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NFT: Blue Jackets at Islanders, 1pm Game Thread

pganut : 3/18/2017 9:42 am
Wakey, wakey (actually, that's for the Islanders, not you), there's early hockey today. I can also get if you're inclined to just pull the covers back over your head and sleep this one the Isles did last game.

Last game against the Farting Cannons resulted in a touchdown scored against us. The Winnipeg "effort" wasn't really much of one. And we all know how we really shine in Saturday daytime games. So I get the, okay, PGA, you waste your Saturday afternoon sentiment. I think some of you know I've worked in the investment field for about 25 years, and there's a pretty common disclaimer we use in discussing investments: past performance is no guarantee of future results. I'm really, really hoping that's the case today. It needs to be, frankly.

Greiss to start in net. Casey Cizikas returns earlier than expected from a broken bone in his hand. I'd also assume Beau will be back in the lineup, so potentially Quine and/or Gionta to sit. No Boychuk, again.

Dougie better have the boys fresh because here's what he expects:
“We’ve been in our houses now for three days. I expect a really energetic effort, a red-eye effort. I think we’ll be crazed dogs out there . . . We had to go on the ice today and wrap our heads around a couple things in our structure.”

And from the recent struggles encountered in the heat of a playoff push: “It’s like a bike race. There were seven teams a week ago, now there’s three. We’re in the separation group,” he said. “Just [try to stay] even keel. I know the world is ending here when you lose, but you go home, you wake up and we’re one point out, same place we’ve been for the last two weeks . . . We’re in a really good spot and we just have to get some consistency back.”
Good to remember, as TOR and TB also need to keep winning, so forget the potholes already hit and find a way to get to the finish line first.

Let's Go Islanders
It's easy to pile on  
Mike in Long Beach : 3/18/2017 10:03 am : link
But I think we were the better team against the Jets. Capuano's puck luck is acually a real thing every now and then.

Having said that, Weight once again is spot on and his comments on working on structure are great to hear. It's our biggest weakness in the defensive zone.

pganut : 3/18/2017 11:17 am : link
Forwards: 27-91-12, 16-29-66, 86-72-25, 53-18-15

Hickey is a healthy scratch (good, I think he needs it) and Scott Mayfield takes his place. With 2 big defenders in Mayfield and Pelech, I hope they put Foligno, who chirps too much and always engages the cheap after the whistle stuff, firmly on his ass a few times.
May not affect you NY metro area guys  
pganut : 3/18/2017 1:09 pm : link
But the game got moved to NHLN. At least they're using the Isles feed.
Nice play leading to that for Hammer  
pganut : 3/18/2017 1:33 pm : link
Guys are moving their feet today. Good to see.
Greiss just robbed Atkinson  
pganut : 3/18/2017 1:40 pm : link
Thought that was a goal for sure.
pganut : 3/18/2017 2:04 pm : link
Blows a tire and loses the puck, can't sweep it out a foot from the blueline; CBJ breakaway, goal. Of course after Brock couldn't pot one from about 3 feet.
It's probably  
JayBinQueens : 3/18/2017 3:09 pm : link
decently easy game-planing against the isles when you know they won't pressure you as you enter the zone and they rarely throw the body around
pganut : 3/18/2017 3:17 pm : link
It took the captain to realize to put one on the net with traffic in front, and good things happen. Finally. Now stay strong.
oh captain  
JayBinQueens : 3/18/2017 3:17 pm : link
my captain

tie game!
JayBinQueens : 3/18/2017 3:24 pm : link
buzz I've heard at Barclay's in a while

Great pressure. .Let's goooo
JayBinQueens : 3/18/2017 3:24 pm : link
now playing with Bailey and JT
With less than 15 games remaining  
pganut : 3/18/2017 3:43 pm : link
The fact that puck management is still an issue is damning. CDH's turnover leads directly to that goal. Better game than recent efforts, but not securing 2 points hurts the cause.

With the B2B coming up this week, call up Halak, fire Berube into the sun, and sit Seidenberg. Pelly & Mayfield aren't hurting us in any way. And if Weight doesn't want to go to those two, there's a guy in BPT with a howitzer that could also help the anemic PP. Nah, that'd make far too much sense...
We need  
KWhite2250 : 3/18/2017 3:46 pm : link
An overhaul on our D next year. Enough of these guys together. I pray de haan gets taken in draft ridding us of one of the most overrated players by our fans.
pganut : 3/18/2017 4:17 pm : link
If there is a "bright side" to looking at the offseason, I think we'll definitely see that in some fashion. I've seen some projections that given he's 25, played top-4 minutes and has a lot of hockey ahead of him still is that LV may pluck him. Certainly 42 and 50 have now shown they can be counted on. With Hickey and Hamonic moving back to full health after the season, it's a full house. Pulock should make the big club next year, and Toews is also ready for a look.

Not just because of the ED, but I think the Isles will also thin the pack. It seems like they'll be more active in trading than by acquiring by FA. These players should be useful in picking up a quality forward. Some of these D will be moved, with also Graham, Wotherspoon (particularly on the staff's radar), Vande Sompel and Quenneville also good performers although the latter 2 are on the smallish side. Isles also have the rights to Jake Bischoff (Hobey Baker list d-man at University of Minnesota) and Doyle Somerset, who brings size and grit from BU (although I don't think he finds his way to a regular job in the NHL).
pganut : 3/18/2017 4:19 pm : link
Damn autocorrect.
The only thing  
JayBinQueens : 3/18/2017 5:22 pm : link
I'm confident about with the isles is that next years team will have a pretty different look
Weight wasn't happy  
pganut : 3/18/2017 6:25 pm : link
About the first 2 periods:
"It was probably the worst two periods I’ve seen in a year and a half."

“I told them after the second, ‘You should thank your lucky stars it’s only 2-1 and you have a chance to win a game.’ I was just disappointed with some guys who’ve had really good years.”
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