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Slow day: Chad Rueter's 4 round mock

superspynyg : 2/17/2017 10:42 am
Rd 1 TE Howard
Rd 2 DE Dawuane Smoot Illinois
Rd 3 QB Davis Webb Cal
Rd 4 OT Dan Skipper Ark

Had the following still on board in rd 2 Lb Zach Cunningham and Lb/DE Raekwon McMillian

Also had Wisc OT going to Chargers at 7.

I know its early and these mocks me jack but hey its a slow day.
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ryanmkeane : 2/17/2017 10:47 am : link
Smoot come up a lot for us in round 2. Not sure taking a round 2 DE would be a great idea. Those guys tend to need development and we have some developmental types at DE already on the roster.
If we're  
ryanmkeane : 2/17/2017 10:48 am : link
thinking edge rushing OLB or DE I'd tend to wager that round 1 would be the target.
Isn't Dawuane Smoot...  
BMac : 2/17/2017 10:56 am : link
...Hawley Smoot's younger brother?
I said this in Dawg's thread.  
Klaatu : 2/17/2017 10:58 am : link
I'm okay with Howard (although I don't think he'll last until #23), but I don't like the rest of the picks.
RE: Isn't Dawuane Smoot...  
TheManUpstairs : 2/17/2017 10:59 am : link
In comment 13364165 BMac said:
...Hawley Smoot's younger brother?

Tariff-ic take, dude.
Old Dirty Beckham : 2/17/2017 11:11 am : link
we need another DE at some point though. OO may not be worth a roster spot
RE: Isn't Dawuane Smoot...  
Victor in CT : 2/17/2017 11:13 am : link
In comment 13364165 BMac said:
...Hawley Smoot's younger brother?

or Fred's?
The only pick I like is the QB from Cal in the 3rd - I don't want a TE  
PatersonPlank : 2/17/2017 11:31 am : link
in Rd 1. Webb may turn into something and could be a good pick at #3.
I like the Webb pick  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 2/17/2017 11:42 am : link
he could develop into something other then a backup
AcidTest : 2/17/2017 12:04 pm : link
Willis, DE from Kansas State is a second round possibility.

I think there's a reasonable chance the Giants will draft either Webb or Jerod Evans.
I love Howard, but doubt he'll be there.  
yatqb : 2/17/2017 12:07 pm : link
I also like Webb. Nice arm, seems smart.
I would really love that Villanova DE in the second  
robbieballs2003 : 2/17/2017 12:31 pm : link
RE: RE: Isn't Dawuane Smoot...  
BMac : 2/17/2017 12:31 pm : link
In comment 13364195 Victor in CT said:
In comment 13364165 BMac said:


...Hawley Smoot's younger brother?

or Fred's?

I thought Fred was his stepfather.
I bet a lot of teams are hoping Webb is there at the top of round 4  
Ivan15 : 2/17/2017 1:36 pm : link
Trade up would be possible for several teams
Trading up is so hypothetical but in that scenario...  
Torrag : 2/17/2017 4:59 pm : link
...if Cook got to #15 and I was the Giants I'd be trying to move up and steal him out from under everyone's nose. He's an excellent ballplayer, very dynamic. From what can you glean from afar his durability and personal issues seem to be lesser concerns. This is a mainstream player in the spotlight on and off the field playing under a lot of pressure. Imo he handled it well.
RE: Isn't Dawuane Smoot...  
K-Gun? Pop-Gun : 2/17/2017 6:58 pm : link
In comment 13364165 BMac said:
...Hawley Smoot's younger brother?

Anyone? Anyone?
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