small possibility. I should be able to at almost any point on Saturday.
jtfuoco : 5/6/2017 10:23 am : link
I have plenty of time to play Saturday just shoot me a time and I should be able to make it.
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/7/2017 2:05 pm : link
Sorry yesterday ended up really busy. I'm going to the movies in an hour and might be out for dinner but will be around to play most of the day today. How about you?
jtfuoco : 5/8/2017 8:29 pm : link
I am in Chicago but will be back home tonight might be able to play later tonight if not then anytime this week.
Polar and I  
Bad_intel99 : 5/9/2017 4:43 am : link
Got our game in. Close game, lag was an issue on his end and cost him the game. I consume to be plagued by injuries that include my starting 2 WRS, starting MLB and others
Super Bowl  
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/12/2017 3:44 am : link
It should be Adder vs Intel but the AFC Championship had a crazy 4th quarter and somehow I won. We should try to get the game in this weekend Intel.
Bad_intel99 : 5/12/2017 10:19 am : link
You pick a time and I will be on. 9 hour difference but your evening is always doable for me since it's my early morning. If not all day Saturday and as late as you Saturday night. I fly to Milan on my Sunday afternoon so need to get it in before then
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/13/2017 2:50 pm : link
Sent you a message on Live
Bad_intel99 : 5/13/2017 5:28 pm : link
Keep missing your messages. I turned .y ringer on so I will hear the next time you message
Super Bowl is done  
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/13/2017 7:15 pm : link
It's on the re-sign players part. I will advance to FA later tonight or tomorrow
Advanced to FA  
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/14/2017 1:58 pm : link
I advanced the league to FA stage 1. I will advance it to stage 2 tonight.
Advanced to FA stage 2  
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/15/2017 2:16 am : link
I will advance all the way to scouting before the draft tomorrow afternoon since I'm only working a half day. I will be gone the rest of the week at training so the draft will have to be next week.
jtfuoco : 5/15/2017 3:21 pm : link
I will go in this afternoon and check on my offers the only player I really want is the second year SS that was a UDFA pickup for my team last year and started the last 8 games of the year for my team. I guess when we advanced through resigning of players at the end of the year I had forgot he was one of them.
What time  
WTH_Jackson : 5/15/2017 4:04 pm : link
Are you planning to do the draft Tomorrow? I got a softball game with Mike and won't be on until around 10pm pst
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/15/2017 4:14 pm : link
Won't be until next week sometime. I'm gone at training for work starting tonight.
We could have waited  
Bad_intel99 : 5/16/2017 9:59 am : link
On FA then. Why rush through it
That being said  
Bad_intel99 : 5/17/2017 1:53 am : link
We can advance whenever
Bad_intel99 : 5/17/2017 8:12 am : link
Looking to move up in the draft. Steelers guy what would it take for that 13 pick
RE: Also  
WTH_Jackson : 5/17/2017 11:40 am : link
In comment 13473729 Bad_intel99 said:
Looking to move up in the draft. Steelers guy what would it take for that 13 pick

I would have to look at your team when I get home. Since we rushed FA I lost out on some guys I wanted so I will message you tonight or you can send me an offer
RE: RE: Also  
WTH_Jackson : 5/18/2017 11:19 am : link
In comment 13473980 WTH_Jackson said:
In comment 13473729 Bad_intel99 said:


Looking to move up in the draft. Steelers guy what would it take for that 13 pick

I would have to look at your team when I get home. Since we rushed FA I lost out on some guys I wanted so I will message you tonight or you can send me an offer

I looked last night and didn't see anyone I was really interested in because I am going for defense help this draft
No worroes man  
Bad_intel99 : 5/18/2017 1:56 pm : link
I. Trying to grab a QB and not sure.the ones I want will last until 13 anyway
RE: No worroes man  
WTH_Jackson : 5/18/2017 2:21 pm : link
In comment 13475438 Bad_intel99 said:
I. Trying to grab a QB and not sure.the ones I want will last until 13 anyway

If the one you want is there we can discuss more then
Sounds good  
Bad_intel99 : 5/19/2017 2:47 am : link
And Austin you should give us a heads up when. You are planning to advance since steelers titans and Cowboys are all bidding for the same guy
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/19/2017 1:39 pm : link
Will probably be sometime Sunday morning PST. I'm out of town still and don't get back until late tomorrow night.
What if  
WTH_Jackson : 5/19/2017 4:27 pm : link
We did final FA advance and draft Monday night?
Sunday or Sunday  
Bad_intel99 : 5/20/2017 4:38 am : link
Night works a lot better for me. I don't have to work Monday. Your night time is my morning and Sunday night my Monday morning is better for me. If not I will make it work
whatever time  
jtfuoco : 5/20/2017 2:29 pm : link
works for me I only have 3 picks worth anything so after that is does not matter much so I can go late if needed be. Also who will break first in the White FA bidding I didn't go hard after Gurley figuring I would land white in a somewhat decent contract now he is up way past the Gurley contract.
I would like  
WTH_Jackson : 5/20/2017 4:27 pm : link
To be there for draft considering I traded away my team for this draft but I will be gone all day Sunday at Disneyland with the family. If I am the only one holding it up Sunday its fine, I will live on.

As far as White goes, I am going full throttle for him after losing out on Amari Cooper.
We can do  
Bad_intel99 : 5/20/2017 5:20 pm : link
Monday night if that's what works for Jackson. The more the merrier. As for white it's game on. I cut Dez to have enough room to land a wide out. I lost our in the first two rounds of FA so
FA advance and draft  
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/21/2017 12:15 am : link
Monday likely won't work for me and it sounds like Sunday doesn't work for others. What about Tuesday or Wednesday nights?
WTH_Jackson : 5/21/2017 12:37 am : link
Works best for me
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/21/2017 10:28 am : link
Looks like it will actually work for me. Shoot for 730pm PST for final advance plus draft?
That works  
WTH_Jackson : 5/21/2017 5:25 pm : link
I will be on around 730 pm pst
I can do tonight  
bleedgiantsblue : 5/22/2017 9:17 am : link
If that's the plan
jtfuoco : 5/22/2017 12:36 pm : link
I will be on tonight for it
I will only  
WTH_Jackson : 5/22/2017 1:37 pm : link
Be on from 730 to 8, I have a meeting at 8 tonight, I plan on being there for at least 1st round of draft
Bad_intel99 : 5/22/2017 4:40 pm : link
If you can't make it let's deal your picks. I enticed to.back off white or go all in for.him and make him part of the trade
I was thinking  
WTH_Jackson : 5/22/2017 5:04 pm : link
I could trade my picks, I would want a round early the next year. If we start right around 730 740 I can get most of the draft done. My meeting is 2 blocks from my place. I am always open to trading but as far as Kevin White goes, I got plenty of cap to throw at him.
I will  
Bad_intel99 : 5/22/2017 5:28 pm : link
Be on around 710 to add a little to add a little to the white bid. And I'm open for trading pics and other thing's as I need a QB
I will now  
WTH_Jackson : 5/22/2017 8:05 pm : link
Be there for entire draft. I got a young QB if you want him.
Put me on auto pilot please  
Go Terps : 5/22/2017 8:50 pm : link
I can't make the draft. No biggie.
We will  
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/23/2017 2:32 pm : link
advance once a day until we start the regular season
We are in preseason week 2  
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/24/2017 9:06 am : link
Have a lot of WRs and LBs  
Bad_intel99 : 5/24/2017 9:48 am : link
I would be willing to move
COLTS and BOLTS : 5/25/2017 11:13 am : link
Got busy playing Rainbow 6 last night and totally spaced on advancing Madden. Do people want to play the preseason still or should I just jump it to the regular season tonight?
I like playing.  
Bad_intel99 : 5/25/2017 2:16 pm : link
My rookie QB needs the work. If you want to make others commish whomever hops in can advance
jtfuoco : 5/25/2017 7:27 pm : link
I am using the preseason like a true competition to make my cuts once you pass me commish rights I will be on top of the advances
COLTS and BOLTS : 12:56 am : link
I made you co-commish, which I'm sure you already saw. We're in preseason week 3, so just post if you advance to week 4.
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