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TE Prospect Michael Roberts' 11 1/2" Hands Make . . . .

TC : 4/18/2017 12:28 am
a regulation football look like a Nerf ball.

If you watch the video below you will likely also be surprised by how small he makes a football look. Included among Sy's honorable mentions, I see things in this kid's abilities that can jump off the screen. Watching him, it's like, "Meh." And you keep watching and all of a sudden it's, "Did you see what he just did!?!?" If he could learn to perform consistently at the level he appears to physically be able to, he could be really special. I view him as someone having a floor of being at least a functional TE, but with a very, very high ceiling if he could put it all together. If the Giants don't bag a TE earlier, I would be excited to see Mr. Roberts taken in the later rounds.

He also happens to have a movie script like inspiring back story, though that's never a good reason to draft a player.

"Toledo's 2016 first-team All-Mac tight end did not have it easy growing up. His father spent time in jail, and he was suspended from elementary school a few times until it was discovered he had a speech impediment and attention deficit disorder. Once that was under control, Roberts did well in high school, though his grades prevented him from receiving a scholarship. He also lost his grandmother to cancer and a younger brother to an accidental shooting. Roberts made his own way as a college student at Toledo, eventually getting eligible to play for the Golden Rockets. He played in five games as a reserve in 2013 (no catches) and nine contests the next year, seeing a bit more playing time (4-65, two TD). Coaches began relying on him in his junior year, starting him once in 12 games (21-234, four TD). As a senior, Roberts became quarterback Logan Woodside's favorite red zone target, scoring 16 times (sixth-most in the FBS) on 45 receptions that covered 533 yards."

Video - ( New Window )
He should use those hands  
Reale01 : 4/18/2017 7:56 am : link
Instead of letting the ball get to his body. Also looks to have some ball security issues. That said, the potential is there.
The one thing he can do  
allstarjim : 4/18/2017 9:36 am : link
is he can block. He is a weapon in that capacity. And he's definitely on my radar. I really, really like him. Those hands are HUGE! When I watched him, I noted that he was slow in and out of his cuts, so I look at him more as a safety valve in the passing game. But I do like him because I think he can help any team and he will be in the league for a long time.
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