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Giants are currently the 3rd highest paying defense

USAF NYG Fan : 3/12/2017 8:30 am
in the league according to I know it's probably not completely updated and that there is a lot of moves different teams will make but still.

Broncos: $85.44M
Chiefs: $84.44M
Giants: $83.67M

Personally I think that says something since they also have a very high paid QB on offense (not saying he shouldn't be paid that much). The other 2 teams do not have a highly paid QB.

The next closest is the Jets at $76.58M so I doubt they will get bumped out of the top 3. If they do sign a DT they may take the top spot but I doubt it since they would probably jettison J.T. Thomas for more money.

Granted they got a couple guys on offense I think for cheap (i.e. Marshall) but most of the likely opportunities to save money also reside on the offensive side (Pugh, Vereen, etc).

I just wonder how much of that can we attribute to the offenses' decline this last year? I'm hoping for a good offensive draft myself with a TE, OG (OT unlikely IMHO), and RB. I think they have tried to line up their needs with the strength of the draft, a little.
How are they not #1 with the JPP Tag?  
ZogZerg : 3/12/2017 9:14 am : link
and all the big signings last year?
Hankins would put them over the top.
RE: How are they not #1 with the JPP Tag?  
superspynyg : 3/12/2017 9:22 am : link
In comment 13389982 ZogZerg said:
and all the big signings last year?
Hankins would put them over the top.

Chiefs payed Berry and Houston and others
Broncos payed Miller and others
Nothing wrong with that at all.  
robbieballs2003 : 3/12/2017 10:15 am : link
We are getting results with the money. I would be more concerned if we sucked. I get your point though. However, there were a lot of draft picks invested in the O. It'll go in cycles.
5 All Pros  
area junc : 3/12/2017 10:16 am : link
not including JPP who is arguably the best. We are like an All Madden Team on D.
Sure beats being ranked 32nd on defense.  
732NYG : 3/12/2017 10:54 am : link
This isn't really anything new.  
Devon : 3/12/2017 11:01 am : link
There have only been a couple years in the last 15 or so where the Giants haven't allotted more money to defense -- they've often been top three at % of cap spent on that side, including a few years where they've had bad ones.
Silly me  
Mike in Long Beach : 3/12/2017 11:52 am : link
I thought this thread was going to be praising the Giants for spending their money wisely.
Giants are Less Than $1.8M Behind Denver  
OntheRoad : 3/13/2017 12:46 pm : link
When Robinson is signed (fingers crossed), that should make them #1.
cap is $167  
giants#1 : 3/13/2017 12:49 pm : link
What those numbers show is that only 3 teams spend ~50% of their cap on D.
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