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Jacobs Plows Landry (.gif)

angeloj2 : 9/5/2008 12:02 am
16 games  
JoeMP2003 : 9/5/2008 12:05 am : link
thats the only stat that will matter with him

If he does he will have an amazing season.

And that was incredible  
JoeMP2003 : 9/5/2008 12:05 am : link
that one vs Woodson is a tough call
Osi Osi Osi OyOyOy : 9/5/2008 12:07 am : link
Landry is a stud too, makes the hit even more impressive.

But how scary is it for a DB to see a 6'5" 265lb monster running right at you.
"I wish I can tell you Laron Landry  
kiwi : 9/5/2008 12:08 am : link
fought the good fight. I wish I can tell you that."
Landry is the Skins enforcer  
j_rud : 9/5/2008 12:08 am : link
and he just got his teeth knocked out.
That is insanity......  
kmed : 9/5/2008 12:08 am : link
Landry only slows Jacobs down a little bit as he goes flying backwards. Jacobs is so damn nasty, I love it.
Shockeyisthebest80 : 9/5/2008 12:09 am : link
tripped over the carcass.
I saw a body just get leveled  
regulator : 9/5/2008 12:09 am : link
in Jacobs' path from section 139 (he was running towards our endzone), and didn't know it was Landry.

I know he's definitely capable of that kind of impact on a regular basis, but I was still damn impressed, especially now knowing who he ran over.

Football's back, baby...and so are the GGGGGG-MEN!

Looking forward to more of this, no doubt.
ShockNRoll : 9/5/2008 12:54 am : link
i was right above you in 339 and saw the same thing. just a body flop, then when he got up and i saw the #30, i commented to my redskin fan friend that his boy landry just got lit up.
better 1  
CaLLaHaN : 9/5/2008 1:15 am : link
is it me  
sshin05 : 9/5/2008 1:20 am : link
or do i just feel sorry that landry just got posterized in front of america.
Better, far better than the Woodson clocking and more impressive.  
BlueLou : 9/5/2008 1:24 am : link
On the Woodson shot BJac drove his shoulder deliberately into Woodson.

The Landry shot above is a freaking forearm blow, not a shoulder! That is ffffing amazing arm strength and really all BJac is doing there, I suspect, is protecting his legs...

Yet still he pancakes Landry like he's a rag doll.

Sabol's already got one of his prize shots for 2008.
I'd bet better than 50%  
BlueLou : 9/5/2008 1:27 am : link
of all NFL players (at least those who watched tonight's game) rewatched that one 3-4 times.

BJac is good for the whole league, not just for the Giants.
Lionhart28 : 9/5/2008 1:30 am : link
Haha I was watching the game with my Dad and I said the exact same thing. Man Jacobs just tripped over his carcass.
I'd say its better than the Woodson blow considering that  
armsteadeatslittlekids : 9/5/2008 1:36 am : link
Laron Landry is considered one of the harder hitters in football and Jacobs almost kept it going. Woodson crumbled on that play but he also managed to stop Jacobs. Or at least entice him into burying him in the ground.
Landry should have gottten flagged  
Phil in LA : 9/5/2008 1:41 am : link
for leg whipping Jacobs on that one.
i love it  
AgentZero : 9/5/2008 1:49 am : link
Jacobs gets hit by a DB at full speed, flattens him while be leg whipped with a defender on his back and still manages to get 6 yards after.
Some coach at Auburn must've been a really dumb  
BlueLou : 9/5/2008 2:01 am : link
sucka not to not make BJ their #1 RB.
jacobs was like a split second away from breaking  
TheGreek : 9/5/2008 5:45 am : link
some LONG runs for tds in this game. i wanna say at least 3 times.
should have been  
chris r : 9/5/2008 5:46 am : link
this one is better than the Woodson one  
chris r : 9/5/2008 5:46 am : link
Woodson is a CB - Landry is one of the hardest hitting safeties in the league.
um BlueLou  
nyynyg : 9/5/2008 5:49 am : link
it is because that "dumb" Auburn coach, as you say, also had Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown on the depth chart ahead of him. And if you look at their stats in college, I think their coach made the right decision.
Landry has to be hurting after this game.  
idinkido : 9/5/2008 6:24 am : link
The guy may be suffering from whiplash and a concussion for the next several weeks. If he shows no signs of injury after this game I will be amazed. Landry is a warrior and also very talented so I do hope that he is O.K.
he ran over  
B in ALB : 9/5/2008 7:07 am : link
his fuckin face. i kept envisioning speed lines and tire tracks coming off Jacobs. he's a fuckin horse.
I like how  
Mark C : 9/5/2008 7:09 am : link
he stepped on Landry's chest after the hit...
What Tuck said  
giantfanboy : 9/5/2008 7:11 am : link
"I'm just glad that guy's on my team," defensive end Justin Tuck said about Jacobs. "He ran over a guy while a guy was on his back, too. That's hard to do. That's what you get when you have a running back that looks like a lineman. I don't know what to tell you other than I'm glad I don't have to tackle him."
Look like what BJAC did to Charles Woodson on  
rebel yell : 9/5/2008 7:15 am : link
the first play of NFC Champiosnhip game--only MUCH worse! Look at how hard Landry's head hits the ground. It bounces back up about a half-a-foot. Wow!
I like how he  
Randy in CT : 9/5/2008 7:27 am : link
barely slowed down!
I've been trying to make a psot for the last 15 minutes.  
Motley Blue : 9/5/2008 9:04 am : link
I just couldn't stop staring at the gif's above.
Loved it!  
Bake54 : 9/5/2008 9:06 am : link
Highlight reel play.
When I saw it live, I thought that guy looks unusually large compared  
buford : 9/5/2008 9:17 am : link
to everyone else. Like he was in the wrong scale or something. Scary.
You can see Plax in the background  
BlueLou42 : 9/5/2008 9:36 am : link
then laughing.
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