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Predicting Sy56 CB Review Top 20

Earl the goat : 12:42 pm
1. Marshon Lattimore
2. Quincey Wilson
3. Gareon Conley
4. Kevin King
5.Adoree Jackson
6.Tredarious White
7.Fabian Moreau
8.Marlon Humphrey
9.Shaq Griffin
10. Jalen Myrick
11. Rasoul Douglass
12. Ahkello Witherspoon
13. Teez Tabor
14. Cordrea Tankersky
15. Corn Elder
16. Jeremy Cutrer
17. Jourdan Lewis
18. Howard Wilson
19.Domantee Kazee

I do not know where to put Sidney Jones but prior to the injury he would've been number 2
Chidobe Awuzie has to be in there somewhere.  
Klaatu : 12:58 pm : link
But probably not my favorite "sleeper" CB, Nate Hairston.
I know he's high  
lugnut : 12:59 pm : link
on Q. Wilson.

Wouldn't be surprised if Humphrey, Cutrer, and/or Lewis are higher.
He will have Jourdan Lewis much higher that that  
Amtoft : 1:14 pm : link
that is my guess at least
RE: Chidobe Awuzie has to be in there somewhere.  
Earl the goat : 1:15 pm : link
In comment 13437372 Klaatu said:
But probably not my favorite "sleeper" CB, Nate Hairston.

Wow. My bad. I left him out

I'd put him at 4 and move everyone down. Thx
I'll give it a shot.  
allstarjim : 1:52 pm : link
I think they will come off the board pretty close to this. Maybe flip White and King.

1. Marshon Lattimore
2. Gareon Conley
3. Tre'Davious White
4. Kevin King
5. Quincey Wilson
6. Chadubie Awuzie
7. Cordrea Tankersky
8. Adoree Jackson
9. Marlon Humphrey
10. Sidney Jones
11. Ahkello Witherspoon
12. Jourdan Lewis
13. Fabian Moreau
14. Rasoul Douglas
15. Howard Wilson
16. Teez Tabor
17. Corn Elder
18. Domantee Kazee
19. Jalen Myrick
20. Jeremy Cutrer
21. Shaq Griffin

Jourdan Lewis will be in the top 10  
I wanted to put him higher  
allstarjim : 1:59 pm : link
myself, that being Lewis. Starts getting difficult. From about 6-13 they can really be shuffled around, I believe.
My Guess: I dont think he has Lattimore in his top 3  
est1986 : 2:52 pm : link
This is the first  
FOXLIN : 10:23 pm : link
Mock of a scouting report I've seen.... that's pretty cool. Good work
I picture  
Nomad Crow on the Madison : 4/22/2017 11:30 am : link
Adoree Jackson much lower on the scale. Great athlete, but questionable CB skills.
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