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From Dave Te To Spencer-George Kittle Comment

nflscouting : 4/15/2017 1:00 pm
Spencer Carraher asked;
I'm a bbi member and I saw your post about any draft questions.Sy'56 posted his tight ends review and didn't seem to be high on George Kittle. I've seen his tape on YouTube (unfortunately NDSU) and really liked him and his measureables. My question: is he good value in round 4? Can he be an in line blocker? What current NFL player would you compare him to?

From Dave Te;
Kittle could sneak into the third, as Pittsburgh is looking to add depth at TE, looking more for a #2 type of guy with short area receiving skills. Injuries have hampered him earlier in his career. He's sort of an enigma as a blocker though - excessive force is seen when leading on traps, pulls and blocking in the second level, but he is better when feet are churning. When he has to block in-line or out of his stance, he takes a few extra steps and then gets too narrow in his base. I like his hand grasp on the ball and he has the arms to scoop the low ball. He also has valid speed to challenge linebackers & safeties. Hmm, comparing him to somebody - possibly more in the lines of the guy who just ran over his daughter, Todd Heap. More recent types? The kid with the off-field troubles last year, Tyler Higbee, as both are aggressive route runners, but Kittle has much better short area quickness and movement skills to create separation consistently (4.52 on Pro Day). Still, the two things that could cause teams to let him slip into the fourth round are concerns that his foot issues will linger (lisc franc) and it is obvious that his in-line blocking technique needs work, even though he makes solid effort to deliver with intensity.

Best (need motivation)-OJ Howard
Others in Top 3-Engram & Njoku (sucks as a blocker)
My favorite-Engram
Best small college-Shaheen
most underrated (look for him more for receiving)-Bucky Hodges
most overrated-Cole Hikituni-Louisville (however, I feel his backup, Keith Towbridge will be a camp find)
offfield concern-Sprinkle
Day Three Finds-Eric Saubert-Drake, Mike Roberts-Toledo, Kittle
Free Agent Finds-Jacob Hollister-Wyoming, Towbridge, Jon Dorsey-Alabama A& M, Sean Culkin-Missouri, Zach Conque-SF Austin (possible fullback)

Basketball note-while Virginia Commonwealth's Mo Alie-Cox is the "flavor" of the month, the most impressive BKB/turned FB player I worked out was DJ Johnson-Kansas State, clocking 4.66 at 6:08.5-237 with a 38-inch vertical. Also feel Najeal Young-Texas Wesleyan might end up in Texans camp, but the 6:06, 220-pounder needs a dining room table

This is why I'm not on the OJ Howard bandwagon  
Milton : 4/15/2017 1:07 pm : link
I don't want to spend a 1st round pick on a guy with motivation issues. And I don't think Nick Saban is in the habit of underutilizing talent so it gives me pause when everyone makes that excuse for Howard's unimpressive numbers.

Howard reminds me of Martellus Bennett. And not in a good way.
And what gives with that 30-inch vertical?  
Milton : 4/15/2017 1:09 pm : link
That's OL territory.
nflscouting : 4/15/2017 1:14 pm : link
Howard, to me, is like Donald Trump. I have to admit, he's the prez, but I hate him anyway. Howard plays when the money is on the line, but I need 100% effort. I love the scrappy Engram & think Everett is going to be a really solid pro. The Miami kid is rawer than sushi & I was never seeing Butt as anything more than another Jesse James (Pitt) any way. I think Hodges brings such raw talent to the table, but I prefer him more as a mismatch at flanker, though I do feel he's the best athlete here.
1-Troy Fumagali-Wisconsin (would have been the best TE in the 2017 class if he declared)
2-Mike Gesicki-Penn State
3-Adam Breneman-UMass
4-Durham Smythe-ND
5-Deandre Goolsby-Florida
Dallas Goedert-South Dakota State & Weber State's Andrew Vollert
"the guy who just ran over his daughter"  
lugnut : 4/15/2017 1:47 pm : link
nflscouting : 4/15/2017 2:16 pm : link
Hey, I'm getting old - names slip past me sometimes. Yeah, i know, crude remark, but look at all the ones coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!
lugnut : 4/15/2017 3:28 pm : link
Point taken. And thanks for your contributions.
Troy should have a monster year  
Jay in Toronto : 4/15/2017 3:40 pm : link
He can catch, runs good patters and can block. Not sure about his speed -- but he is a football player.

Should thrive with Coach Chryst and the Frosh qb now a soph with good experience.

nflscouting : 4/15/2017 4:40 pm : link
The Big Ten has a nice array of TEs next year, as Fumagali & Penn State's Geciski battle for the top spot. I like Ohio State's Marcus Baugh (misused) & hope that one day Indiana's Danny Friend gets his act together or oft-injured Jordan Fuchs might grab the #1 job for Hoosiers. Still, THE BEST TE in the Big 10 will emerge at Michigan this year, as Harbaugh has a Marcellus Bennett type in 276-pound Tyrone Wheatley. Name ring a bell? Dad is now coaching there.
Others I really like are Oklahoma's Mark Andrews (would be 2nd TE taken if in this draft) & Stanford's Dalton Schultz, but like friend, I question Schultz's maturity.
I would love to nab Njoku in the 1st...  
3r76jp : 4/15/2017 5:23 pm : link
Even better in the 2nd round! My reason for this is not only is he athletically gifted but Miami tends to produce quality TEs like Shockey, Olsen, Franks and Graham.
O.J. Howard to me is questionable  
3r76jp : 4/15/2017 5:35 pm : link
Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane. Alabama is not known for their ability to produce NFL TEs. Plus alot of their players drafted in 1st don't amount to much. Although the same can be said for Miami. You draft the player not the team.
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