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Are prospective 2-way TE-types being steered towards OT?

Racer : 2/14/2017 9:02 am
I heard Pat Kirwan suggest yesterday that he suspects the athletes with the size to pass block at the pro level are being steered towards playing offensive tackle.

Would be interested to hear if the guys with first-hand insight into high school and college programs think that comment has any merit.
That's interesting but hardly likely IMO  
Patrick77 : 2/14/2017 9:21 am : link
In high school and college overgrown WRs (Njoku, Shockey) becomes TEs, basketball players, QBs etc... are often asked to make the conversion too. The better athletes with leaner body types aren't playing OT. Not many offensive tackles are jumping 36 inches or running sub 4.7 40s. Those guys play tight end.

If a TE is asked to become an OT my thinking is his body type is more suited to being 280-340 than it is to being 230-280. I think in general the OTs are asked to do more and wanted to be more athletic but I don't think there are very many good college or high school 2 way tight ends who the coaches see and tell them to gain 50-80 pounds if they want to play football. I think to a very huge extent how the player's body develops and how they gain, carry, and hold weight makes the decision for them.

I could be wrong.
Facts and circumstances specific to each prospect and college program  
Bob in Newburgh : 2/14/2017 10:44 am : link
Some sifting s/b self-evident.

Guy can't catch.
Guy can't jump.
Guy can't break 5 flat.
Guy has skinny legs and a bony ass.
Big guy lacks upper body strength.

Program just signed highest rated HS TE in the country.
its both, look at the rankings-  
idiotsavant : 2/14/2017 11:50 am : link
very few large TE's. Big ones must be going to other sports or positions.

At the same time, big WRs are finding out that they serve the team in college and get lots of attention as TE's.

However, that does not suit all NFL teams at all times.

In addition, good athletes that are large, tall and 'slowish' for WR, those who stayed at WR in school,

may be ranked much lower than if they had been TE's in school, thus a possible draft value play,

then again, flip that, 'simply too damn skinny' TE's (230 or what have you) from college may be ranked very low, whereas they may have more value back at 'tall wr' in the NFL. Another possible value play.

Then, lastly, even Sir Bill has a former OT on the roster at TE, so if you find great draftee or UDFA athletes who are simply a skootch to damn light to play NFL OT, back to TE they may go...
Maybe, but it probably begins on the HS level  
crackerjack465 : 2/14/2017 12:09 pm : link
because they can't catch or they're not lean enough.

A top prospect who can block, coming into college, rarely moves to OT. Maybe at a smaller school, but if you're OJ Howard, 5 star TE recruit, you stick at TE.

If you look back at some old recruiting rankings, almost all of the guys you're hearing about in this draft were recruited as TEs.
I am sure thats true  
idiotsavant : 2/14/2017 12:43 pm : link
however, its within those -not- being talked about

where one would look for value, and within the say, 20th to 45th ranked wrs and te and tackles, RBs and FBs, that one would look for, for example, TEs who project as tall WRs in the redzone, or in general, for 'too-skinny' TEs who yet play the game very well, catch well, and yet are not ranked at all at WR, much less specialist tall wr, since they are below the radar from being at small schools, or just being too damn light for TE, or conversely, lesser known big WRs who may be almost as useful as highly ranked TE/HB prospects and so on.

or, tackles who can actually run and catch well, but are unknown, too skinny, and nobody has looked yet.
Based off of size  
sjnyfan : 2/14/2017 1:00 pm : link
I initially think Adam Shaheen, the 6'5, 277 lb TE from DII Ashland but I hear he's actually a better receiver than blocker at that level.

Other than that I'm waiting for Pro Days.
various sources have shaheen at 6'6" and 6'7"  
idiotsavant : 2/14/2017 7:02 pm : link
on short videos, h does not seem 'narrow' either.

Meaning he can probably get bigger and stronger, assume 10-15 lbs, 288-290 without much fuss or loss of juice
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