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NFT: Surgery for hip labrum and impingement - what to expect?

OBJ_AllDay : 4/18/2017 11:21 pm
Was hoping the good people of BBI could help with this as I know there are probably some that have had the procedure. I am a big time runner who's been on the shelf the last several months with what felt like a pulled groin, snapping in my hip and a dull ache in the glutes. Finally decided to pull the trigger on the surgery since the groin pain and lack of range of motion in my leg and hip has driven me nuts. I have been doing the stairnaster at high intensity as the short choppy steps don't seem to bother it much but anything with a long stride or lateral movement gives it hell. So finally opted for my first surgery ever this Friday.

The ride side has since given me some very mild discomfort as well in the Hip and achy in the glute region but range of motion is not limited in that leg and I don't have any clicking or catching of the hip. Some very mild groin ache. I may be overcompensating but am not worried about that side too much right now. Hopefully I won't need a second surgery down the road...

Now to my BBI runners - what should I expect in terms of recovery and post opp? Everything I have read makes me think it will be a very lengthy process. Was anyone able to run feeling close to 100% 4 months after surgery?
DavidinBMNY : 4/18/2017 11:35 pm : link
My surgeon informed me i was in the 5% worst case group. So I'm not the guy to give you good news here. The analogy I was given is that for most people the surgery after rehab is like a tire change. I was told I'm on a permanent donut.

I can run again. But My per minute time on a good day is really slow like 11 minutes. This is compared to around 9 minutes pre injury.

And I will never get that back.

Even now (I had the surgery in Jan of 2013) I still feel a pull in the area. It doesn't hurt. It used to really hurt, but it doesn't feel right. I guess I'd say constant mild discomfort in certain positions (not standing / not walking) trumps pain.

The good news, is it's unlikely your in the 5% case.
do the surgery, hips are easy to work on with today's  
gtt350 : 4/19/2017 12:35 am : link
technology. You must have an excellent surgeon though. locally i would recommend Dr.Hari Bezwada Princeton Othopaedic group, google them.
I have had my hips replaced but at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore . you don't need replacement but these guys are terrific. I play tennis 3 times a week zero pain. a damn miracle. best of luck
My friend's son had this done  
Eli Wilson : 4/19/2017 11:05 am : link
He is a big-time college baseball player. Had the surgery performed two years ago after his season(mid-May) and was good to go at pretty much full strength when the Fall "season" (early Sep) started up.

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