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Offensive Gameplan made no sense

BigBlueDownTheShore : 9/11/2017 8:23 am
I understand Dallas' secondary is completely new, but we didn't do our offensive line any favors by being so pass heavy. I don't have the numbers in front of me but I would say we were 80% passing to 20% running (could be more skewed to the pass).

Dallas' defensive front was starting backups and we were getting 3 to 4 yards a run. Do your offense line a favor and run the ball to establish the run. Then the passing game would have opened up. The defense was just Ting off on the oline since there was no threat of a run. It was poor coaching last night.
Yeah i didnt like the sprrad em out approach  
nygiants16 : 9/11/2017 8:31 am : link
you are missing your star wide receiver, and replaced him with possession receivers..

use your new tight ends and try to pound the ball a little bkt, especially after a couple of 3 and outs and your defense is tired. make dallas respect the run and that would open up marshall and shep and engram...

lee was not falling for any pkay fakes he knew the giants were passing, i understand doing it when you have beckham but with out him you have to rely on running the ball
It was absolutely brutal.  
Britt in VA : 9/11/2017 8:32 am : link
Our offense is the worst I've seen in as long as I can remember.
McAdoo is just not a good coach  
Rflairr : 9/11/2017 8:36 am : link
. Can't keep hiding it
Run the ball? Run the ball?  
Doomster : 9/11/2017 8:43 am : link
Are you freakin' serious?
worst i've  
japanhead : 9/11/2017 8:46 am : link
seen since 2013. that offensive was just as bad as the one i saw last night-- maybe worse.
RE: Run the ball? Run the ball?  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 9/11/2017 8:48 am : link
In comment 13593437 Doomster said:
Are you freakin' serious?

Yeah when 3 starters are out on the defensive front, I expect us to run a ton more. We gave up before we even tried and we weren't half bad. Instead we abandoned it and got in 3rd and longs.
Either run more, or throw the ball downfield  
Bob in Newburgh : 9/11/2017 9:19 am : link
We were not getting stuffed, yet we made no commitment to the run.

Throwing the ball downfield is often more about height + vertical + identify single coverage + QB accurate enough to give receiver a better path to the ball. In Ellison, Engram, Marshall we have the vertical and in Manning we supposedly have the vision and accuracy.

However, Manning played scared last night and I wouldn't have given you 2 cents for last night's version.

A different way of putting this  
Bob in Newburgh : 9/11/2017 10:29 am : link
Why did we not try the same stuff Brandon Marshall vs. whoever as Dallas did Bryant vs. "Jackrabbit?"
Was there an offensive  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 9/11/2017 10:33 am : link

It was painful to watch.
RE: Run the ball? Run the ball?  
TheMick7 : 9/11/2017 10:33 am : link
In comment 13593437 Doomster said:
Are you freakin' serious?

Sometimes,it's who runs the ball. Darkwa is an RB who can make something out of nothing, yet only saw the field for 8 total plays!
I agree,  
Simms11 : 9/11/2017 11:07 am : link
there's no identity to this offense and 0 rhythm. Now, they do have a bunch of new faces on O and perhaps they need a little time to build chemistry, at least one can only hope?! But, I do agree that they just appear constantly out of synch. The Giants offense needs to look more like the Dallas offense for it to be successful. Short dink and dunk, get the ball out faster and run the ball when necessary. It almost appears that they are stuck in mud and everything is moving in slow motion.
RE: McAdoo is just not a good coach  
spike : 9/11/2017 11:17 am : link
In comment 13593413 Rflairr said:
. Can't keep hiding it

TC was a far superior HC than Quakadoo
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