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NFT: Are your devices listening and sending SPAM?

Now I know I'm not crazy, and perhaps this is a coincidence, but I really don't think so...

Have you ever had a verbal discussion about a very specific product or service, without searching anything on the internet, and then, say a day or two later, received SPAM e-mails or saw internet pop-up ads for the very thing you discussed?

eg;...."Hon, I really want my own jackhammer."

Two days later "Browse our huge selection of jackhammers!......GREAT prices!"
Certain devices can pick up buzzwords  
UConn4523 : 8:13 am : link
and retarget you. There's also ways to track your browser history on your computer and assume your other devices are used by the same person, so that could be a reason for it as well.
Yes in fact...  
EricJ : 8:16 am : link
We know that Siri is always listening. I have had my phone on my desk talking to someone on a wired phone line in my office. Siri hears me say something and she is responding....talking back to me.
Facebook messenger, if you have it on your phone, always listens  
Bockman : 8:50 am : link
Along with many other apps. And your SmartTV. And pretty much everything these days.
bc0312 : 9:13 am : link
Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Home, etc are always in listening mode.
I thought it was just me  
antdog24 : 9:16 am : link
One day  
spike : 9:17 am : link
Your google home or Alexa will spy on you in your own homes
I wish  
spike : 9:18 am : link
My wife and kids listen to me like these devices
A co worker and I were having a discussion  
RobCrossRiver56 : 10:40 am : link
regarding a up coming black tie event. he mentioned several times that he wanted to go just didn't have a black tie. And then the hassle to getting one.

Later we were reviewing a client file and had to Google something. All the adds and banners were for black ties.

He has an I phone w/ Siri
You can turn this off  
sshin05 : 11:05 am : link
most apps ask for permission to have access to your microphone. So you have to make a deliberate decision to allow this to happen. This is also on almost all devices including new tv sets.
Thats explains it.  
WideRight : 12:49 pm : link
Had a few drinks two nights ago, ordered a Black Russian.

Yesterday there a knock on my door.......
RE: I wish  
mrvax : 4:21 pm : link
In comment 13436951 spike said:
My wife and kids listen to me like these devices

If you can take away their smart phones, they will!
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