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Coughlin's Press Conference (Transcript)

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/30/2013 7:26 pm
Head Coach Tom Coughlin

July 30, 2013

Q: Itís not full gear, but how good was it to see some of the cracking going on today with the shoulder pads on?

A: It was good. Itís always good to get started that way, it was real good to see. The majority of the time we were on our feet. There was a few occasions where I didnít appreciate it, but it was good to see them; they were very enthusiastic about it, you like to think that would be maintained.

Q: Have you seen Eli kind of enjoy his interactions with Nassib and almost adopt a teacher kind of role in a way?

A: Oh, Iíve seen that since day one, yeah, oh yeah. Eli has done a real good job at that, and he continues to do that, and he does enjoy that role.

Q: Is that something that you talked to him about maybe when you drafted Ryan?

A: Well, I talked to him about bringing in a young player and how challenging it was going to be for the young guy, and Iím sure he remembers his early days. He really does try to help.

Q: How is Aaron Ross doing, it looks like heís playing well.

A: Yeah, heís doing pretty good, yeah. Boy that interception yesterday was really good, really good, so I like very much what I see. He really enjoys being back, and he has a big smile on his face. Heís worked hard, I like it.

Q: Itís an unusual situation, I mean guys when they leave, they usually donít come back. They usually donít get a second chance.

A: Well, hereís a second chance. Another chance. He did pretty good when he was here, I like that thought.

Q: A guy like Jacquian Williams had a lot of experience before he got hurt. Is the injury slowing him down in the sense that heís not where you wanted him to be?

A: Yeah, I mean thereís no question that the last year was a problem, in terms of the continuous development of any player. He just missed some time. But heís back on track and I hope that heís going to stay out there, thatís the key for all these people. The thing that they must understand is youíve got to practice, youíve got to practice.

Q: Some of the defensive guys seem to have a little chip on their shoulder. Do you like Ö?

A: I do like it. Iím going to like it more if itís maintained on Sundays. They do have a lot to prove.

Q: Did you like what you saw from the run defense today? Itís the first time youíve seen it with pads.

A: Itís early on. The best thing I can say is I liked the enthusiasm. I like the fact that from a defensive standpoint it doesnít look like thereís a lot of room in there. But itís early. Thatís kind of the way it goes for offensive linemen. Figuring it all out, etc. Young guys, but as we advance in camp, it will continue to be very competitive.

Q: You used a lot of jumbo packages on defense where you had Shaun Rogers and Cullen Jenkins and Linval Joseph. Is that something youíre going to experiment with this year?

A: Thatís being experimented with right now. Just matching personnel, but matching it with some large bodies. Some large people inside.

Q: Howís Jeremy Horne?

A: Iím not sure. They told me that he had some kind of a foot injury but I donít know what to expect.

Q: And Hakeem is still limited?

A: Heís limited.

Q: Aaron Curry had a nice pick today, is he starting to show you some flashes of what you need to see?

A: Weíll see. Heís working his way back into football and thatís what he needs. Heís had his moments where he hasnít been able to compete and play. Now heís back at it and letís hope he continues.

Q: How nice has it been to have Sam Madison around again?

A: Itís good to have Sam. Samís good. Very good medicine. Sam was like that as a player when he was here with us. He was working and heís coaching and he did a nice job in that capacity. He did a good job with all the young corners then. The guys seem to respond and like the fact that heís here right now.

Q: Those young corners he played with, theyíre now the old corners, so they have a connection to him obviously.

A: They do have a connection and theyíre happy to have him back. Back and around.

Q: Victor missed the offseason. Are you kind of surprised at how he looks like he hasnít missed a beat out there?

A: I donít know what youíre seeing. Heís knocking some rust off. He definitely is. Heís made some really nice plays. Heís coming along and heís definitely going to get there. I wouldnít tell you heís (there). Heís working. Heís out here. We know thatís the formula for him and heíll work his way through camp and heíll be ready to go.

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Del Shofner : 7/30/2013 7:29 pm : link
Q: Victor missed the offseason. Are you kind of surprised at how he looks like he hasnít missed a beat out there?

A: I donít know what youíre seeing. Heís knocking some rust off.
Coughlin doesn't want to give an inch  
bceagle05 : 7/30/2013 8:09 pm : link
on the importance of OTAs, which is probably why he's been terse when talking about Cruz and Nicks thus far.
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