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NFT: NFT: FBB trade do you think Cespedes will stay healthy?

superspynyg : 7/14/2017 9:21 am
And perform! Mets fans want to hear your take but all advise is wanted.

I trade SP Dan Straily and Martin Gonzalez
I get
Zimmerman and Cespedes

Normally anno brainer but the hamstring scares me.

My team currently
C Realmuto
1b Morrison
2b LeMehue
3b Gonzalez
SS Chris Owens
OF Dickerson
OF Cruz
OF Gennett (2b and 3b)
Util Alonzo
Util Holliday
Bn Cargo
Bn Castro (on DL till tomorrow)
Bn Healy

SP Scherzer
SP Bumgardner (DL back tomorrow)
RP Kimbrel
Rp Britton
P Duffy
P Nelson
Bn Straily
Bn Hernandez
Bn Gray
BN Fiers

The two players I will drop for the DL are Fiers and Healy

I want Zimmerman but scared of Cespedes injury.

Cespedes is a lottery  
Metnut : 7/14/2017 9:27 am : link
ticket. You have a chance to get top 10 OF production rest of season but who really knows. I think he's a great buy low candidate.

I'd be careful with Zimmerman. He's due for regression in the second half, has been a huge injury risk himself, and isn't certain to outperform Morrison rest of season.
good thoughts  
superspynyg : 7/14/2017 9:53 am : link
Would you do this trade though? Yes or No?
I'm not sure what your scoring  
Metnut : 7/14/2017 10:30 am : link
format is, but I think that Zimmerman and Marwin Gonzales are sort of similar guys for 2nd half. Both had monster first halves, somewhat likely to regress, so you hope for the best with each. Seems like you like Zimmerman over Gonzales and that's fine.

Cespedes has a chance to provide a lot more value than Strailey down the stretch, even if it's risky. Your pitching looks pretty good as is, so I'd make the trade.
I could try and get Yelisch instead of Cespedes  
superspynyg : 7/14/2017 11:04 am : link
Thoughts on him?
I suspect Cespedes  
allstarjim : 7/14/2017 11:11 am : link
Is going to have a big 2nd half. He's too good a hitter not to. And he's healthy now. I think the All Star Game rest is going to benefit him.
Trade update  
superspynyg : 7/14/2017 12:54 pm : link
He pulled back on Cespedes so we did a straight up Marwin Gonzalez for Zimmerman.
This trade won't hurt me  
superspynyg : 7/14/2017 12:55 pm : link
But could help me. Probably a wash
That's fine.  
MetsAreBack : 7/14/2017 3:34 pm : link
Cespedes seems more interested in body-building than in being a baseball player this year. Take a look at his body this year versus the summer the Mets acquired him two years ago. Much thicker.

You don't need to be built like Adonis to hit home runs and its wreaked havoc on his hamstrings all year. Fine, he's getting healthier and he'll likely get hot at some point - but he could also injure one again too and with the Mets firmly out of things, they may just shut him down the next reoccurrence.
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