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NFT: Anyone else experience some MTA delays this morning?

Giantology : 4/21/2017 11:05 am
The criminal organization that is the MTA is so fucked. Greatest city in the world with the transit system of a 3rd world country. Keep raising those fares!
Semipro Lineman : 4/21/2017 11:08 am : link
it was just you.
My admin did  
MetsAreBack : 4/21/2017 11:13 am : link

MTA is obviously poorly run and corrupt, but shit like this is unfortunately going to happen once in a while no matter how well a transit company is run.
The physical system is 100 years old  
NoPeanutz : 4/21/2017 11:53 am : link
underfunded and neglected for most of that history. It's a miracle it runs at all. Raising the fare by a few cents every couple of years since the 1990s and shuffling a few administrative deckchairs won't do the trick. Even if you fixed the incompetence at the top and trimmed the fat in the workforce, that would still only be a finger in the dyke, doing nothing to upgrade facilities, fix decrepit tunnels and tracks, or improve switching and signalling.

The only thing that will substantially improve service is patience (time) and money, both of which must come from the customer. Even if the MTA was adequately funded, you would still have to wait decades for the physical infrastructure to be upgraded.
The Dude : 4/21/2017 11:59 am : link
it was ConEds fault
I think you're being a little harsh on the MTA  
Sonic Youth : 4/21/2017 12:01 pm : link
NYC has one of the few 24/7 subway systems for a city its size in the world. And Albany loves to rob those coffers.

It needs to be updated, yes, but that's a huge undertaking.
Eh, I don't think it's that harsh  
Giantology : 4/21/2017 12:06 pm : link
Sure, maybe my anger is misguided (though that tends to happen when your 40 minute commute turns into a 120 minute commute), but... the MTA is still definitely awful and in dire need of an overhaul.
Con Ed outage  
JonC : 4/21/2017 12:38 pm : link
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