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NFT: It Comes at Night (probably some spoilers)

Beezer : 6/19/2017 9:16 am
Saw this film yesterday.

Among reactions throughout and after:

1. Halfway through: OK, so ... something HAS to actually occur soon, right?

2. Two-thirds through: Well, here we are two-thirds through. That's a long time for a monotonous build-up to something actually occurring. But we're in it this far, so ...

3. Three-quarters through: So, the dog runs off barking his ass off. The son chases. Suddenly the dog stops barking. They decide not to check out why.

4. 90 percent through: So something is finally happening. Well, kinda?

5. Roll the credits. Stare at screen. Look to the left where the rest of my family is staring at the screen. Then at one another. Then back at the screen. Then we all laugh and agree: WTF did we just watch?

The film is getting good numbers on Rotten Tomatoes but just around a half of viewers are rating it above a 2.5 out of 5. I give it a 1.5.

I think it tried hard to be something, but just never got there. While a typical story arc in a good film sees a rise to some sort of climax, this one was so flat-line the entire time that even when we reach the climactic scene, we knew we were going there all along, and it was just a matter of when, and disappointingly, the HOW we got there was simply empty.

I read one brief review that said essentially this: There is sometimes more value and terror in what we DON'T see than in what we see.

Well, true. But this film didn't do that well, imo.

My son said, on the way to the theater, that he liked the fact that the trailers didn't seem to give away too much. We agreed after watching it ... the reason or that was because there wasn't much to give away!

PS - What the hell happened to the dog!!!???
Want to add this ...  
Beezer : 6/19/2017 10:04 am : link
... visually, the film was solid.
the imagination  
gm7b5 : 6/19/2017 11:20 am : link
is the scariest movie ever, maybe theyre leaving it to you to finish your own movie ill save the forty bucks though, or whatever a movie ticket costs these days. thanks
I saw it last week  
MookGiants : 6/19/2017 11:32 am : link
Both of us had the same reaction as you, what the hell just happened, and waiting for things to pick up during. Complete waste of time and money. Shocked it got decent marks on rotten tomatoes.

The dog got sick so they had to kill the dog and burn him
Mook, right ...  
Beezer : 6/19/2017 11:58 am : link
I realize the dog got sick, but the dog was freaking out, doing what a dog is supposed to do, protecting its people, then it runs off and the son chases and within what, 15 seconds, the dog stops barking and there was some kind of a sound - we were led to believe "something happened" to the dog. As in, it confronted a person, or monster or something, that silenced it.

Then it later shows up bloody and panting and sick.

THAT? Was the illness??? Makes no sense to me.

And who the F opened the damn door? The sick little boy? Sleep walking? His parents said he doesn't sleep walk, but ... the fuck? So, he got sick from the dog???

Yeah, I ...

I think the exact same words were spoken by us: What did we just watch???
Oh, and ...  
Beezer : 6/19/2017 12:01 pm : link
WHAT comes at night?

The guy?

The illness?

Dreams of the illness?


The goddamn dog?

Save your money.  
Beezer : 6/19/2017 12:02 pm : link
Watch the trailer.

There you go.

That's IT!
I'm always leery  
Gman11 : 6/19/2017 6:17 pm : link
of movies that get rave reviews from critics and lousy ones from the general public. That tells me to stay away.
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