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Bulluck's new facemask

KNN : 8/1/2010 7:48 pm
As seen on the front page of That thing is almost as cool as AP's old blue visor. I have never seen this particular design before but it is awesome.

Sorry dont know how to place a pic
Overseer : 8/1/2010 7:53 pm : link
Cordes72 : 8/1/2010 7:55 pm : link
How many  
illmatic : 8/1/2010 7:58 pm : link
players on the defense are wearing those visors? Seems like there's at least a half dozen of them. I like it though.
lono801 : 8/1/2010 7:58 pm : link
wears either the same one or one thats very close
lono801 : 8/1/2010 7:59 pm : link
Link - ( New Window )
I agree it is an interesting facemask.  
Vin_Cuccs : 8/1/2010 7:59 pm : link
Chris Canty has the same one. He has had it since his days in Dallas.

it certainly  
spike : 8/1/2010 8:01 pm : link
adds more intimidation to the defense
The guys wear the visors for practice only for fashion and sun glare.  
Vin_Cuccs : 8/1/2010 8:03 pm : link
Visors tinted that darkly are prohibited during game days unless the player has a condition in which dark tint is needed.

Dark visors are prohibited because if a player is unconscious, members of the training staff and doctors have to be able to see the eyes of the player without moving the head or taking off the helmet. The reason why during games almost all players wear clear visors.
Matt in SGS : 8/1/2010 8:04 pm : link
me of Rickey Jackson's cage.

GFINCA : 8/1/2010 8:04 pm : link
Danny Kanell : 8/1/2010 8:09 pm : link
I know Canty  
TheNeumann64 : 8/1/2010 8:10 pm : link
wears his because of the thing that happened with his eye back when he got hit with a beer bottle or something. He needs to protect his eye as much as possible. Not sure if Bulluck's got a condition or if he just likes the look.
Looks like the grill off of a '55 Chevy pick-up...  
okiegiant : 8/1/2010 8:14 pm : link
KsToNe498 : 8/1/2010 9:04 pm : link
mask is different than Canty's
Canty's is longer to protect the neck which linemen usually wear.  
Vin_Cuccs : 8/1/2010 10:25 pm : link
Bulluck's is a regular sized facemask.

They are the same mask, just different lengths.
Cam in MO : 8/1/2010 10:41 pm : link
there is some rule about the masks.

You have to have a "need" for them in order to wear them. Something for the uniform police to look out for, I guess.

Couple of notes here  
FranknWeezer : 8/1/2010 10:58 pm : link
Bulluck's and Canty's are slightly different. Not sure if Bulluck has a medical waiver for his as Canty does, but then again, LDT sure got away with a lot when he basically had an odd, intimidating mask designed for him just for looks back in SD in '07-'08. So maybe waivers only apply to tinted visors and not to custom masks.
Bulluck's is made to fit the Schutt DNA (see hole pattern in top of shell); the pic of Canty was from his Dalla$$ days with a modified mask to fit a standard Riddell. He's got a shortened version now to fit one of the newer anti-concussion model helmets. Equipment managers are nudging the big guys out of these traditional longer cages because of the proliferation of protective hard cup chin guards and how a smaller mask (i.e. what Cofield wore as a DL last year) allows for more movement.
the verticle  
KsToNe498 : 8/1/2010 10:59 pm : link
lines in Cantys mask dont go all the way down like KBs does and the spacing between KBs horizontal lines are of equal ways apart where one of Canty's spaces are larger (not the bottom one. So no they arent the same but close to it
it looks like the outside of the new  
TommytheElephant : 8/2/2010 12:24 am : link
HEre's a close up  
Giantfan in skinland : 8/2/2010 8:17 am : link
^ lol  
wewonsbxlii : 8/2/2010 9:51 am : link
a facemask will intimidate.............  
ct.fatboy1080 : 8/2/2010 10:20 am : link
no one in this league!! It will not make anyone play better, to me it looks very heavy,to anyone who thinks this is an intimidation thing you dont know much about football.
Picture of Bullock  
Darth Paul : 8/2/2010 10:31 am : link
makes me think how much of a gut Pierce really had.
Matt in SGS : 8/2/2010 10:44 am : link
with visors. I remember a few QBs back in the 80s used to wear the shaded visor when they played. Jim McMahon probably the most famous, but I believe he had a light sensitivity issue because he was stabbed in the eye with a fork as a child. Dan McGwire (Mark's brother and bust of a QB) did as well. I always thought they actually had a semi-competitive advantage because it made it difficult for the defense to read the QBs eyes and help get a jump on a pass route.
Tiki wore a dark visor when he first arrived  
whozzat : 8/2/2010 9:06 pm : link
for that very reason - so people couldn't see where he was looking. He stopped when the league banned them.
With Bulluck the Giants have a chance  
RussFLA : 8/2/2010 10:51 pm : link
to be a good playoff defense. Without him, I was not as confident at all in the Goff/Dill/Wilk getting into the post-season.
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