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Trading up to the #1 spot

Adam G in Big D : 3/18/2017 7:45 pm
40 days til the draft...let's generate some discussion...What would it take to trade up to take DE Myles Garrett?

Different scenarios include trading up with Cleveland or, if Cleveland maybe takes a QB, trading up to the #2 or #3 spots.

Cleveland has a bunch of high picks this year and next so why would they want more. This could be a problem unless we had a player we could tempt them with.

SF and Chicago could also use QBs so maybe we're talking about trading up to the top 5.

If we somehow managed to swing for the fences while Eli still has a few years left, re-established the pass rush, protected ourselves against JPP not performing, and possibly creating a shut down defense, we wouldn't need that many more pieces on offense to push this team over the hump.

What would it cost and would you do it? Would you play the hit-a-home-run-or-strike-out game or okay it safe and add 7 more players via the draft?
You want to swing for the fences for Eli  
jlukes : 3/18/2017 7:51 pm : link
yet you would literally have to give up all of this year's draft, next year's entire draft, and that still probably wouldn't be enough to get the top pick.

It is not possible.....imo  
George from PA : 3/18/2017 8:00 pm : link
Cleveland does not need more picks.....Not sure they will jump on any of my players
CLE might bite for  
Bill in TN : 3/18/2017 8:25 pm : link
OBJ . . . (tongue planted firmly in cheek)
Way too much lol  
Saos1n : 3/18/2017 8:37 pm : link
But if I were Cleveland, I would say

Give me Okwara, Andrew Adams, Sterling Shepard, 1st round and 2nd round both this year and next year...

I wouldn't do it, obviously, if I were the Giants but I would if I were Cleveland...
There is no one in this year's draft  
Beer Man : 3/18/2017 8:39 pm : link
Worth what it would take to jump from 23 to 1
RE: CLE might bite for  
superspynyg : 3/18/2017 8:53 pm : link
In comment 13398538 Bill in TN said:
OBJ . . . (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

Why would you give up OBJ?
Idiotic subject  
Giant John : 3/18/2017 9:16 pm : link
B slap  
slickwilly : 3/18/2017 9:16 pm : link
Just shut up
Rjanyg : 3/18/2017 9:39 pm : link
Because we don't have enough money invested in the DE position?
your entire draft  
Peter from NH (formerly CT) : 3/18/2017 10:16 pm : link
and next years
Draft value chart - ( New Window )
Allen in CNJ : 3/19/2017 7:18 am : link
mortgage the youth of your future for ONE player who basically would be second to 2 superb DE's. Brilliant.
Great idea!! --Mike Ditka  
Marty in Albany : 3/19/2017 8:31 am : link
Ditka traded all his 1999 draft picks and first round draft pick in 2000 the Redskins to move up in the draft and select Texas RB Ricky Williams.

A stroke of genius...for the 'Skins.
A bird in the hand...  
Mike From Brielle : 3/19/2017 10:55 am : link
About a week or so ago someone suggested trading JPP for the Brown's left tackle (can't remember his name). I remember thinking that the only way I'd trade JPP for anyone would be for the left tackle and their first first round pick (wouldn't happen). JPP is a known quantity probably just about to hit his real prime (if he can stay healthy), even if Garret is the real deal he may end up like Clowney and have to acclimatize for a year or three. JPP would very much be worth two in the bush, IMHO (won't happen).
Let's trade  
Doomster : 3/19/2017 2:04 pm : link
Eli and JPP for all of Cleveland's 1's and 2's....
Its a fun topic to discuss  
djm : 3/19/2017 2:36 pm : link
Never happen but for shits It would be slightly more realistic or doable to consider trading up to top ten. Maybe if there was a blue goose LT or whatever position tickled the Giants fancy. I'd consider going balls out for any player if he was deemed worthwhile. First pick overall? From where the Giants sit at 23? So costly just not worth it unless it was for the qb which obviously isn't happening this year. But moving to 15 for say OJ Howard or Williams (we have WRs) or some other pass rusher ? Or even a LT or rb... as long as the player ends up awesome fine with me.

I'll go out on a limb and predict that the Giants do in fact trade up -- maybe in round 2, like they did for Collins. Thing is some positons are so deep there might not be a need to trade up in this draft, just stand pat and take the corner or rb in round 2. There will be a some there worth taking.

Maybe round 1 sees the Giants trade up for the TE. I don't think they trade up for a rb or ol. Passrusher? Doesn't seem to be likely.
RE: Let's trade  
OC2.0 : 3/19/2017 6:30 pm : link
In comment 13398991 Doomster said:
Eli and JPP for all of Cleveland's 1's and 2's....

Now you're talking
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