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Coughlin's Saturday Post-Practice Press Conference

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2013 5:08 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

July 27, 2013

Beautiful day. The grass is great. We got the first one in, which is good. Itís the typical opening day. Thereís some good, some bad. But we threw a lot at them. The reactions were probably better on defense than they were on offense to start with, but thatís nothing unusual. Weíre glad to be out here, glad to be working. We could see some plays made by different people today, which is good. Nicks made a couple of plays. Cruz made a couple of plays. Defensively, they covered the deep ball well. I thought the throws were pretty darn good, but I like the way we were in position from the corner spot on the deep ball today and that was a good thing.

Q: How close to 100 percent did Nicks look today?

A: Heís out there working. He feels good.

Q: Who has improved the most as far as blocking at running back?

A: After this morning, after this one practice? You better ask me that maybe in another week.

Q: Do you know what happened to Aaron Curry?

A: I think he had a cramp.

Q: JPP said he feels at about 75 percent and he doesnít feel pain anymore? Are you encouraged by what youíve seen from him?

A: Yeah. Heís done very well and heís worked hard at it. Iíd say heís probably within a couple of pounds of his playing weight. Iíd say that with what heís allowed to do, he does well. He has a specific routine that he does in the training room and heís been able to do that well. So I am encouraged.

Q: He wouldnít put a timetable on it. Are you?

A: I wouldnít either. No. You just see. Heís made good progress and heís made it relatively fast.

Q: How many of these types of practices will it take you to get a feel for your team?

A: It will take progress through the preseason. It comes really fast for us and then we have some time in between the Pittsburgh and Indianapolis games to practice and then things happen again relatively quick because of the way we finish the preseason. So Iím hoping we see it soon. I have in my own my mind a date that I wonít share that I think the concepts have got to be pretty well understood, but youíre going to have to get the pads on. Youíre going to have to go through the heat and the hard days and the offensive line is going to have to come around under those circumstances, the defensive lineÖ Youíre going to have those kinds of practices before you can really make the progress youíre looking for. Youíll see spot plays here and there from both sides of the ball, but before the continuity comes in, I think that the offensive line and defensive line have just got to be able to work well together.

Q: Are the starting linebacker jobs as open as you can remember in a long time, maybe six guys for three spots?

A: Probably, I would say.

Q: Are you looking for guys who just jump out and catch your eye? What are you looking for?

A: Well, steady, consistent. No mental errors. Tackle opportunities, do that successfully. Being in the right position against the pass. You know, weíve always felt that we could do better, if you will, versus some forms of the zone. Underneath coverage and that will help us a lot. There are some young guys who have not had a lot of time with regard to playing the position in a game. Theyíve been more special teamers. They can run and do those kinds of things. Iím anxious to see that.

Q: Jerry Reese told us this morning that one of the things you guys were going to do was you were going to put a countdown to the Super Bowl in the locker room to speak to the urgency of the moment for the team. What was your reaction to that?

A: When Jerry came in and showed it to me, his point was that it is not very far away, and if thatís the case, then there would be a sense of urgency about just reminding people what that is. Iím fine with that.

Q: How many days is it?

A: I donít know. What day is today? I have no idea. Itís training camp.

Q: Next weekend Bill Parcells is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Your time with him and your memories of being around him, is there a moment, a hall of fame quality, or something like that, something that stands out to you?

A: Thereís a lot of them. Thereís a lot of moments and big games and exceptional players making great plays and the great enjoyment of being a part of it. There were many of those examples.

Q: Do you know that back in Ď83, his first season here, he was almost fired. That was going to be his only season. Have you ever reflected on that at all?

A: Itís a good thing he stayed. Itís a good thing they kept him. Thatís what I say. Heís a great coach.

Q: Did you reach out to him at all?

A: Yeah, Iíve talked to him, sure. Congratulated him. You bet.

Q: How does Terrell Thomas look?

A: I donít know. Heís restricted in what he can do. Weíre all frustrated about it. He is himself, number one. The sooner he can get out there, the better off weíll all be. And he came in fully feeling like he could start right out in practice and just wasnít able to do that right away. Weíll be patient, but know full well that weíre all excited the moment he gets a chance to come out and practice and we get a sense of where he is, how heís going to be and that type of thing.

not encouraging about thomas  
GiantsFan84 : 7/27/2013 5:17 pm : link
They need to be extra careful with TT  
BlackLight : 7/27/2013 5:48 pm : link
One more serious injury, and he's pretty much finished.
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