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My Mock 2017

Earl the goat : 4/18/2017 8:13 am
1. David Njoku TE Miami
2. Zay Jones WR East Carolina
3. Donta Foreman RB
4. Tanoh Kpassoghen Edge Vilanova
5. Shaq Griffin CB Central Florida
6. Kareem Are OG Florida St
7. Jeremy Ledbetter DT Arkansas

Offense for Eli with 1-2-3
Depth at corner
Developmental project at guard
Tanoh at 4. The type of athlete Reese loves

I know people think drafting WR at 2 is not necessary but Zay Jones may be the best WRbto come out of this draft
Njoku and Jones...  
Torrag : 4/18/2017 8:36 am : link
...when we have one of the elite receiver corps in the NFL. Overkill maybe with many other areas that need to be addressed?

I read an interesting piece on Jones benefitting statistically from being a volume receiver in their scheme. He didn't face elite CB's regularly and gaining separation isn't his forte. That said his athletic numbers tested out top notch, has very good hands, ballskills and contested catch percentages. Strong football character and lineage even if it is cowboys related. I like the talent but I'm not sure we're looking for a WR this early when there will be equally talented pass rushers and DB's galore in this range.

I don't want a 1st Round OL in this class but none until the 6th?

I do like Foreman but worry about his first step/get off and his ball security issues. 3rd Round is fair though.

The Villanova kid has a chance to be a quality starter and that's what you want with your 4th rounder.

Personally I like Shaq Griffin a lot and doubt he'll be there this late. Fast(4.38), agile, long, tough DB's with a track record of ballhawking go high, as do pass rushers. But you never know in the Draft.
Wouldn't be bad  
mrvax : 4/18/2017 8:56 am : link
if you swapped Jones with Oline in round #2.
Hard to argue  
lugnut : 4/18/2017 9:36 am : link
against loading up on O weapons. I like all those guys.

But agree w/ poster it would be good to go OL somewhere in there. We're relatively rich at WR, so maybe Jones takes the hike. Still like him tho.
would be fine  
msh : 4/18/2017 2:23 pm : link
with that if as was already said swap the second round for OL with obj,marshall and shepard and getting a beast of a TE like njoku the WR pick is far too much of a luxury especially with that patchwork at best OL

i can see a team jumping ahead of us to grab njoku as well
but i would love a guy like him in that offence would elevate them overnight
GuzzaBlue : 4/18/2017 2:45 pm : link
I've heard a lot of talk about him recently. For anyone who knows - 1. Any chance he makes it out of rd 3? 2. What the knock on him?-competition?

He seems like a great upside pick. He's smart and has multiple degrees and good motor. Of course the size is there. I've seen mocks with him going in the 2nd.
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