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Archived Thread Writers' Gut Feeling for Tonight's Game...

M.S. : 9/10/2017 12:14 pm
They all see a close game. Very quick summary (that doesn't really do justice to the key points each one makes):

Bryan Broaddus
"...Cowboys offense finds the balance they were missing last season... and walk away with a 21-17 victory to start the season."

David Helman
"...Dak can move the offense into place for a few touchdowns... Dallas defense can manage at least one stop when it counts. Iíve got the Cowboys opening with a win Ė something like 24-20.

Nick Eatman
"...I see Ezekiel Elliott going off in a way we havenít seen against the Giants in a while... 200-yard all-purpose game... Iím seeing the Cowboys winning a close one, 26-24. "

Rob Phillips
"...I think this game will be higher scoring than most people think... (and Dallas) offense will do a better job of managing down-and-distance...a close Cowboys win."

Gut Feeling: Writersí Final Preview Of Cowboys-Giants - ( New Window )
BleedBlue : 9/10/2017 12:16 pm : link
without OBJ those are fair. with OBJ

"giants kick the shit out of the cowboys"
A 200 yard game from Elliott is homer talk  
Ten Ton Hammer : 9/10/2017 12:18 pm : link
RE: A 200 yard game from Elliott is homer talk  
BleedBlue : 9/10/2017 12:19 pm : link
In comment 13590108 Ten Ton Hammer said:

ya i agree
I see a close game also  
fivehead : 9/10/2017 12:24 pm : link
A bunch of stalled drives by the Giants, holding by the Cowboys O-line that goes uncalled, phantom penalties against the Giants, and a whole bunch of knob-gobbling of Dak and Zeke by the announcers.
fivehead, you are spot on! After Jerrah bought off the courts to get  
SterlingArcher : 9/10/2017 12:44 pm : link
Elliot on the field does anyone think that money doesn't stretch to the officials!
I don't see a close game.  
larryflower37 : 9/10/2017 12:46 pm : link
Giants defense plays like the best Defense in the league and shuts them down.
Physical statement game both sides of the ball.

Giants play old smack down football
RE: RE: A 200 yard game from Elliott is homer talk  
Pete in MD : 9/10/2017 8:09 pm : link
In comment 13590112 BleedBlue said:
In comment 13590108 Ten Ton Hammer said:



ya i agree

Haha, 200 all-purpose yards. How many times did he do that last year? I think maybe once.
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