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My Love Letter to Eli, the GOAT NYG QB.

GMen23 : 4/15/2017 2:15 pm
Good Afternoon to my diehard Giant Brethren. I have decided to pen my 53 years of bleeding blue, and my analysis of the upcoming draft and season. I respect all differing opinions, that are from the spirit of we all want another Ring, and you think you have a better plan.

Iím not well known here, but a day does not go by, that I am not reading BBI. So please cut me some slack. I am in my early 60ís, and my 6 year old Prostate Cancer, has now spread to my bones, and Liver. If you disagree, just donít accuse me of tĒhat Cancer must have spread to your BrainĒ.

I grew up idolizing Frank Gifford and Del Shofner. and could name the whole team from Greg Larson to Spider Lockhart. I lived through the Giants with the #1 Pick in 1965, picking Tucker Fredrickson, and the Bears following with Gale Sayers. Through two winning season from 64-78, and zero playoff appearances. Phil came in 79 and LT changed our world in 81. I moved to Orlando in 83, Tampaís TV territory, and had to drive to the closest bar with a 30 foot dish, 12 or so weeks a year to keep my record intact of not missing a game. I know Iím bringing back memories to some of the older fans here. Thank God for the NFL ticket. Of recent, my South American born wife will miss our ďNorma JeanĒ it was too short, but time, Victor, who taught me how to jump off my couch into a 3 second Salsa.

I would like to thank some of the many people here who provide us with well thought out and researched analysis but I did that once years ago and some assholes accused me of being a ghost writer for someone elseís post. Hell with it, never mind, I know Iíll miss some, but thanks to those I agree and disagree with, Eric, Gidefor, Adamg, Klaatu, Torrag, Marvic, Big Blue 56, Milton, Defenderdawg, and Big Rick in FL. And others I apologize for my omission. I will thank Syí56, & Colin, Dave ďwelcome backĒ Te, by for quoting them. I know we all look forward to their April posts.

I look at our roster and have pretty much decided what I believe we need to address the most to get another ring. This is what I hear and believe. However, not the most pressing.

We canít Nascar without another quality rusher. AGREED!

ďWe need another Corner, in case something happens to DRC, Jenkins, & Apple.Ē AGREED!
Itís hard to say when you lose a playoff game in Green Bay 38-13 that you almost won. But what early event cost us staying close? Flip a coin. Early drops by the boat guys, or DRC going down in the first qtr. Either way I get the argument for a CB in a rich draft, but like Colin, we have too many glaring needs to go early on a 4th CB.


Rushing Offense 29th
Rushing TDís - 6, LAST, Ö.. Longest run, 25 yards - LAST
We canít make a 3rd & 1.
We canít run out the clock.
Eli canít play action, because nobody respects our running game.

This morning Dave Te pretty much took away my last feelings of hope we would draft Cook, if he was there. Many here feel there is not a 1st rd OL, worthy of pick 23.

I am not done building my dream list, but I miss having a RB that can take it to the house. On the same subject I could argue our top 6 OLís are Richburg & 5 guys that should be playing Guard.

This above has to be addressed.

Our Defense was 2nd to 10th depending on what stats you look at. The Defense lost Hankins. The offense replaced Newhouse with Fluker, and added, Ellison and Marshall.

Thatís not enough.

I just witnessed Eliís worse season in years. I saw him improve in one area. And that was throwing the ball at the feet of the RB, who missed his block, didnít get separation from a LB, or was the check down, because the OL looked like it was betting on the opposition, and he had to prevent 2nd & 7, from becoming 3rd & 13. Eliís greatest strength is between the ears. Thatís useless with no time to decipher the D.

I definitely donít want to address WR or QB early. We have to upgrade this Offensive Line and RB.

I like Perkins. He showed me the vision, quick instincts / feet, to do that little jump cut into a crease to the left or right, when the whole wasnít there. That was promising. Unlike Jennings, who just ran straight into Jerryís or Ritchburgís ass for a 2 yard loss, because that was the play called. I donít necessarily want a bruiser. If he mirrors Perkins skill set, preferably, with more top end speed, Iíll take it. For example I look at Matt Ryan, and Atlanta. 6 - 10 to NFC Champ. Yeah, the D improved. But Mack at center, solidified that line, and whether it was Devonta Freeman or Tevin Coleman, the play selection was not tipped off by the personnel. And Julio (ala OBJ), had his greatest season.

IĒm giving JR a pass in the 1st two rounds. For all his failures to hit late he has not struck out often here, and I donít think heíll reach. My hope is the way the draft unfolds Jerry goes RB in one, and OL in two, in either order. Itís all about BPA and Tiers, of course.

1st rd. Best of Bolles, Ramcyk, Cam Robinson, Lamp - As we all know Reeseís terrible track record picking an offensive linemen, after the first 2 rounds. I could see him saying at 23, ďnow or neverĒ.

2nd rd. Hunt, Perrine, or Foreman, Best RB

3rd, 4th 5th Rd. - Defensive experts please take-over for me here, and have at it. Edge Rusher, Hankins replacement, 4th corner, coverage LB, Dorian Thompson competition I think Goodson at minimum replaces Shepard for early downs in the middle.

6th Rd. - My Sentimental Pick. Playing the Cancer Card here for my Cancer little brother, James Conner. I graduated from Pitt iní76, one year before Tony Dorsett. Watched him live for 3 years. Then suffered through the agony of a Star on his helmet, and him beating us for 10 years. Then LeSean McCoy breaks Tonyís records, and goes to the Eagles. If I get my all purpose back early, Iíll double up at RB, with a bruiser, who can catch, and may be the best Pass Pro back in the draft. I donít think youíll beat me up with this value in the 6th. And say goodbye to Darkwa or Vereen.

7th Rd. Predetermined before the draft

Jerryís torn between, we only need a few more pieces to win one more ring with Eli, and, OMG, I only have Geno Smith, if Eli falls off a cliff.

Days before the draft: Uncle Jim Kelly, Calls Archie. Archie brokers a deal with Reese. Dad calls Eli.

ďSon, I just got off the phone with Reese. I got him to agree to not take Trubitsky, Watson, or Mahonnes, and to get you more help. Although you might still be ducking under 300 lbers trying to take your head off. The bad news is, Ďremember that smart ass, Chad Kelly, who broke a couple of our Ole Miss recordsí? Part of the deal is you have to make room in your basement for him to live, and you have 3 years to teach him how to grow up.Ē

End of of the story. Eli, wins 2 more rings in the next 3 years. Takes a public speaking class from Strahan, and replaces Aikman on Fox. Chad marries one of Tom Coughlinís granddaughters, matures, and keeps us relevant past my life expectancy.

When Tom Coughlin became head coach  
TrueBlue56 : 4/15/2017 3:10 pm : link
His emphasis was on improving both the defensive and offensive lines and I believe he even made a comment that games are won and lost in the trenches. This is what I believe wholeheartedly. It really doesn't matter who is running the football if you have an offensive line that can create holes that John mara could run through himself.

Think back to 2004 and 2005 and look at the players acquired:
DT Norman Hand (2004)
C Shaun O'Hara (2004)
DT Fred Robbins (2004)
OG Chris Snee (2004)

OT Kareem Mckenzie (2005)
DE Justin Tuck (2005)

In 2 years time the dynamics of this team changed drastically. We were able to run the ball effectively with tiki, Jacobs, Ward and most importantly pass the ball effectively with play action passes.

Our defense was able to stifle opposing teams offenses and stuff running games.

I don't know when or how our philosophy changed, but that to me is our biggest issue (not so much defensively). Our offensive line is really a weak link and they are the catalyst to everything we need to do to be successful.

Of course everything is in hindsight, but I would have taken la'el Collins in the later rounds in 2015. The value was too good to pass up beyond round 4. Last year I would have insured we got jack Conklin especially once he got close enough that it wouldn't have cost a lot to move up in order to get him. I like the eli apple pick, but Conklin would have made a huge improvement to our offensive line and to me that should have been the higher priority.

I also feel that we have been missing on our scouting of offensive line talent for a number of years now and I'm not sure who that falls on, but an emphasis should be made to bring in someone who is good at scouting linemen.

Think what Perkins can do if given holes to run through. Think of what Eli can do with an effective run game that defenses have to be mindful of.

To me it all starts on the defensive and offensive lines.
I agree True Blue  
GMen23 : 4/15/2017 3:17 pm : link
Our top 3 defensive lineman are All Pro Caliber. I'd like to replace Hankins and get a great game changer LB, but this offensive line is our anchor pulling us down.
OL at 23..  
KingBlue : 4/15/2017 3:21 pm : link
OL at 23 is my preference... I am hoping for Lamp or Robinson in that order. BPA at 55, would be pleased with Wormley.

Regardless, we will have many solid players to choose from, I have faith in our system and trust we will do well.
RE: OL at 23..  
TrueBlue56 : 4/15/2017 3:29 pm : link
In comment 13429683 KingBlue said:
OL at 23 is my preference... I am hoping for Lamp or Robinson in that order. BPA at 55, would be pleased with Wormley.

Regardless, we will have many solid players to choose from, I have faith in our system and trust we will do well.

The thing I worry about with this philosophy is are we pigeon-holing a player due to a glaring need instead of properly evaluating a player. This would almost be Justin Pugh and Erik flowers part 3. We are in dire need to upgrade the offensive line and the options are extremely limited at this point and time. That is the worst part of all of this. Our philosophy should not be to draft a player out of dire need. That's part of what got us in this situation to begin with.

Giant John : 4/15/2017 3:57 pm : link
I disagree but it's very minor. Games are won and lost on the line. There is no question about that. It does matter who is running the ball. We need running backs that can take advantage of the holes when they exist. Or create when they don't. I hope we can pick up one of those in the first three rounds.
Giant John : 4/15/2017 4:00 pm : link
I'd have traded up to get Conklin.
I have seen this back & forth BPA & Force feeding a need for weeks  
GMen23 : 4/15/2017 4:07 pm : link
I'm not advocating passing on Patrick Willis (Jarrad Davis?) for James Brewer.
It's all grades and tiers. I'm just hoping that as the draft unfolds, value meets our need, when we're on the clock. If not, If it's not a tie, I'll take BPA.
allstarjim : 4/15/2017 5:33 pm : link
Tom Coughlin: "games are won and lost in the trenches."

Jerry Reese: "basketball on skates." (Wut?)

I'm going with Coughlin here. We need more talent up front. I also think we need talent at RB, but that's easy.

Tight End is totally not a concern for me. The Giants can win a championship with Tye, Ellison, and Adams. No problem. I have no problem with drafting Evan Engram also, the Giants will need a WR replacement for Marshall in two years, and I think a big WR is great, especially as a complement to OBJ and Shepard. But truthfully that's what he is. Stick him out there as a boundary receiver and I love him. I don't want him inline at TE, though.
To much info for  
joeinpa : 4/15/2017 6:03 pm : link
Me to focus on, although well thought out and interesting. Sorry to hear of your health issue. Hope you have it under control.

I respectfully take exception to Eli as the GOAT. I love Eli. But I watched YAT. And Francis and Phil. Those guys were pretty good in a league that was still allowed to play defense and where quarterbacks were not protected.
RE: To much info for  
Sec 103 : 4/15/2017 6:38 pm : link
In comment 13429794 joeinpa said:
Me to focus on, although well thought out and interesting. Sorry to hear of your health issue. Hope you have it under control.

I respectfully take exception to Eli as the GOAT. I love Eli. But I watched YAT. And Francis and Phil. Those guys were pretty good in a league that was still allowed to play defense and where quarterbacks were not protected.

Totally agree with this statement, Phil is my QB GOAT, and I do wish you have your health issues under control sir. Best of luck in that regard.
Doomster : 4/15/2017 10:07 pm : link
those of us, who grew up in the era of GMen23, only know the feeling of how low, a team can get.....

The Giants were my a kid, I discovered professional sports in 1959......a Giant and Yankee fan in Red Sox Land....

Your Giant team wins 3 straight Division Championships from '61-'63.....your Yankee team wins 5 straight pennants from '60-'64......your teams are winners.....

Then it all ends in 1964.....the Yanks lose in 7 games....but we still have football to fall back on, right?.....overnight, YA and the Giants went through a time machine and aged instantly....

And then the Dark Ages began.....the Giant organization was pathetic....hiring in house, and poor drafting....there were a few teaser years with Fran.....

It was the same for the Yanks, with the initial collapse under CBS.....At least in the Dark Ages, they recovered quicker under Steinbrenner.....but then, the Yanks went into another drought from '82-'95......I really felt bad for Don Mattingly, that his career was part of that drought....

We have been blessed with Eli......too bad the front office did not give him much to work with these last 5 seasons....

Good Luck, GMen23, with your health issues.....
Marty866b : 4/15/2017 11:17 pm : link
Great post and very accurate on the state of the team. Best of luck to you on your health issues.
As far as the GOAT NYG QB  
GMen23 : 4/16/2017 8:25 am : link
Franís 4 year term with the Giants sandwiched between 13 with the Vikings in the late 60ís produced a 29-27 record. To me heís a Viking. I canít count him, as a Giant. Although, Tarkenton scrambling and finding Homer Jones (he was great), was all we had then.

Only saw the end of YA. But he also had a 15 year career, and came to New york at 34 for only 4 years.. Gotta give it to Eli, with his longevity in Blue.

I canít argue with any one who rates Phil higher, however. Parcellís system was less QB friendly then Gilbrideís. Itís a shame, that Phil was hurt for Hostetlerís, OJ Anderson MVP Super Bowl, late in one of his best seasons.
RE: GMen23 Thanks Marty  
GMen23 : 4/16/2017 8:28 am : link
In comment 13429986 Marty866b said:
Great post and very accurate on the state of the team. Best of luck to you on your health issues.
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