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I found some information about

OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 10:04 am
Did you find it  
Davisian : 9/26/2008 10:05 am : link
In the other thread?
So the Mason guy is the actual site owner?!  
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 10:06 am : link
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 10:07 am : link
Bino5 : 9/26/2008 10:08 am : link
no from WHOIS  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 10:08 am : link
I just went to that site and read that 9/11 thread  
Jints in Carolina : 9/26/2008 10:15 am : link
I actually want to throw up.
I spoke to ...  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 10:22 am : link
both the Seahawks and Go daddy about the site. The Go daddy people seemed to be pissed off about it.
what did the seahwaks say?  
Jints in Carolina : 9/26/2008 10:27 am : link
they would look into it...  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 10:32 am : link
I own a software engineering company and we have all our clients domains(300+)managed by go daddy. I told them if they didn't do anything about this... we might move to the TZO service (their competitor)
dorgan : 9/26/2008 10:42 am : link
while you're on a crusade, you can nail Robert Browning that's listed on Whois very easily.
The dumbass used his work email address.
It appears to be a speed shop.

I'll bet the owner will be real pleased he's using his work email address to administer a website with crap like that on it.

Great Job  
WideRight : 9/26/2008 10:42 am : link
I don't think that jerk expected to be held accountable for his offenses. My compliments to those at this site who can make a difference.
I'm takin' it to the STREETS!  
Joey in VA : 9/26/2008 10:46 am : link
Or at least Craigslist in NYC to get people pissed.

Screw That!!  
Mr Blue : 9/26/2008 10:46 am : link
One of you bright? Young?? Handsome?????????????? PC Experts should get this to the Giants offices pronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just contacted the front office on it. ...  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 10:55 am : link
they took all the information on it. I'm now working on
Wow, nice work Ozzie  
Davisian : 9/26/2008 10:58 am : link
Remind me never to piss you off!
Giants just called me back...  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 11:01 am : link
from their digital media group. It was a manger that wanted the exact URL for the site...
Joey in VA : 9/26/2008 11:02 am : link
Keep up the good work, you might get the bye week JPoG!
dorgan : 9/26/2008 11:03 am : link
the url to the NYFD and the Vancouver FD.

That fucker will have to go into witless protection.

The Jake : 9/26/2008 11:03 am : link
ozzie doesn't fuck around.
Does anyone know  
shepherdsam : 9/26/2008 11:04 am : link
if I can get in trouble for sending an 8lb bag of dogshit through US customs?
dorgan : 9/26/2008 11:04 am : link
else want to buy Ozzie a drink?

Joey in VA : 9/26/2008 11:05 am : link
10lbs yes, 8lbs you should be ok
Several drinks...  
Davisian : 9/26/2008 11:05 am : link
For the Oz..
How about a 6lb bag?  
shepherdsam : 9/26/2008 11:05 am : link

Bag with 3lbs of dogshit and 3lbs of my own?
Yeah, right shep  
Davisian : 9/26/2008 11:06 am : link
Like you could keep your shit under 15lbs..
Nice work Oz  
Big Blue '56 : 9/26/2008 11:07 am : link
Sammy...Raze's has cleared cutoms many times...Could be mercenary clearance...Not sure
Nitro : 9/26/2008 11:08 am : link
man of action.
Ozzie is a shoe in for JPoG  
Matt G : 9/26/2008 11:09 am : link
something tells me someones mailbox is too full ...  
TommytheElephant : 9/26/2008 11:09 am : link
He probably isnt even in work yet ... my guess.. you got 50 minutes lol
You did exactly what I would have done  
Bino5 : 9/26/2008 11:09 am : link
if I were technically savvy and not so lazy.
Davis, no of course not.  
shepherdsam : 9/26/2008 11:09 am : link

...but I mail a lot of packages to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.
Ozzie, awesome  
Randy in CT : 9/26/2008 11:16 am : link
BBurns : 9/26/2008 11:16 am : link
What WideRight said ..
They need to be taught a lesson ..
Don't fuck with NYC !
Ralph Vacchiano's response to my email:  
rnargi : 9/26/2008 11:17 am : link
"That is truly horrifying and beyond words. Thanks for pointing it out.

I'm torn, at the moment, between posting something and ripping this asshole, and just leaving it alone because I don't want to give him the attention he obviously craves. I forwarded it to my bosses and we're going to discuss what to do with it. I'm going to assume this person doesn't represent everyone in Seattle (though at least a couple of posters seemed to agree with him).

Just out of curiousity, for those of us who are web-illiterate, how did you get his personal information? I might just give him a call.

Ralph Vacchiano
New York Daily News"
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 11:17 am : link
it's not even just about messing with once city.
Since you seem to be the one taking care of this.....  
kmed : 9/26/2008 11:18 am : link
How about contacting the companies that are advertising all over that board?
Having uust seen these horrible posts...I'm furious.  
BoldRuler : 9/26/2008 11:27 am : link
Ozzie...."you know what to do".
Talked to the owner at  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 11:27 am : link
hold on.
This should be good...  
Matt G : 9/26/2008 11:29 am : link
kmed : 9/26/2008 11:30 am : link
nice work.
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 11:30 am : link
keep up the great work!
I sent an email  
Mayhap : 9/26/2008 11:32 am : link
to all of the sponsors advertising on the site with a link to that post...
That's a great response by Ralph too  
jarrodbunch : 9/26/2008 11:32 am : link
Nice work all around.
It might not matter  
Joey in VA : 9/26/2008 11:32 am : link
But I sent emails to the NYFD commissioner, and the POCs at FansEdge and RazorGator, who sponsor the site.

I also shot emails to Mike and Mike, Colin Cowherd and posted on Craigslist NYC about the scumbags.

It won't amount to shit, but I'm MAAADDDD...hulk smash
These guys are going to get theirs..  
arcarsenal : 9/26/2008 11:34 am : link
They REALLY crossed the fucking line.
Johnny, you heard about that  
Randy in CT : 9/26/2008 11:35 am : link
guy? You know what to do...You KNOW what to do....
Mayhap : 9/26/2008 11:35 am : link
Stubhub is also a sponsor there...
I talked to the owner  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 11:35 am : link
and he hit the roof. This asshole is their temp IT guy. I told him that the contact info for the site was directly associated to his company and I recommended cutting his guy loose. I made him get on the site and when he saw the picture... he was furious.I then walked him through on how to take this guys administration rights to his server. I really put the scare to him. FYI... the two guys running the site are brothers.
You guys are relentless  
Bino5 : 9/26/2008 11:35 am : link
well done.
Cordes72 : 9/26/2008 11:36 am : link
remind me to never piss of any of you. Damn.

That said, keep on keeping on. Bring the fucker down.
Mayhap, Joey,  
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 11:37 am : link
good job.
shepherdsam : 9/26/2008 11:37 am : link
Even more of a reason to love BBI.
Well done, men!  
JonC : 9/26/2008 11:37 am : link
Ozzie, impressive.
This is awesome  
Dave in Hoboken : 9/26/2008 11:37 am : link
Gotta love BBI!
Curtis in MD : 9/26/2008 11:37 am : link
A win next Sunday will be that much sweeter.
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 11:38 am : link
Awesome, Ozzie!
dorgan : 9/26/2008 11:38 am : link
has nothing on Ozzie.

OlyWAJintsFan : 9/26/2008 11:39 am : link
this is spectacular.....nice job.
Holy shit  
Danny Kanell : 9/26/2008 11:39 am : link're awesome...great job.
kmed : 9/26/2008 11:39 am : link
I have a feeling we really don't need to remind you not to make fun of, disrespect and laugh at one of the biggest tragedies to ever happen to our country. This is beyond these guys pissing Ozzie off. This is completely and utterly Un-American.
wow just  
slackerracker : 9/26/2008 11:40 am : link
reading the 2 thread they have on 9/11 in their giants vs hawks forum made me sick. Do these guys really think this is even somewhat funny?

good job ozzie
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 11:41 am : link
I had friends that died that day and just like everyone else... we all lost something that day.
T-Bone : 9/26/2008 11:42 am : link

Great job guys! Especially you OzzieFel!

By the way, you think you could throw a few mill into my 401K plan? Thanks in advance.

Ok...that's being greedy...a few hundrand thousand should be fine.

Seahawks fans with tickets  
BNY Giants Club : 9/26/2008 11:43 am : link
to next week's game are not going to enjoy their time at Giants stadium. For sure.
Cordes72 : 9/26/2008 11:43 am : link
Well that's a given. While I didn't have anyone close to me connected to the event, I'm not an idiot and I understand basic moral principles.

I was more or less just marveling at the rain of fire BBI and other boards have brought down on them.

kmed : 9/26/2008 11:44 am : link
I know man, just messing around. I didn't mean anything negative by it at all.
I dont think Cordes meant to offend anyone.  
Curtis in MD : 9/26/2008 11:44 am : link
great job Ozzie.  
bxgiants4 : 9/26/2008 11:45 am : link
I am so proud of the reaction I'm seeing from BBI...  
okiegiant : 9/26/2008 11:46 am : link
Great job by everyone that's taken action, and great job by the posters suppporting their action. This goes beyond football, and it's simply sickening to think that these people thought this crap was a good thing to put on a website.
sshin05 : 9/26/2008 11:47 am : link
the owner of the site is entirely free to put anything he wants, even if it crosses the line. This is america and we can write and put to action what we can to point out something incredibly insensitive and idiotic that someone else does. I wouldn't try to fire the guy but i would contact the right people to show them what's going on. Good job Ozzie!
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 11:50 am : link
Eh, he can write whatever he wants  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 11:51 am : link
but he seems to think that this is smack talking. Normally in sports though, the focus is on the team, and maybe some snide remarks about the city/culture. Generally, people don't bring up events like the 9/11 just to talk some smack.
You boys rock!  
BigBlue26 : 9/26/2008 11:51 am : link
And those Seattle fans who put up that picture and those jokes are absolute worthless pieces of shit.
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 11:51 am : link
I still see it  
Nitro : 9/26/2008 11:51 am : link
Link - ( New Window )
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 11:52 am : link
yeah I still see it too. Lets see if he is in the process of deleting it now.
crap... you right.  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 11:52 am : link
bad URL... sorry guys.
I still see it too  
kmed : 9/26/2008 11:53 am : link
and if you look at any other thread, there is plenty more to be disgusted about. Look at the first thread that links to a giants site. This is what that asshole wrote....

Q: How many Giants fans died in 9/11?
A: Who the F cares?

Let me guess, Giants fans don't have a sense of humor Mason?
Someone who signed up for that site to respond  
kmed : 9/26/2008 11:54 am : link
should post all of his personal information.
lol good work ozzie  
Vin.R : 9/26/2008 11:55 am : link
What is Vacchiano talking about?  
Overseer : 9/26/2008 11:55 am : link
I'm going to assume this person doesn't represent everyone in Seattle

No need to assume - it's a certainty, Ralph. These are a bunch of idiots on the internet on a barren, no-name website who have no relation to anything but their own idiocy. If we're going to become incensed about moronic garbage posted on the internet, we'll need an 8 million GB computer to keep track of it all. Shall we begin with the racist sites or those devoted to pedophilia?
That's his sig  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 11:57 am : link
it follows every one of his posts.

It's obvious that the guy is trying to rile up people some. I'm sure his argument back about crossing the line, is "who decides where the line is of what's tasteful?" Seems like that type. Wouldn't be surprised if he pulled a "my friend died on 9/11, so I'm allowed" crap too.

Not that he shouldn't be allowed to say it, but there can be reprecussions to what you say. He would not say this in person, in NYC. On an internet board, no prob though. That's my complaint, don't type it if you wouldn't speak it in person.
Ozzie went all Strahan on them.  
Motley Blue : 9/26/2008 11:57 am : link
Stomp'n them out!

Good job.
Did anyone send a link to any of the Seattle newspapers?  
BigBlue26 : 9/26/2008 11:58 am : link
This should get some press in WA too.
I'm speechless that anyone who lives in this country could think any part of 9-11 is humorous.
So you're saying Ozzie  
Bino5 : 9/26/2008 11:58 am : link
should do nothing about a site that offends him because there are countless others?
That site still stings.  
TheBigBlueOne : 9/26/2008 11:58 am : link
Some people think that 9/11 was somehow a way of humbling New Yorkers. As though people being murdered is some sort of lesson? I don't know what to think of people like that.
Let this be a lesson to all  
Staten Island Will : 9/26/2008 11:59 am : link
you're not as anonymous as you think hiding behind a screen...
I gotta admit  
montanagiant : 9/26/2008 11:59 am : link
That post by Brown Hornet about the "rnargi chick" made me laugh
Nice work  
Kevin in Annapolis : 9/26/2008 12:05 pm : link
BurressAloneTouchdown! : 9/26/2008 12:07 pm : link
you're doing something good today and should be commended for it.
can we add  
AFNavy : 9/26/2008 12:08 pm : link
seattlehawk94 to the list?
Link - ( New Window )
Lol montana...  
rnargi : 9/26/2008 12:08 pm : link
it made me laugh, too....I don't know how many times in 6 years I've had to say, "No, it's true...I really am a guy"
kmed : 9/26/2008 12:10 pm : link
Awesome job posting that. If he still can he will probably delete it shortly, but I am guessing he is a little busy at the moment. Nice work.
I'm trying to figure out a way  
Staten Island Will : 9/26/2008 12:12 pm : link
to sign his email up to receive NAMBLA's newsletter, and fill his inbox up with as much clutter and penis enlargement advertisements at possible. Aren't there specially designed web-sites where you could do something like that?
who was that adnasty69???  
Curtis in MD : 9/26/2008 12:13 pm : link
holy crap...
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 12:13 pm : link
I just tried to help you out and find something, and I fucking got Rick Rolled

Thanks asshole :)
Emailing a Seattle Times beat writer now.  
Kyle : 9/26/2008 12:14 pm : link
I wrote it last night.
Seahawk94 has actually been way worse than Mason  
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 12:15 pm : link
94 probably equals his year of birth  
Nitro : 9/26/2008 12:17 pm : link
And its away.  
Kyle : 9/26/2008 12:18 pm : link
Mr. O'Neil,

I am contacting you because a Google search turned up your name as the resident Seattle beat writer for the Seattle Seahawks.

It was -- forcibly, due to highly offensive "joking" -- brought to many Giants fans attention this week that a certain Seattle Seahawks fan group out there in Washington state has a twisted sense of humor when it comes to what these ingrates euphemistically label trash talking.

And by twisted sense of humor, I mean they find the horrific events of September 11th, 2001 to be absolutely hilarious.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Naturally, this is not indicative of Seattle Seahawks fans. Every sports team attracts its own very small, vocal, embarrassing group of ignorant people. Its the nature of the beast. This, though, is much too far methinks.

To be honest, I'm not exactly what I expect to result of this email. Most likely nothing. The internet is a cesspool of filth, offensiveness, crudeness, and people whom grow exponentially bolder cloaking with anonymity than even the magical courage juice called alcohol can conjure up. For the most part, you shrug and move on. I find this insulting not as someone who lives 40 minutes from Ground Zero, not as an American, but as simply a human.

Thus far, I am aware of Giants fans contacting Giants beat writers, the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Giants PR departments.

Perhaps a blog post of sorts, highlighting it for your readers to see and condemn, as any decent human being would? Damned if I know.

Thanks for your time,
They both need a dose  
mrt46and2 : 9/26/2008 12:18 pm : link
There were some posters over there  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 12:19 pm : link
who came from Hell, I think I even saw a skins fan on there who was disgusted(he mentioned they did similar after Sean Taylor's death).

If you want to get this spread some more, did anyone try emailing a national blog like Deadspin or PFT? One of those guys may decide to run with it. are my hero  
hocuspocus : 9/26/2008 12:20 pm : link
Excellent work.
Osi Osi Osi OyOyOy : 9/26/2008 12:20 pm : link
OzzieFel, you are the man!
I love Deadspin, I'll email them  
Kyle : 9/26/2008 12:21 pm : link
I cannot bring myself to contact PFT as I really hate that website.
kmed : 9/26/2008 12:21 pm : link
good work. You missed a word though...You aren't exactly "sure" what will come of it. I also would have told him that not only did they find it funny, the appear to be very happy it happened because it "knocks us down a peg" and "humbles us".
hey kyle  
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 12:23 pm : link
you got me banned last night!!

oh darn

god I still can't believe these scum
I'm not sure  
Will Allen/Peterson : 9/26/2008 12:24 pm : link
If it's been mentioned yet in the midst of this chaos but on the thread at the bottom of the first page Mason created a thread entitled "Other Giants site" and listed BBI along with the message boards in an attempt to get members of their site to come and "talk trash" over here.

"These guys suck. They win the SB and reside in the biggest market in the US and I can find three fansites? I can track down more Turdinal sites than that!" - Mason
bah...he over-counted by two  
Bill L : 9/26/2008 12:25 pm : link
there is only one site and it be us
Ah I HATE that, kmed  
Kyle : 9/26/2008 12:25 pm : link
I never commit typos, I always commit "wordos".

I just omit words for no damned reason.

Changed the email tone a bit, including that word "sure", and sent it to Deadspin.

LTS: But it was so worth it, wasn't it? Did you see they responding in the end?
Yea lets post pics of Kerry Collins  
Vin.R : 9/26/2008 12:25 pm : link
holding the Lombardi trophy

give me a fucking break.
I'm torn...  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 12:26 pm : link
I have been consumed with anger from the moment I saw the thread. I'm torn because I "KNOW" I can put the site down for good but that would be breaking the law. We need to keep on working on it to get it done the legal way. I'm just pissed beyond belief.
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 12:27 pm : link
I wouldn't do anything illegal. I think the direction we are going now will end up being more than enough to dismantle this guy.
Kyle : 9/26/2008 12:27 pm : link
A.J. Daulerio
to me

show details 12:25 PM (1 minute ago)


Wow. I'll do something on this.
One more post... god I love  
Kyle : 9/26/2008 12:27 pm : link
Kevin in Annapolis : 9/26/2008 12:28 pm : link
don't break any laws buddy.
Vin.R : 9/26/2008 12:28 pm : link
whats your name over there?
kmed : 9/26/2008 12:28 pm : link
You are the heartbeat of most of the country right now and you are doing the right thing. You feel how most of us feel and we thank you for taking care of this in the manner that you have.

Kyle, it was a great letter though, despite the missing word. :)
Oh and I agree with the others  
kmed : 9/26/2008 12:29 pm : link
it will all happen in time, don't do anything you might regret later.
Yeah, I figured DS would pick this up  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 12:29 pm : link
it's right up their alley, not news, but it will generate some discussion. They may be just as interested in the BBIers fighting back as much as the original classless crap.
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 12:30 pm : link
yep, they even sent me private messages, the rusty trombone twat.

Someone should alert Pat Hanlon  
Jason Priestley : 9/26/2008 12:31 pm : link
about this crap too.
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 12:31 pm : link
definitely don't do anything to get yourself in trouble.

These fuckers will get theirs anyway
80offensive : 9/26/2008 12:31 pm : link
You've done grwat work already, no need to break the law here. I have a feeling that this guy is going to be pretty much driven back into whatever hole he crawled out of already.
Kyle - Deadspin  
Nitro : 9/26/2008 12:32 pm : link
is a great way to get this blown up, if that's what we want.
Curtis in MD : 9/26/2008 12:32 pm : link
you're one funny dude. It seems like every time I've laughed at something on this site the past week, its been one of your comments. =)
rusty trombone line?  
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 12:34 pm : link
I wish I thought of it last night to call that twat
Kyle : 9/26/2008 12:36 pm : link
I hesitated on emailing the Seattle beat writer last night for that very reason. Attention is what the guys want. This is the equivalent of feeding the Ultimate Internet Troll. It bothered me for awhile. Give them what they want?

I wrestled with it.

But in the end, my conclusion was... I would much rather people know how awful this website is and let that forum with 9 members get inundated with new registration requests to flame them, let less upstanding versions of OzzieFel DDoS the website to kingdom come, etc.

They already succeeding in getting OUR attention.

I don't comment there, I'm a big lurker though. I love the commentary.
Vin.R : 9/26/2008 12:37 pm : link
I was commenting under

GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 12:38 pm : link
yes this guy wanted attention. But only attention as an anonymous moderator of a web forum. He didn't want THIS kind of attention. This attention is about to enter his real life world.

And it's awesome.
Is commenting there as intense as I think it is?  
Kyle : 9/26/2008 12:39 pm : link
I feel like its a huge competition / race to make the funniest joke possible, and normally I love that stuff, but their level of wit is intimidating haha.
Good work  
AlexinLexington : 9/26/2008 12:40 pm : link
and keep it up Ozzie. The scum deserves everything and more..
OlyWAJintsFan : 9/26/2008 12:41 pm : link
stay above board...the best thing that can happen is that these bozos get the spotlight and get those words affixed to them personally. That way there is at least and example of what happens to you by espousing reprehensible talk.

I would have been easy to write off as a just an asshole with a temporary lapse of judgement, but these tools have not only dug their heels in, but have also made it worse in the subsequent posts. It is just my opinion, but I think these yahoos need to be hung up to dry in the media.

FWIW, I also sent the URL to the Seahawks, which IIRC have a pending trademark on "The 12th Man."
Jints in Carolina : 9/26/2008 12:43 pm : link
can you link us to the craigslist post that you created?
What gets me is the imagery  
Kyle : 9/26/2008 12:45 pm : link
The text wording is easy to spew out offensive garbage. Just look at YouTube commentary after videos: it always devolves into racists calling everyone niggers or faggots and extreme leftists wishing death on all moderates & conservatives in America.

The wanton use of pictures from 9/11 to accentuate the joke, though... that is so much worse in my mind. You're literally staring the death and destruction of American civilians on American soil in the face and thinking "THIS IS GONNA BE SO FUNNY LOL"
Does this guy have a myspace page?  
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 12:46 pm : link
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 12:47 pm : link
looks like it.

Myspace - ( New Window )
that forum section  
slackerracker : 9/26/2008 12:47 pm : link
was REMOVED i hope someone saved it.
FatMan in Charlotte : 9/26/2008 12:48 pm : link
makes my head hurt with laughter thinking of what those fuckwads are going through!!!
the web address  
AFNavy : 9/26/2008 12:48 pm : link
Someone should post a link to that site  
kmed : 9/26/2008 12:49 pm : link
on that myspace page so the 11,000 people who are "friends" with him can see what they are supporting.
Looks like he has a MySpace page as well....  
BoldRuler : 9/26/2008 12:49 pm : link
Douchebag - ( New Window )
The page is STILL there  
lukenyg : 9/26/2008 12:53 pm : link
you just can't post on it anymore. I can still see the whole forumn.
They deleted the thread  
montanagiant : 9/26/2008 12:53 pm : link
was it removed?  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 12:53 pm : link
I can't find it.
Looks like they're doing some site work over there  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 12:54 pm : link
I think the Dick Lynch post got taken down, and now it's asking for a login to view the comments.
lukenyg : 9/26/2008 12:55 pm : link
now it's gone!!! I hope Mason is gone as well.
this is what's left...  
Brown Hornet : 9/26/2008 12:55 pm : link
...Congrats go out to the infamous "94" and Mason for further alienating Seahawks fans everywhere.

You all call for respect and an end to the "East Coast Bias"?

Your actions this week just set ALL of that back years, and I thank you.

Then this:


Yeah, I've put a stop to this bullshit.
There was an entire forum dedicated to the Giants...  
Brown Hornet : 9/26/2008 12:56 pm : link
...the forum was removed.
Seems like they got rid of the whole Giants v. Seahawks section  
jarrodbunch : 9/26/2008 12:56 pm : link
And there's this in the general forum:
Razla68: Congratulations!!!!!!

Congrats go out to the infamous "94" and Mason for further alienating Seahawks fans everywhere.

You all call for respect and an end to the "East Coast Bias"?

Your actions this week just set ALL of that back years, and I thank you


Yeah, I've put a stop to this bullshit. - ( New Window )
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 12:58 pm : link
brownie and jarrod, that's great
WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 12:59 pm : link
Thanks to everyone and god bless NY and America. Now get your asses back to work.
Is anguish the site mod?  
Davisian : 9/26/2008 12:59 pm : link
If so, he didn't have anything to do with the garbage.
so mason wasn't the site owner  
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 1:00 pm : link
I emailed Anguish last night  
rnargi : 9/26/2008 1:00 pm : link
and got no response...he's the mod
Mason is the owner...  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 1:02 pm : link
and wouldn't be surprised that Mason and this new guy are not the same.

GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 1:02 pm : link
I don't wanna get back to work.
Dav - I gather  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 1:02 pm : link
that Anguish is the guy who Ozzie called who was outraged when notified of what was going on. I wouldn't want that associated with my name, business, or website with my name on it either. Seemed like he was unaware.
The site has a gameday thread  
hocuspocus : 9/26/2008 1:02 pm : link
for when they played the Rams--19 posts total.
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 1:02 pm : link
in other words, mason's a coward, but I guess we already knew that
Still confused  
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 1:05 pm : link
Does Mason not own the site or does he?
Mason and the registrant...  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 1:05 pm : link
of the domain for that site has the same contact information. Anguish and Mason are one and the same. Lets not give this guy who just road in on his white horse any credit.What ever... it's off.
from douchebag's blog  
Jints in Carolina : 9/26/2008 1:05 pm : link
SeahawksHuddle's Blurbs
About me: prides itself on being a truly fan-driven site. We try to let our beliefs in free speech and democracy be the conscience of the site. Beyond that we are dedicated to producing the best Seahawks fan site on the web - completely free of charge to you the user. That will never change. Win or lose, we're here for the diehards every day. provides latest Seahawk news and rumors, exclusive columns, relevant rival news, an active message board, user ratable photo album, contests for free Seahawks gear and so much more. Now that you've visisted our MySpace page, why not visit the site itself? Registration is a snap, and you will not be SPAMMED.
Anguish is Mason??  
Jints in Carolina : 9/26/2008 1:06 pm : link
holy shit this keeps getting better and better.
GiantFilthy : 9/26/2008 1:06 pm : link
I was just about to make that assumption.
great job guys.  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 1:06 pm : link
WHOMYSON : 9/26/2008 1:09 pm : link
I'd like it better if they shut the site down and those fuckers had to live on a street for lack of income.
someone better tell rnargi that  
Jints in Carolina : 9/26/2008 1:09 pm : link
he just had a nice post to Anguish on that fuck head's website.
Finkle is Einhorn?  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 1:09 pm : link
Wow, if that's the same guy, what a complete tool. It's somehow worse that he vehemently defends his position, then pretends to be another person who condemns it.
Holy hell this dude is a douchebag  
Staten Island Will : 9/26/2008 1:09 pm : link
of epic proportions! Someone please call him on it...
In fairness  
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 1:09 pm : link
And I know, Mason's jokes were AWFUL and in HORRIBLE taste, but I honestly believe his intention was to post jokes not thinking this would happen.

That guy HawksFan94 or something, he was vile and on a whole nother level. He was actually hoping certain people were in the towers and was glad it happened.
Kevin in Annapolis : 9/26/2008 1:09 pm : link
I was just about to make the same post
dorgan : 9/26/2008 1:10 pm : link
nice job.

I wrote the seahawks and his boss but didn't have time to follow up.

You nailed the fucker.

The whole posting under another handle is ridiculous though  
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 1:10 pm : link
Did anyone make a screen grab of the threads by chance?  
BoldRuler : 9/26/2008 1:10 pm : link
hocuspocus : 9/26/2008 1:10 pm : link
I am the admin. He [Mason] owns the site.
There was a Redskin fan posting on that board as well  
jarrodbunch : 9/26/2008 1:10 pm : link
And I believe he wrote that that guy Mason was posting awful stuff about S. Taylor after he was murdered last year.

Also found this from a Seahwaks website/blog. Mostly outrage from Hawks fans which is good, but more evidence that this Mason guy has been doing similar stuff for a while, including Kevin Everett for Christ's Sake.
Seahawks huddle forum is giving seattle fans a BAD rap!

Posted by SmartyPants at 9/25/08 11:09 p.m.

they are making 9/11 jokes over there, which i think is very classless
Posted by tenn at 9/26/08 3:05 a.m. in reply to: #1750180

That Mason guy was posting a picture of the Bills TE who got injured last year before the Buffalo game this year. He was acting happy about it, and saying there was more where that came from.

Here's the thing, that is the personality of that site. You can't change it, just try even harder to not let this place stoop that low. - ( New Window )
Damnit I missed what you guys posted before he  
Staten Island Will : 9/26/2008 1:10 pm : link
shut the site down again. What was said? Was he called out?
Holy crap, Anguish is the same dude?  
Davisian : 9/26/2008 1:11 pm : link
So not only a gaping asshole, but schizophrenic as well?

is it just me or is that a complete load of shit  
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 1:11 pm : link
"I am the admin. He owns the site.
This dick just admitted the Mason own the site....  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 1:11 pm : link
but he deleted him... what bullshit. This is Mason the coward.
Mike, they are brothers.......  
kmed : 9/26/2008 1:11 pm : link
If all that happens is a few deletions and cleanups, then that is BS. He needs to be kicked off that site completely. they can't just delete that stuff and then move on. Is that what that site is about???
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 1:12 pm : link
Well in that case, if Eric gets out of line I'm gonna have to delete his account.
Mason signs back up in a new screen name  
hocuspocus : 9/26/2008 1:12 pm : link
in 3..2..1..
Take a look at Anguish's Sig  
lukenyg : 9/26/2008 1:13 pm : link
it's in the same tone as Mason. This guy is alive and well and it's time to take the site down.
CL : 9/26/2008 1:13 pm : link
You mean bipolar. Schizophrenia would be if he were hearing voices or seeing things.
gotta admit  
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 1:14 pm : link
RedskinDave is damn good fella.
Read some other posts by "Anguish"  
hocuspocus : 9/26/2008 1:14 pm : link
It is Mason.
Eric should pin this thread as...  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 1:16 pm : link
a BBI moment of glory.
It's very suspicious anyway  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 1:17 pm : link
that a guy who is just the "admin" has power over the site owner, and can edit his posts for classlessness. If I owned the site, I wouldn't let my admin censor me.
80...that's what I was calling him on.  
BoldRuler : 9/26/2008 1:18 pm : link
Doesn't make sense.
T-Bone : 9/26/2008 1:19 pm : link
You're 12:30 need to bring us trombones into this. We've done nothing to you people. LEAVE US ALONE!!!!
shepherdsam : 9/26/2008 1:19 pm : link
Let the trombonists slide!
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 1:21 pm : link
just in case we need it...  
OzzieFel : 9/26/2008 1:21 pm : link
Google had it in cache memory... F@ck you Mason. Could create the link.
Well done Ozzie!!!  
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 1:22 pm : link
Bold - I can't prove it though  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 1:22 pm : link
and I'm not going to wade through that site looking for proof. At least he took it down. I'm willing to bet Mason never expected this kind of reaction. He may have 2 running names on that site, as a good cop/bad cop for everytime he pulls something like this.

I saw a few posts referencing similar treatment from him on Sean Taylor's death and the Bill's TE who was almost paralyzed last year.
Thanks Ozzie!  
Kyle : 9/26/2008 1:23 pm : link
Dalureio emailed me back and asked for screen grabs.
Are you fucking kidding me with this, Shep?  
CL : 9/26/2008 1:23 pm : link
shepherdsam : 1:19 pm
Let the trombonists slide!

What are you, a fucking robot?
shep - do you have some sort of search function  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 1:24 pm : link
that alerts you when someone has set up a pun? Geez man, you don't miss any, and you're there in a flash.
T-Bone : 9/26/2008 1:25 pm : link
As a lover of puns and former trombonist myself...  
Kyle : 9/26/2008 1:27 pm : link
My balls are clapping for you, shep.
He doesn;t have a search function  
Davisian : 9/26/2008 1:28 pm : link
He just got wind of that one..
shepherdsam : 9/26/2008 1:29 pm : link
My job is often pathetically slow.

BBI is often the only thing keeping me awake, sorry if I take that out on you guys most of the time.
Oh, gee  
jarrodbunch : 9/26/2008 1:30 pm : link
lucky us...
T-Bone : 9/26/2008 1:31 pm : link
No need to apologize!

Trombonists UNITE!!!!
Anguish quote  
Will Allen/Peterson : 9/26/2008 1:31 pm : link
"Are you implying that I AM Mason? That's quite funny, but completely incorrect.

Mason was not erased from the site, the entire offensive thread(s) were removed once I was alerted to them by rnargi and others."
Methinks he doth protest too much  
hocuspocus : 9/26/2008 1:31 pm : link

Are you implying that I AM Mason? That's quite funny, but completely incorrect.

Mason was not erased from the site, the entire offensive thread(s) were removed once I was alerted to them by rnargi and others.

Dang it Will!  
hocuspocus : 9/26/2008 1:31 pm : link
I need to cut and paste faster.
He does not seem  
Will Allen/Peterson : 9/26/2008 1:36 pm : link
Comfortable answering the interrogations, his answers just don't add up.
And good 'ol  
Will Allen/Peterson : 9/26/2008 1:37 pm : link
Mason is currently viewing the site
he's quite defensive  
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 1:37 pm : link
dupe he is
80offensive : 9/26/2008 1:41 pm : link
The forum section lists Anguish as the site founder, and Mason as an Admin.

I'm don't know who's who anymore.
I'm starting to think  
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 1:43 pm : link
Eric and Gary might be one in the same.
and FEK and Mike in Long Beach,  
Cam in MO : 9/26/2008 1:48 pm : link

And yankee78 and LTS...

And FilmGiant and SanFran...
CL : 9/26/2008 1:48 pm : link
and Rich_Houston separated at birth?
yankees78 : 9/26/2008 1:50 pm : link
wait..what? ;o)
GMenLTS : 9/26/2008 1:54 pm : link
rich was supposed to be aborted
Mason's back  
Will Allen/Peterson : 9/26/2008 1:54 pm : link
And appears to feel no remorse for his actions.

"Where is that joke that used to be in your signature line?"

"Gone, but in your heart forever."
Mason returns - ( New Window )
I'm a regular poster over at the Giants Zone.  
Gene : 9/26/2008 1:57 pm : link
And in case anyone is interested Anguish was one of the 1st asswipes to sign up over there. So he's full of shit when he says he's been unaware of what's been going on.
Hey Gene  
Will Allen/Peterson : 9/26/2008 1:59 pm : link
Welcome to BBI and thanks for the heads up, that's definitely useful.

I say we take them out. All in favor??
My post on CL New York  
Joey in VA : 9/26/2008 2:03 pm : link
Craigs - ( New Window )
Will Allen/Peterson : 9/26/2008 2:05 pm : link
The link on the CraigsList page goes to a log-in prompt, if you want to edit it or try again so that people can see the page use this link.
CL : 9/26/2008 2:06 pm : link
Thanks for your continued patronage.

LTS - That explains much.
Joey in VA : 9/26/2008 2:07 pm : link
You deserve it!!!
AFNavy : 9/26/2008 2:08 pm : link
Link - ( New Window )
I've seen it mentioned a few times  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 2:08 pm : link
that Go Daddy has a Terms of Use he may have violated by posting this. I think Ozzie emailed them as well, so let's hope they take action.
montanagiant : 9/26/2008 2:10 pm : link
Now those fuckers can't hide from it
Great job  
geemanfan : 9/26/2008 2:12 pm : link
Mike in Long Beach : 9/26/2008 2:14 pm : link
love this comment...

2:14 PM

Ichiro strikes again.
If anyone here is active on Digg  
Sampson : 9/26/2008 2:16 pm : link
I submitted the Deadspin story there to help spread the word. Let's see if we can't get it to the front page of Digg to help spread the word... - ( New Window )
Sampson : 9/26/2008 2:19 pm : link
for my overuse of the phrase "spread the word"...
It'll probably makes it's way around  
80offensive : 9/26/2008 2:20 pm : link
since it hit Deadspin. Anyone registered on Fark? Maybe get a link to the deadspin story there?
Mayhap : 9/26/2008 2:34 pm : link
Mason fancies himself a Christian...

Link - ( New Window )
Here is the newest comment from a Mr Fanatic something or other......  
kmed : 9/26/2008 2:44 pm : link
Shut up...9-11 reminds me of your dumbass mayor putting the "emergency command center" in a building terrorist vowed to blow up. That's how smart New Jerkers are.

That City is so fucking dirty. Last time I was there it was like an open cess pool.

Is there anyway we can sell it to the terrorist and then fucking nuke it.
Joey in VA : 9/26/2008 2:48 pm : link
Wow, that guy is brainy.
WTF? This assclown is certifiable  
Staten Island Will : 9/26/2008 2:48 pm : link
I really believe a Theocracy is the only long term viable form of government because the basis of the values of the society are set, they should never change as opposed to democracies
That's whats scary  
kmed : 9/26/2008 2:49 pm : link
Some people are just really, really dumb.
He obviously faces zero consequences at work  
JonC : 9/26/2008 2:49 pm : link
collectively shameful.
Other than run the website  
PeterS : 9/26/2008 5:00 pm : link
what exactly does Mr. Mason do?
Myspace page according to a poster on Ralph's blog  
NyquistX3 : 9/26/2008 5:59 pm : link
Douche's myspace - ( New Window )
I read it last night  
djm : 9/26/2008 7:50 pm : link
I don't anger easy over internet shit but this had me seeing red.

I know not everyone echoes this clown's thought process but a lot of people don't like NY at all.
What a Waste Of Life..  
Giantmaniac616 : 9/27/2008 5:29 pm : link
I was out front of those buildings that day.. This guy better pray he never comes east...
Emailed GoDaddy  
tosh30 : 9/27/2008 10:39 pm : link
This disgusts me and please forgive me for venting. 9/11 was an attack on America, not just NYC. I will pull my domains from GoDaddy if they don't yank TalkHawks' license. I wouldn't dream of dishonoring Oklahoma's incident with sick jokes like that. Yes, I made jokes about Challenger, when I was a naive 15yr old, but not now. Hell, and I'm a diehard Jets and Giants fan from FL (yes, it is possible:)!! As I grew up, I realized the sick nature of those jokes. Unfortunately, the NY'ers here give NYC a really bad rep, but I'm not going to dishonor those innocents who lost their lives or loved ones over a damn sports event. Who the fuck does this guy think he is. Seattle is a beautiful city (when it's sunny - I had a job interview there), and the people I've met there are decent. This guy is a dysfunctional idiot who has no idea what it means to endure an incident like 9/11. I'm too pissed to put into words. I believe that political motivation has no presence in this idiot's MO - he's an asshole no matter what political party he belongs to, so I'm not going to make fun of Dems or Reps, or others. Actually, he's probably that guy who complains about everything but never gets up off his lazy ass to vote for what he believes in. Instead he blogs about it on his corporate email thinking that he can hide behind the anonymity. Well guess what fuck face, they found you!! And I hope you get pounded with hate mail, in addition to pervasive and invasive insolence for a long, long time. I hope that a mixed group of immigrants, native patriots and naturalized citizens who stand up for this country find you on the street corner and beat you to a pulp, ink an American Flag on your forehead, and recite the Preamble to remind you that we're one country, not a group of individual cities. I'm not a religious person in the least, but I'm feeling quite pious about this. Thanks for letting me vent.
This REALLY digusts me  
TCLucas : 10/1/2008 2:20 pm : link
I hope all of you great Giants fans don't think that all of us Seahawk fans are RMOTELY like this complete douche bag that posted those comments. I sincerely apologize for that. I for one go to the ceremony we have here every year to honor those who fell that awful day. That is one day that's emblazened in my mind for life. I know my group on Fox sports are appalled by this. I wish you all good luck this Sunday and hope it's a great game. God Bless you all, and we will never forget.
If one of you can get us this jerk-oofs email addy come over to the Seahawks homepage on Fox and give it to us. We're locals and could probably locate this person. I know I'd LOVE to get ahold of him. one here wants anyone to do anything to the guy...  
rnargi : 10/1/2008 2:24 pm : link
his site is trashed, what he had left of his reputation is gone, and we know it's not what the very vast majority of Seahawk fans feel. It's over, time to move on.
jarrodbunch : 10/1/2008 2:26 pm : link
No need for you to apologize. And I think for the most part (hopefully it is 100%, but all fanbases have idiots) no one holds what this one idiot did against the city or Seahwaks fans. Here's to a solid football game this week, should be fun.
TCLucas : 10/1/2008 2:31 pm : link
I just found out about those comments and felt I had to say something. Like just stated. Let have a great games sunday, alas I do have to add this.... GO HAWKS!
TCLucas : 10/1/2008 2:46 pm : link
Yep unfortunately they are out there. But as stated, it's over. Let's have a good game Sunday
Dave in DC : 8/13/2010 12:06 pm : link
Wonder if asshole still posts there  
Bramton1 : 8/13/2010 1:34 pm : link
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