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Bob Papa on Cruz

bigfrank612 : 4/2/2013 9:23 am
Just said that Victor Cruz is being offered $21 million Guaranteed but wants more. I was wondering if that had been stated before or mentioned. Never heard of an exact number that we were offering till now.
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HakeemNicks : 4/2/2013 9:25 am : link
Steve Smith should give Cruz a call.

Have fun playing on your 2 million dollar tender.
21 million over what?  
I Love Clams Casino : 4/2/2013 9:25 am : link
3 years?
Well, that's not a good sign.  
Dave in Hoboken : 4/2/2013 9:26 am : link
Its guaranteed money  
islander1 : 4/2/2013 9:26 am : link
so I'm guessing its 21 million guaranteed over 5 years.
bigfrank612 : 4/2/2013 9:27 am : link
21 million guaranteed. He didn't mention total amount or yrs. said he was told how much guaranteed money Cruz turned down
21 guaranteed is tremendous for a guy  
Big Blue '56 : 4/2/2013 9:27 am : link
(as great as he has been for 2 years) thisclose to being cut as he had been with the Jets..

Papa: "with the injuries in the NFL, you offer me guaranteed money like that, sign me up."
Agreed BB56  
islander1 : 4/2/2013 9:28 am : link
21 million is a nice chunk of money to be guaranteed for a WR.
But there's no rush for him to sign the deal...  
Jan in DC : 4/2/2013 9:31 am : link
If I was him, I'd let it play out and see if I could get more. The only downside is that I have to deal with it as a news item every day until a decision is made.
That seems like a fair amount of guaranteed money, of course I have  
dangerousrappingfrog : 4/2/2013 9:32 am : link
nothing but rumors to go on but that coupled with the 7 mil a year would be enough for me to sign if I were in his shoes. Easy for me to say..
The dolphins  
bigfrank612 : 4/2/2013 9:34 am : link
And mike Wallace screwed this up.
I think Victor is walking a very fine line right now...  
MikeN in Ottawa : 4/2/2013 9:34 am : link
he is very popular in New York/New Jersey but NY fans are very savvy and if they think he is demanding too much...being greedy...and he remains unsigned, they will turn on him very quickly.

Not sure Victor is getting great advice right now...$21M guaranteed with the chance he has for endorsements etc. He's starting to sound greedy.
Once again there is little reason for him to make a decision  
GMenLTS : 4/2/2013 9:36 am : link
Until that tender deadline.

My money is on a deal being agreed upon around that date
the valid comparison is what similar caliber wrs are making  
chris r : 4/2/2013 9:37 am : link
Not Steve Smith and not what Cruz should be greatful for given his beginings.
BB56 -  
Exit 172 : 4/2/2013 9:38 am : link
The Jets?
If true  
Buck Dharma : 4/2/2013 9:38 am : link
That's a fair and reasonable amount of guaranteed money for a slot receiver, NYG probably wont guaranty much more than that.
No player is more important than the NY logo..  
Sean in PA : 4/2/2013 9:38 am : link
No reason  
gmen9892 : 4/2/2013 9:39 am : link
for him to sign anything before April 16th. Now if he drags this out beyond that date, then Im going to start having some issues with this.
didn't cruz say  
CMicks3110 : 4/2/2013 9:40 am : link
last year that he would take less money to stay in NY, and that he wouldn't be greedy about what his demands were?
sure BB56  
I Love Clams Casino : 4/2/2013 9:40 am : link
you had not heard that Victor Cruz was on the Jets P.S?

EVERYBODY knows that, just ask Dan Dierdorf...
for comparison  
GIANTSr01 : 4/2/2013 9:40 am : link
Mike Wallace got $27M guaranteed and as an unrestricted FA he had a lot more leverage than Cruz.

Now we don't know how the contract was structured, but it's hard to see Cruz getting significantly more guaranteed money than that, even if he were an UFA.
I'm predicting....  
BillKo : 4/2/2013 9:41 am : link
an extension somewhere around midseason.

Cruz plays for the tender in 2013.
NJGiantFan84 : 4/2/2013 9:41 am : link
is no reason for him to sign anything for 2 weeks. He is trying to get the most money he can after getting paid relatively pennies for his performance the last 2 years. Everybody just needs to stay patient. He will sign and if he does not sign that, he will have to play for the tender.
Mike Wallace  
Brandon Walsh : 4/2/2013 9:44 am : link
got $27 million guaranteed which also takes into account

A. He was grossly overpaid
B. He was a free agent

For Cruz to be offered $21 million with the Giants holding all leverage here, I hope he doesn't overplay his hand and become super greedy.

This looks like a very fair deal compared to more reasonable contracts on the market.

Jennings: $18 million guaranteed
Harvin $25.5 million guaranteed
Bowe: $26 million guaranteed
Amendola: $10 million guaranteed
Welker $ 10 million guaranteed
7 mil a year isn't getting it done for Cruz  
BillT : 4/2/2013 9:44 am : link
If that is really what the Giants are offering, and I doubt that, this is his last year with the Giants if he doesn't get signed away this year. I think at least 9 mil per with 20/25 guaranteed is the number he can demand.
Danny Kanell : 4/2/2013 9:48 am : link
20/25 guaranteed

Again, that is the only # that matters. The Giants, according to this, are offering 21 guaranteed, which is what you're saying he can ask for. So why would that not get it done?

The money per means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the NFL.
Play for the tender?  
sphinx : 4/2/2013 9:50 am : link
I think Tom Condon will advise against that ... strongly.

sorry, erase the Jets  
Big Blue '56 : 4/2/2013 9:50 am : link
he's making a big mistake. The Giants will be happy to let him play  
Victor in CT : 4/2/2013 9:50 am : link
at the tender this year. This risk is all on his side. He won't get 9 or 10 million. Read the papers. The market is 5-7 million.
He's playing the system  
JonC : 4/2/2013 9:51 am : link
There's two weeks and change left to his RFA offer sheet window, we've been and will continue to hear leaks like this until the end.

Then, it's up to VC to sign the extension or play under the tender and up the ante.
and Papa hit it right on the head:  
Victor in CT : 4/2/2013 9:51 am : link
"with the injuries in the NFL, you offer me guaranteed money like that, sign me up."
Danny Kanell : 4/2/2013 9:52 am : link
I'm predicting....
BillKo : 9:41 am
an extension somewhere around midseason.

Cruz plays for the tender in 2013.

If he plays for the tender, the Giants are pulling that offer off the table, and rightfully so.

If he's in a position to negotiate mid-season, that likely means he's healthy and having another Cruz like season. At that point, how much cheaper are they going to get him than if he hits FA? Plus, we have the franchise tag in our back pocket for 2014 after 2013 is over.
It's most likely a 5 year contract  
JonC : 4/2/2013 9:54 am : link
Looks like...  
rptl530 : 4/2/2013 9:54 am : link
I've actually nailed this one wrt the guaranteed portion of the deal.

Cruz would be CRAZY not to take that deal if he doesn't get an offer sheet. Crazy.
he'd be smart to sign asap, imo  
Dave : 4/2/2013 9:54 am : link
he's one car accident, random medical diagnosis, or slip in the shower away, from having $0 guaranteed
BigBlueBuff : 4/2/2013 9:54 am : link
It still doesn't matter until the 19th. Nothing, including an unexpected offer from another team, is going to happen before the final hours.
BillT : 4/2/2013 9:59 am : link
You're wrong about that for a player Cruz's age. He will play out a 5 year contract as he is 27. The per year is a factor as well. It's not like he'29 with only 3 years of quality play left.
offseason injuries are not unheard of  
Dave : 4/2/2013 10:00 am : link
It's kind of hard to believe  
McGIANTS : 4/2/2013 10:00 am : link
That someone who comes off as being so humble off the field would be so greedy. Is it Cruz who wants more money or is it his agent trying to milk out as much as possible? It kind of makes me wonder who's calling the shots here.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/2/2013 10:00 am : link
being offered a fair contract. As JonC alludes to, although he is not completely a product of the system, the system and the QB have helped him. He may not be the same player in a different offense.

If he doesn't want what the Giants are offering him, use him for one more season and then say good-bye.
Wonder if that offer  
sphinx : 4/2/2013 10:01 am : link
was made before or after the agent change.

I guarantee that Cruz is thinking if he were a UFA, he'd be getting  
Bramton1 : 4/2/2013 10:03 am : link
Mike Wallace money.

This is why I strongly expect him to sign the tender in late April, play out the year (talking some bullshit about not negotiating during the season because he wants to be focused on football) and test the market again next year.

Then expect him to play "careful" all year.
The GIants have a good relationship with Condor  
Bramton1 : 4/2/2013 10:04 am : link
This greed is all Cruz.
Dave : 4/2/2013 10:04 am : link
anything that happens between now and when he signs can affect his potential earnings

Chad Jones career, for one, ended pretty abruptly due to an off the field injury
No matter what anyone says,  
Dave in Hoboken : 4/2/2013 10:05 am : link
it's not a particularly good sign. Because that's certainly a fair offer.
BillT : 4/2/2013 10:05 am : link
Don't see how 7mil per is fair given what top WRs are getting.
I love all the "greedy" horseshit  
Greg from LI : 4/2/2013 10:07 am : link
Because I'm sure many of you don't do everything you can to maximize your earnings.
Bramton1, you hit on the thing I hate the most.  
Klaatu : 4/2/2013 10:08 am : link
Cruz playing "careful" all year.
BillT : 4/2/2013 10:08 am : link
I agree but the Giants still need to be nearer market price than 7 per. Would you leave 10/15mil on the table if you we're Cruz?
The guarantee isn't all that matters  
Kyle : 4/2/2013 10:11 am : link
see: Umenyiora, Osi.

$21 million is more than I had thought we were offering, so that's encouraging. Cruz has more leverage than people want to believe (impending UFA of him + Nicks with one franchise tag (an $11 million cap hit) to go around reduces the team's bargaining strength).

I blame the Seattle Seahawks for all this, imo.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/2/2013 10:12 am : link
Cruz is a very good player, but is he a game-changer? I'm not convinced of that.

He would do very well in certain schemes but he may not put up the same numbers in a different scheme.

Would the Giants be hurt if they lost him? You bet. But they have have 52 other players to pay.
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