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What's the deepest playoff tiebreaker the NFL has had to use

RamboBavaro : 11/18/2008 9:29 am
If it is necessary to break ties to determine the two Wild-Card clubs from each conference, the following steps will be taken:

If the tied clubs are from the same division, apply division tie breaker.
If the tied clubs are from different divisions, apply the following steps:

Two Clubs:

1) Head-to-head, if applicable.
2) Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.
3) Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games, minimum of four.
4) Strength of victory.
5) Strength of schedule.
6) Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.
7) Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.
8) Best net points in conference games.
9) Best net points in all games.
10) Best net touchdowns in all games.
11) Coin toss.

Anyone know? Can you imagine if a team missed the playoffs because of a coin toss!
I think the Giants  
Danny Kanell : 11/18/2008 9:30 am : link
had to go down like 5 notches to get in at 8-8 2 years ago
In 2006  
TrueBlue56 : 11/18/2008 9:40 am : link
The Giants almost had to go to a strength of schedule tie breaker to determine a playoff spot between them and the Packers, but on the final week, the Giants beat Washington and the Packers lost to the Jets.
It gets even more confusing when more  
Some Fan : 11/18/2008 9:43 am : link
than two teams need to go to tie-breakers
I dont know when  
Dankbeerman : 11/18/2008 9:46 am : link
but I remember a few years back when a team needed to win and have the other team lose and lose by like 10pts to get in but it didnt get to that point since both teams won. but they were talking about it coming down to point differential.
The Rams  
TrueBlue56 : 11/18/2008 9:49 am : link
had to go to a conference record tie-breaker in 2004 against the Vikings to get in. I know there have been scenarios that could actually play out to go deep into a tie breaking scenario, but I don't ever recall it ever playing out like that.
ray in arlington : 11/18/2008 10:06 am : link
The current system for tiebreakers was installed in 2002. This introduced the strength-of-victory and strength-of-schedule tiebreakers, which were inserted ahead of the point differential tiebreakers.

Since that system was installed, the deepest tiebreaker I know of was the 2006 tiebreaker involving 4 teams for the last wild card spot. Two teams dropped out due to conference record, and the Giants won the tiebreaker over Green Bay due to strength of victory.

Before 2002, I know of a few instances involving the point differential tiebreaker. One of them was in the '70s when Dallas won the division and the Redskins got only a wild card because of point differential. In 1999, the Panthers had to blow out the Saints to knock another team out and keep their hopes alive. They won big, but in a later game they were knocked out by a Dallas win.

in 2002  
TrueBlue56 : 11/18/2008 10:11 am : link
There was a 3-way tie in the AFC East between the Jets, Pats and Dolphins. The Jets won the division by beating the Patriots in common games and then beating the Dolphins in a divisional record tiebreaker.

Giants beat the Packers on strength of Victory tie-breaker in 2006. That is the deepest the tie breakers have gone going back to 2000.
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