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Welcome to The Corner Forum

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/26/2007 4:36 pm
Welcome to The Corner Forum of! Before you begin posting on this website, there are a few basic things that you should know:

Technical Issues - Becoming a Member of The Corner Forum:

In order to post in The Corner Forum, you must (1) register for an account and (2) log in.

With respect to the first point, go to the blue menu bar right below the website's logo. When you place your mouse over "Log In", a drop-down menu will appear. Select the "Register" option. This is where you pick your screen name (handle), your desired password, and enter a valid e-mail address. Once you click "submit", you should quickly receive by e-mail your user ID number and temporary password (not to be confused with the password you picked). You need to activate your account with this information before the end of the day or your registration information will be automatically deleted. If you don't activate your account in time, you would then have to re-register.

How do you activate your account? Click the activation link in the e-mail that you receive or select "Activate User" in the "Log In" drop-down menu. Enter your user ID and activation code (temporary password). Now your account is active and permanent. You can now log in.

To log in, click on "Log In" on the blue menu bar, enter either your user ID number or handle, plus the password that you selected (you no longer need your temporary password).

By the way, if you forget your log in information, there is an automatic retrieval system in the "Log In" drop-down menu.

Technical Issues - How to Use The Forum:

When you are in The Corner Forum, you can sort information in a variety of ways. In the blue menu bar under the site logo, place your mouse over "Corner Forum". Here you can choose to sort by "All Threads", "Football Threads", "Non-Football Threads", and "My Threads". All are pretty self-explanatory. Just keep this in mind: once you select a certain option, most computers will maintain that option until you select a new one. In other words, if you select "Non-Football Threads", you will only see non-football threads until you select another option.

In the next blue menu bar down, you can also sort by "Started by" (this lists threads in the chronological order they were started), "Views" (the threads with the most views), "Posts" (the threads with the most posts), and "Last Post" (the thread with the latest response). The "Last Post" option is particularly popular as it allows members to see where the most current discussions are ongoing. Keep in mind, just like the other menu, that once you select an option, that setting will be maintained until you pick another. So if you select "Last Post", you won't necessarily see the latest threads.

There is a "Search" function on this lower blue menu bar, plus the option to "Start a New Discussion". You can also delete threads that you start (this option is at the bottom of any thread that you authored).

So You're Ready to Post - Not So Fast!

The Corner Forum can be pretty rough on a newcomer (newbie). Like any pre-existing social grouping, there are all kinds of official and unofficial rules of engagement. Obviously it is impossible for a newcomer to fully understand the social dynamics at play. If you want to jump in head first, without looking, do so at your own risk. Otherwise, we suggest the following:
  • Spend at least a day or two reading posts before actually posting. This will help to acclimatize you to how members interact. Like anywhere else, there are some great people on this site and there are some jerks. Don't let anyone dissuade you from participating, but be aware that they are out there. Some people like to talk tough from the safety of their parents' basement (or computer room at the insane asylum). There are some cliques on the site that engage in a mob mentality at times. Ignore them.
  • "Rah-rah" threads are generally frowned upon. When talking football, this is a place for more serious football discussion. Members like quality posts backed up with logical arguments or factual information.
  • When starting a thread, choose a good thread title. Choosing a crappy, non-descriptive thread title is a big no-no. It pisses people off.
  • Don't start a thread on a particular subject that is already being discussed on a recently started thread. Starting such a thread can be construed as you wanting to start a "look-at-me" thread. How can you quickly check if there is an ongoing discussion? Use the "Search" or "Last Post" features. If you miss it, don't worry. It's not the end of the world. And there is a delete function at the bottom of any thread that you start.
  • Most importantly, don't make things personal. If someone disagrees with you, be the bigger person. Don't launch into personal attacks and don't respond to personal attacks. This is one of the easiest ways to get into trouble around here.
Have we scared you off? We hope not. This is a great place. Why? Because it is more than a sports bulletin board, it is a real dynamic community. Since The Forum was established in 1997, uncountable friendships and acquaintances have been made that impact the lives of our members in very real and positive ways. The site is not just popular with fans, but journalists, team officials, and players and their families. There are some really good discussions here.

Questions You May Have:
  • This is supposed to be a football site. Why are there so many non-football threads (NFT's)? Because this is a community, people talk about more than football. Consider it a cyber-bar where folks can talk about practically anything. Need advice on a home theater setup? Ask away. Want to share an experience about serving in Iraq? No problem. Just keep in mind there is a BBI Terms of Use Policy and certain topics are prohibited. These are pretty obvious. Also, if a thread gets out of hand (i.e., too politically or religiously charged), it will be deleted.
  • OK, fine, but what if I don't want to see the NFT's? Easy, simply sort by "Football Threads".
  • How do I gain acceptance from the regulars? Don't be a jerk. Don't try to make a big splash at first. Make quality posts. People will then look forward to reading your stuff. Also keep in mind that if you write something outlandish or not supported by the evidence, you are going to get called on it. So be prepared.
  • What if I feel like I'm being personally harassed by another poster? There is a fine line here. Just because someone disagrees with you and/or always disagrees with you does not mean that person is "harassing" you. At the same time, personal attacks are not allowed. If you are being personally attacked, e-mail the editor at with a link to the thread, and the time and date of the offending posts. But you had better have solid examples of repeated problems.
  • Spamming and promotion of commercial products and charities are not allowed! You cannot use BBI to promote commercial or charitable activities without our permission. And members cannot use BBI to sell tickets. Not only does this junk up the site, but it's a legal issue for us.
So welcome aboard! We hope you become a valued and trusted member of this community.
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