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Watching the game on your phone?

JFIB : 9/7/2017 5:37 pm
Hey All, gonna be riding out the hurricane on Sunday night and watching the game on my Verizon phone may be the only way. Does any one know how to do that? Can I project it to the TV via Apple TV? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
You can watch but not cast.  
HoustonGiant : 9/7/2017 6:02 pm : link
To watch is free (no data, no fee, nada) but it will not let you cast to a TV. I di not try to do it via XBox 1 or a computer, but I did try it through my TV and projector which have bluetooth.
You mean....  
Tom [Giants fan] : 9/7/2017 6:21 pm : link
it's football on your phone????

Be safe!!
What cable carrier  
Pete in MD : 9/7/2017 6:44 pm : link
to you have at home? Directv and Comcast both have streaming apps and you can usually use Apple TV to get it on a real television. It should be easier since it's a nationally televised game.
Was wondering the same thing  
Ben in Tampa : 9/7/2017 6:49 pm : link
will DirectTV app live stream the SNF telecast?

I know Sunday Ticket won't broadcast it because its the primetime game...
I've been trying my direct TV app  
JFIB : 9/7/2017 9:09 pm : link
And it won't work for the live local broadcast which is what sundays game will be. Same station and everything. Anybody know anything about a Verizon deal with the NFL for game viewing?
its a shame  
Simms : 9/8/2017 7:55 am : link
One season I used the app to watch Giant away games. Not living in the NYC area anymore was able to watch my fair share of games.

Watch a preseason game with a link from Reddit was okay.
How does it work during the season anyone know?
SNF Stream  
gntman : 9/8/2017 8:21 am : link
You might want to try the NBC Sports app. I think it streams the Sunday Night games.
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