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FDEMS : 3/21/2010 2:59 am
I went down to the new stadium this morning and it was very impressive. The construction is still ongoing but it is coming together quickly. I'll start with the pictures outside the stadium, as you can see the outside is nearly complete the train station is very close to the entrances, the plazas are huge and easy to navigate. The rep also told me that inside tailgaiting/railgating will take place near the Bud Light area and will feature BBQ packages where you can preorder a package and they will have the food,grill,beer and anything else you need waiting for you. And of course regular parking lot tailgating will be unaffected.Also when you enter through the main entrance you will be ground level and will have a view of the field right in front of you. Here's some pics!

Let's move inside, Main entrance.

Lower Level Concourses and Concessions. All I have to say is there were bathrooms galore alot of family bathrooms, and the concession stand were very wide with alot of room to accomodate large crowds and LCD tv's everywhere!!

OK! Lower Level pics. There was alot of floor sealing going on alot of the sections were taped off and unaccessible, I tried the best I can but with a little imagination and a seating chart you can figure out your view of the field. Also the camera will make sites look farther away at times. But I assure you any seat on the Lower Level is worthy of the money you spent all great views and very close to the field.



SECTION 129 OR 104



Alright time to head up to the Mezzanine, again could not get to most sections. I thought the the Mezz A sections had wonderful views, you can really see the whole field you won't miss a thing! The Mezz B sections are not as high as the upper level in the old stadium No Way!! The video boards on the sides are huge but should not interfere with field sightlines. Again very nice views! Bathrooms and concessions right behind the lower part of Mezz B easy access and family bathrooms at the right and left of Mezz A.




SECTION 224 B OR 249 B


And now the Upper Level, Endzones and Corner endzones might be a tough view especially in the higher rows, But I say any section on the sidelines will provide excellent views.

Upper Level Concourse



Well I hope this helped alot of you out, it was work to get these pictures but loved every minute of it. I am also posting a link to my PHOTOBUCKET so you can view over 150 other stadium pictures. Any questions feel free to ask I'll answer to the best of my memory. Take Care Everybody!!

Link - ( New Window )
these are awesome  
WeatherMan : 3/21/2010 3:02 am : link
thanks man!
Nice job!  
The Duke : 3/21/2010 3:32 am : link
Much appreciated!!!
Nice job!  
The Duke : 3/21/2010 3:32 am : link
Much appreciated!!!
Nice job!  
The Duke : 3/21/2010 3:31 am : link
Much appreciated!!!
The place  
nyfaninmd : 3/21/2010 4:05 am : link
looks beautiful!
Great job!  
GiantsAboveAll : 3/21/2010 4:09 am : link
I'm very appreciative.
Those are some great pictures ..  
mjt832 : 3/21/2010 5:32 am : link
The "new Stadium" bar has been raised. It has to be considered a state of the art stadium - better than that hole in Dallas (that is a fan talking).
Vin.R : 3/21/2010 6:35 am : link
Buldawg : 3/21/2010 7:28 am : link
Thank you very much for this effort...
robbieballs2003 : 3/21/2010 7:39 am : link
that is why I am so excited about my seats? The view from the (second to) last row in section 131 is awesome imo.
I don't know why there is a ? in there  
robbieballs2003 : 3/21/2010 7:40 am : link
: )
Great job FDEMS  
HitMcNabb : 3/21/2010 7:41 am : link
best collection of new stadium pics ive seen yet. thanks for taking the time to do this.
Named Later : 3/21/2010 8:50 am : link
The new place is huge ! And beautiful....I would have loved to see the Purchase Order for all those LCD's.

Question :
Is the outer wall behind the Mezzanine section open except for those "louvers" around the outside ?

If so....that wind is gonna come howling thru there.

The Generic Dome!  
Emlen'sGremlins : 3/21/2010 9:03 am : link
Love all the neutral, nondescript touches. Certainly doesn't look like a place that will be home to the Giants. Looks like Any Stadium USA.
I believe so.  
FDEMS : 3/21/2010 9:04 am : link
although when I went the wind was non existent so I could not give you a true answer, The construction worker I asked though said that "it does get windy but the louvers actually help dampen the wind that comes through" that's all I could get.
Yeah E G I agree to a point  
FDEMS : 3/21/2010 9:06 am : link
but wait till they light this place up it will definitely feel like a home stadium.
Outside looks like a  
SecondCVA : 3/21/2010 9:09 am : link
radiator! The field looks so nice and crisp. Are we going to be stuck with lackluster endzones because of the two teams? Cuz it definately needs some color!
Named Later : 3/21/2010 9:12 am : link
I'm really curious to see how the wind reacts in the new stadium.

First of all it is huge....twice the mass of Giants Stadium. That may block a lot of the wind.

Secondly, it's turned a few degrees into the prevailing wind. The way that hawk comes rolling down the last hill in East Rutherford, and barrels across the used to hit the old stadium right on the SW corner and swirl around like a hurricane. The new Meadowlands may be turned just enough.

Third, those louvers may be just the thing to "dampen" the wind. I'm hoping they did some testing and analysis before they drove the first shovel in the ground.

Hey...for $1.6B they should get the whole catalogue.

L.T.=Lawrence Taylor : 3/21/2010 9:25 am : link
Thank you.
Random question  
Matt M. : 3/21/2010 9:43 am : link
I have been wondering this for a while, since the first pictures of the seating came out. What is with the seat colors? There are 3 different colored seats and they seem to be installed with no discernible pattern. Any reason why?

Sarcastic Sam : 3/21/2010 9:58 am : link
New Giants Stadium is for louvres.

Matt - it helps make the stadium look more occupied when it's empty. A concession to the Jets, I think...
thanks for the pics  
GiantsLaw : 3/21/2010 10:38 am : link
the louvres are weird. I remember looking at them at halftimes last year from Gate B. They are fixed, but they are fixed random, there is no discernable pattern to how they twist or what angle they are set. To me it almost seems the wind would be able to go right through, but what do I know?

They sure do have a lot of work to do in 3 weeks. I can see why PSL holders can't get in yet. Too bad they didn't get it done on schedule (they won't say that though!)
awesome pictures.  
SethFromAstoria : 3/21/2010 10:56 am : link
thanks. It looks like its a football version of the baseball palaces in NYC. Once the finishing touches are on, it should be amazing.
Paul in Brooklyn : 3/21/2010 11:05 am : link
seems alright on the inside, but from the outside it's be most boring new stadium I've ever seen.
Flying in to Newark  
X : 3/21/2010 11:10 am : link
you can see how big the Stadium is compared to Giants Stadium. It appears to be twice the size.
Great job  
noro9 : 3/21/2010 11:12 am : link
Even though I'm depressed about moving from 130 in the old stadium to 349 in the new stadium.

It looks like the upper level concourse is exposed to the elements.
Great job  
noro9 : 3/21/2010 11:13 am : link
Even though I'm depressed about moving from 130 in the old stadium to 349 in the new stadium.

It looks like the upper level concourse is exposed to the elements. Or is there glass?
G-MEN-IN-MIAMI : 3/21/2010 11:27 am : link
You're right it does look like a radiator from the outside. Sort of unassuming one way or another. The inside looks like another football stadium. I think with all of these stadiums having opened up these past 10 years we are just a bit spoiled and this just looks like another football stadium. We'll see what it looks like when they put all of the finishing touches but for now it does not really stand out. GREAT photos but there really was not a "WOW" moment for me.
Thanks for the great pix FDEMS...  
redwhiteandbigblue : 3/21/2010 11:27 am : link
Looks like you spent a lot of your time there snapping pictures for the benefit of all of us....Very grateful. The one thing that strikes me the most is that all through the process the Giants were crowing about being 3 months AHEAD of the construction schedule. To be honest, It seems to me it will take a herculean task to have the place 100% finished by the 1st preseason game. Remember, this is only 4 1/2 months away. And how is the parking going to be resolved if the old stadium is still there (even if it is rubble)? I find it hard to believe that the stadium, parking, expanded access roads, etc., will be 100% completed by opening day. I hope I am proven wrong.
NYSPORTS98 : 3/21/2010 11:28 am : link
One of those shots is basically my seat. Thanks
Wonderful presentation  
Big Blue '56 : 3/21/2010 11:39 am : link
thanks for posting these
CT Charlie : 3/21/2010 11:41 am : link
I avoided fluid dynamics in college, but it would make sense to me if the louvres are fixed and random. If they could swivel or if they were all oriented at the same angle, the wind flow wouldn't be interrupted as much.
Thanks for the pics.  
BloodNGuts56 : 3/21/2010 11:46 am : link
Very well done.
Thanks!! Everyone  
FDEMS : 3/21/2010 11:48 am : link
Sorry I could not get everywhere due to access restrictions, I did manage two tours over the months and snapped as many pictures as I could so everyone could see what was going on. It didn't seem fair to me that on the Jets boards everyone was gettting to see the new digs and expressing their views while for Giants fans we were all in the dark. So I hope this helps. I also just added some Field 1 or 2 pics to photobucket. This is a GREAT BOARD "BBI IS AWESOME"!!!! THANK YOU!!
Is the lower deck  
NYSPORTS98 : 3/21/2010 11:49 am : link
steeper than the other stadium and does the upper deck appear very far back from the field?
FDEMS : 3/21/2010 11:53 am : link
Where are your seats?
FDEMS : 3/21/2010 11:56 am : link
The camera makes the firld look a little farther away, the lower level is more steeplt pitched and the upper deck is high. but when you sit in the stadium it really gives you the feel that your on top of the field and up close.
redwhiteandbigblue : 3/21/2010 12:04 pm : link
From what you saw, does it seem feasible that we will have a 100% finished product by mid August?
FDEMS : 3/21/2010 12:15 pm : link
Fromw what I saw it did look like that alot of the major work was or is nearing completion, the stadium workers were working really hard and everything seemed very coordinated. I did see alot of finishing touches being put into place on the main concourses and the seating areas are basically finished(except for powerwashing and some floor sealing). As for the clubs there is still work being done but it's coming along quickly. I'm not a Foreman so I can only give a passerby's response. I would hope everything is done by Pre-Season.
Thanks FDEMS...  
redwhiteandbigblue : 3/21/2010 12:26 pm : link
I guess it just seems from all the pictures that there is a lot of "fit and finish" needed. I also am curious as to how they are going to accomodate all of the parking with the old stadium still present. The demolition seems to be going at a snails pace. Even if they have the old stadium torn down by opening day, I find it hard to believe that all of the materials will be removed and the area repaved, lined and sectioned in time....
FDEMS : 3/21/2010 12:36 pm : link
From what I saw alot of the outside infrastrucure was still being heavily worked on, They are also hammering the hell out of the old place, it did look like alot of attention was being placed between the old and new stadiums I would guess cause that is where the Main Entrance is. But unfortunately I cannot give you an answer on when the lots will be done. Also I peppered in some pics from my first tour (see the dates on the pics) that may look like stuff isn't finished yet, but I firmly believe the inside will be done before the outside will.
I agree, it does look  
redwhiteandbigblue : 3/21/2010 12:42 pm : link
like the inside is well ahead of the outside. I am just hoping we are through with the offsite parking issues. With the old stadium standing, I am just concerned about the possibility of having to resort to parking at the IZOD. Don't know if anyone saw this weekends Bergen Record, but Gov. Christie is saying he will repeal the blue laws to allow retail business on Sundays at Xanadu (if it opens at all). This would make traffic on game day a real clusterf_ _ k!
Great Job  
PaulN : 3/21/2010 12:46 pm : link
It makes me a little sad, I grew up 5 minutes from the Stadium, right in the Jersey City heights, I moved down the Jersey Shore (Toms River) and lived there for 14 years, then my company relocated and now I live in Northern Kentucky, just outside Cinncy. But I do miss Jersey, no doubt about that.
Mezz Question  
bowlboundgman : 3/21/2010 12:51 pm : link
Thanks for the awesome photos! I have asked this question before but I noticed your photo of the mezz. I have seats in row 7 of 225b and was wondering what you think of the upper deck overhang and how it may impact the seats.
I am glad to hear that you feel that the mezz is not as high as the upper deck in the old stadium, What do you think about the height of the back section of the upper deck?
Thanks again
Matt m  
MBavaro : 3/21/2010 1:12 pm : link
I believe the seats serve two purposes. To add to the neutrallity for the two teams. And the stadium won't look as empty when not full. The red seats really stood out on tv.
FDEM Great pics  
micky : 3/21/2010 1:26 pm : link
thanks for sharing. stadium looks great.
Question FDEMS? I am in 135 row 18 on the field 1 aisle. I see  
bigjohn135 : 3/21/2010 2:12 pm : link
I have to go down to exit. What is that concourse like? Also, I see handicapped ramps in that section, but no stairs to exit. Are they going to put the stairs there soon or what? I know it is pretty specific questions, just hoping you may have an answer. Thanks. Great pics. I am touring next Friday. Corporate thing.
the endzones  
CGiants07 : 3/21/2010 2:50 pm : link
will not be generic. the thread fromm yesteray on the nydaily news tour said that giants,jets will ewach have there own endzones for when they play
NYG007 : 3/21/2010 2:56 pm : link
awesome pics.. for anyone that gets a tour, please keep posting pics!


Blue endzones  
Vin.R : 3/21/2010 3:10 pm : link
Jets logos  
Homer_Jones : 3/21/2010 4:28 pm : link
In the 3rd to last photo, the workers are wearing hardhats with JETS logos. Hmmmmm. Preparing for MNFL I guess...

Great photos
Inside looks great.  
SuperRonJohnson : 3/21/2010 5:48 pm : link
The outside looks ugly.
Sarcastic Sam : 3/21/2010 6:00 pm : link
Could be worse. (hint - Xanadu)
It's not that the outside is ugly,  
redwhiteandbigblue : 3/21/2010 6:00 pm : link
it just isn't awe-inspiring. Nothing special. Looks as though it was a conscious effort to blend in with the surrounding office complexes. I agree it would have been nice, considering the cost, to have something with a little more of a "wow" factor, but I am more concerned with what is inside and the inside looks really nice from the pictures I have seen.
Err the Sun is not shining  
G_V_P 4 MVP : 3/21/2010 6:05 pm : link
East -West anymore to the Giants sidelines. It's Endzone to Endzone. There goes one Mara tradition
thank you.  
doncam : 3/21/2010 6:41 pm : link
Down in FRONT!!  
spike : 3/21/2010 6:54 pm : link
FDEMS : 3/21/2010 7:04 pm : link
As for the mezzanine B the overhang is high over the seats giving you a sense of openness, the views and sightlines are very nice and you can see endzone to endzone clearly/ As per being in row seven and your worried about weather protection you might be better suited in the higher rows, I think you will be happy with row 7 though. As for the Upper Deck rows 15-26 you are up there, really high you will see everything but I think you may feel a little detached from the game.

BIGBLUE135 as you can see in this picture the red arrows indicate exit stairs and an exit wheelchair ramp that leads to a lower level concourse underneath and behind the lower level stands, if memory serves me right!!

Thanks FDEM, did you see the concourse under there. I can  
bigjohn135 : 3/21/2010 7:18 pm : link
see that the Field 1 lower exits are in the same area as mine. Hope I can get to the on Field viewing area.
FDEMS : 3/21/2010 7:27 pm : link
sorry I called ya bigblue, The lower level concourse is undreneath very nice and wide then you walk down a stairway to the viewing are near the main entrance which will be protected by a glass wall.
redwhiteandbigblue : 3/21/2010 7:33 pm : link
Are you kidding me? Those seats of yours look ridiculous! Wow...congratulations....I'm sure you are just as excited as I am for the tour in a few weeks.
I can't decide whether the neutral gray tones  
SwirlingEddie : 3/21/2010 7:43 pm : link
look modern and crisp, or drab and east European. Certainly makes the field pop.
Thanks Red, They do look great. I am touring on Friday,  
bigjohn135 : 3/21/2010 8:00 pm : link
A corporate thing. Can't wait. I will take pictures.
Awesome Bigj  
redwhiteandbigblue : 3/21/2010 8:08 pm : link
hope you have good weather. Looking forward to the pictures.
bowlboundgman : 3/21/2010 8:57 pm : link
thanks for the info. We are not worried about the weather in row, I am just happy to be far enough away from the upper deck overhand.
zmandgmanfan : 3/21/2010 8:59 pm : link
Thanks man, My son-n-law sent me your pix today and we are totally stoked on being in row 33 sec 101 of the end zone. It seems we are close enough to the field yet high enough to see the other end. I hope they have the tours soon; maybe a PSL Easter egg hunt and tailgate?
Very Cool  
Dave in DC : 3/21/2010 9:12 pm : link
I think you sat in my Uncle's seat!
Dannyc58 : 3/21/2010 11:10 pm : link
Sect 227 row 16 should be okay, right? Shouldn't have any obstructions?

FDEMS : 3/22/2010 12:45 am : link
As you can see by this picture provided by Ballanda the views are very good, will have full view of two video boards and easy access to bathrooms and concession. If you have to be in Mezz B this is a good section.
Thanks for the pictures and effort!  
ballanda : 3/22/2010 8:25 am : link
Great job! My only question is are you sure that you labeled 224a correctly? It looks more like 221 or 222 (more towards the corner).
You exceeded your bandwidth  
AnishPatel : 3/22/2010 9:05 am : link
which is an issue I had using photobucket. I deleted my account and use a different photo upload site. Posting pics on BBI like that, which gets a lot of traffic, is going to screw with the bandwidth issue very quickly.
These pics are great!  
upstatenyg : 3/22/2010 9:39 am : link
Thanks for the post.

Does anyone else think the shadow is strange? What time of day was this taken? If that is the way it is during a game, it will be distracting.
Fixed the bandwidth problem, thanks anishpatel  
FDEMS : 3/22/2010 9:51 am : link
Upstatenyg, the pics were taken between 10-10:30 am

Ballanda you right, sorry it was 222 near 223. I posted this late night so my eyes weren't right!
Great pics  
geemanfan : 3/22/2010 10:14 am : link
Dannyc58 : 3/22/2010 11:20 am : link
Thank you for the response. Appreciate all your effort...
FDEMS - Nice Pictures  
Jintfan50 : 3/22/2010 11:23 am : link
Thank you. Approximately what time were most of the pics taken? I'm in Mezz B (sunny side) and am curious how hot it'll be in Sep/Oct for 1 PM games.
Is it me...  
ballanda : 3/22/2010 1:18 pm : link
...or does the color scheme of this stadium look as much, if not more, like Giants colors than the old Giants Stadium? The seats are all gray, just like half of the Giants' uniform. The interior trim also looks to have a lot of blue (around the entry portals). I don't know.. when I look at it I definitely think of Giants colors.
From the outside  
Mr Blue : 3/22/2010 4:40 pm : link
it resembles a parking garage or a prison.
Looks like an industrial site...  
Charlie C : 3/22/2010 6:42 pm : link
from the outside.
number56 : 3/22/2010 9:40 pm : link
Thank You. The Giants should have you on the payroll. What did you think of 133? Is the angle ok?
In my opinion  
FDEMS : 3/22/2010 11:37 pm : link
I think 133 is great section and the sections similar to it. They are a great value for the psl cost. I would like those seats if they ever were available. But I also prefer the overhang, I love my seats in 104 though, it's the tunnel section that the GIANTS enter/exit from and I have the overhang and aisle seats. I think you will be very happy with your section!!
NYSPORTS98 : 3/23/2010 12:38 am : link
I'm in 104. I believe row 27 or 29. I changed from 103 for a different angle.

I was offered (can't remember the section) yet opposite 104 and closest to the higher PSL's. It was right on the railing though. Was concerned about the obstruction view.

104 - the Giants tunnel!!!!
The outside looks like  
TonyG : 3/23/2010 5:54 am : link
one big ass air conditioner/dehumidifier.
The outside is kinda ugly tbh, modern looking for sure  
Torrag : 3/23/2010 8:07 am : link
I hate JJ but teh Cowboys new digs are very impressive, love those steel arches spanning the horizon. They did a nice job with that facility. Of course it's classless once you get inside, like something Caligula would envision, sluts in the bird's nest grinding on a pole etc. One negtative is its too big, those nosebleeds can't provide much of a viewing experience imo.

Our stadium will be the opposite, ugly outside but rich in tradition and class inside. The bowl is impressive and the 4 giant screens rock. I'm excited to see the place 'lit up', could change my overall impression from the outside once I get to see it.
Paul K. : 3/23/2010 10:41 am : link
Thanks so much! I got a call from Giants last week re PSL's. Your pix answered a lot of questions about the different sections views, sight lines, etc and was by far my best resource.

It's official! I'm in Sect 224B, row 14 (under the overhang) 2 seats from the aisle. Woo-hoo! Thanks again bud. IOU a beer!
Paul K  
FDEMS : 3/23/2010 11:37 am : link
Thanks, I hope you enjoy your seats, nice views and weather protected!!
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