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NFT: RIP Jim Hall (Giants PA Announcer)

jd311 : 6/16/2017 10:13 am
This guy along with Bob Sheppard was the narration of my childhood for the most part. Many memories sitting up top with my Grandfather, father, and uncle. (Most of the time we were trying to figure out if the PA announcer was Bob or Jim)

Thank you Jim!
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pganut : 6/16/2017 2:20 pm : link
What a nice gentleman. I brought my sons up for the game against Houston a couple of years ago when they were nine. My boys held the door open for him entering the stadium, not knowing who he was, but he was appreciative (he was using a walker at the time). He saw my sons in their Giants jerseys, so he started talking to them and was so engaging. The thrill for all of us was that not only did he show the boys his SB XLII ring, but he let each of them put it on and allowed me to snap some photos. We'll miss his voice and his presence at MetLife.
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