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NFT: A friend of mine

I Love Clams Casino : 4/20/2017 3:22 pm
wants a recommendation for a diet pill -

He said to ask them the "best one" and then ask "why"

Ahhhh yes, the ol'  
Beezer : 4/20/2017 3:23 pm : link
"a friend of mine" advice thread. lol
Are you really the  
pjcas18 : 4/20/2017 3:24 pm : link
Here's your diet pill by way of some advice...  
Torrag : 4/20/2017 3:25 pm : link
...shut yer trap and stop eating Clams Casino and you'll drop a few pounds ya fat bastard.
The answer is  
JonC : 4/20/2017 3:26 pm : link
learn how to eat a healthy, proper diet with portion control.
FatMan in Charlotte : 4/20/2017 3:28 pm : link
give them speed. Talk to some MLB guys from the 70's for their sources.
This'll do it!  
x meadowlander : 4/20/2017 3:28 pm : link
and exercise  
JonC : 4/20/2017 3:31 pm : link
you lazy bastid.
mrvax : 4/20/2017 3:32 pm : link
always want a diet pill.
The old 714  
prh : 4/20/2017 3:35 pm : link
Brings backs memories [I think]
my neighbor said to try the  
YAJ2112 : 4/20/2017 3:35 pm : link
stopbeingafatfuck pill. Heard it works wonders.
So how's this going?  
Beezer : 4/20/2017 3:46 pm : link
RE: So how's this going?  
I Love Clams Casino : 4/20/2017 4:20 pm : link
In comment 13436001 Beezer said:

Haha...I freakin told the guy...told him exactly what was gonna happen....
B in ALB : 4/20/2017 4:22 pm : link
Link - ( New Window )
WillVAB : 4/20/2017 9:21 pm : link
By EHP labs.

Good energy boost, appetite suppressant, etc.
fkap : 4/21/2017 8:22 am : link
for the win.

weight control, for the vast majority of people is really simple. If you're convinced that there's a magic pill, just accept you're going to be fat forever.
Diet pills are a scam. Doesn't mean there aren't real options though.  
GiantFilthy : 4/21/2017 8:27 am : link
Find me a fat person who has been on meth for a while.
FatMan in Charlotte : 4/21/2017 8:40 am : link
meth head:

Cosmo Mag syas  
jpennyva : 4/21/2017 8:44 am : link
cancer and chemo are a good way to lose weight. I kid you not. They got a ton of shit for that, and rightly so.

While I KNOW eating healthy and portion control are the key (as is exercise), I wish someone would explain that to my taste buds. It can be particularly hard when your husband is an amazing cook. I love this time of year, though, since we cook out more often (grilled vegetables are my favorite).
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